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What is Application Development Using Java?

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application development using java

Today, Android has become a popular operating system for mobile phones. Their applications are an integral part of our daily life. As a result, many businesses now use Android applications to stay connected to their audience. They build highly-performing applications for their users. It is because it will help them to reach the top of the market. So, they use the most versatile and powerful programming language to create robust applications. Java is still the first choice for programmers to develop mobile applications. In this blog, we will walk you through the importance of Java in mobile app development. We will also explain to you how to create app using Java.

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Application development using Java has been in the long run since it is a programming language that is simple and easy to learn. Many developers use Java as their go-to programming language for building mobile applications. Besides, it is dynamic and platform-independent. In other words, it helps to create apps that can run on any device. Moreover, Java provides an extensive set of tools for different functionalities that help develop robust apps.

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As a result, Java is an advanced and cutting-edge technology with comprehensive libraries used to build powerful apps. It has benefits over other programming languages. So, now let us dive deeper to understand the different aspects of Java and its role in developing mobile apps.

In this article, we will discuss the following content:

  • Why is Java Used for Android Development?
  • Benefits of Java for mobile development
  • How to build Android apps using Java?
  • What is the future of application development using Java?

Why use Java for Android mobile app development?

The reason why Java is used for Android development is that Java is a powerful and simple programming language. It guides programmers in developing a wide range of applications. On the other hand, it helps the business world to meet their needs and demands. They get robust and secure mobile applications that match all the arising requirements.

Besides, it is an apt programming language for both iOS and Android. With its cross-platform feature, the developers can write the code once and make it run on different platforms. It helps the developers save time and resources for building applications on each platform. Also, it offers a wide range of features and tools for programmers to develop high-scalable and secure apps.

So, why do you think developers prefer Java over other programming languages? The answer is that application development using Java offers many perks for programmers. They provide constant updates, massive community support, and a set of tools. Additionally, Java has advanced testing features to identify bugs and errors. Thus, it makes the development process simple and productive.

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So, since we have explained why developers choose Java as the programming language, we will now present you with the benefits of Java for mobile application development.

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What are the Benefits of Android App Development using Java?

Millions of newly advanced languages and methods are coming every year to the market. There is even Android app development using Kotlinand many others. However, developers prefer using solutions that have timely proven their excellence. So, Java is the all-time favourite programming language for building applications since it has more features and benefits than most languages. Given below are the key benefits of Java for mobile apps:

  • Widespread Popularity: Java is a first-choice programming language for developers. In the market, you will see most Android application development using Java. In other words, most Android apps run on Java. You can use Java for building, deploying and marketing your app. As a result, you will get an offshore Java development team if you are looking for one. You can select experts to build your mobile apps.
  • Community Support: As mentioned above, Java is a popular programming language. It is because it has massive community support. So your business will get programmers to partner with, public tools to practice and community support to assist. Besides, better community service also provides access to unlimited resources and guides. It will help the developer to build highly-performing Java mob apps.
  • High Efficiency: Application development using Java will help you get access to advanced tools and design patterns. Since it is an Object-Oriented Programming language, it is scalable for the developers. As a result, the developers can build simple apps to complex ones. Besides, they can adapt to the rapid advancement in smartphone apps. In other words, the developers can reuse codes and make changes to the apps according to the requirements.
  • Reduced Costs: Java is an open-source programming language with features available at an affordable price. Besides, it has a massive user base to help the developers with technical assistance. Java has a simple syntax and tech stack to speed up the development process. As a result, it will help reduce the budget for the mobile application development process.
  • Platform-Independent: Developers use Java for building apps since it is a cross-platform programming language. In other words, it runs on different operating systems- Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, and more. For application development using Java, the developers can write the code once and reuse it again for other platforms.
  • Secure: One of the benefits of Java is that it provides security features to build closed apps for business. It helps you to protect applications from cyber crimes and attacks. Thus, Java makes your application robust and powerful. For example, you can build an ecommerce app using Java and SpringSecurity for features to protect the app from attacks.
  • Built-in Features: Java is a programming language that has many features. It will help you build high-quality mobile apps that match business needs and customer demands. For example, the garbage collection feature in Java removes unessential data. As a result, it will speed up the development process.

Now that we have learned about the benefits of Java for app development. Let us share some tips to build your Android application development using Java.

When exploring software development frameworks, it's important to consider their compatibility with your project's requirements.

How to Build Android Apps using Java?

We have discussed the importance and benefits of Java in mobile app development. So, the next part would point to the question, 'How to build a simple Java web application with database?'. We will give you some leads to help your development team to create high-performing mobile apps. They are as follows:

  • Keep your code efficient: You must use the appropriate tools to develop android app using Java. Besides, you should write simple and clean code. It will boost the app's performance. There should not be any unnecessary objects in your programming. It can lead to confusion and app failure.
  • Use the best-suited framework: There are many Java frameworks like ASP.Net and Angular to build mobile apps. However, you can use lightweight frameworks that fit your mobile application development using Java.
  • Optimize code: High performance is the key to any application. It will help your application attract your users. So, it is essential to give attention to these factors of the application like memory usage, battery life and loading speed. Optimizing your code to improve these factors will make your application better than others.
  • Know the Platform difference: Though Java applications run on different platforms, it is essential to understand each platform's capabilities. As a result, you can modify your application accordingly.
  • Consistent Testing: You must conduct thorough tests for your app before releasing it to the end users. It will help you identify bugs and errors early in the development process. Otherwise, it can cost you high expenses and time.

For comprehensive insights into mobile app performance testing, explore our detailed guide on the topic.

What is the Future of Application Development using Java?

Java has shined in the market since its first appearance. It built millions of mobile applications with a secure ecosystem. Besides, it is one of the most famous and mature programming languages. Therefore, it will undoubtedly remain relevant in the future as well. It will be the finest solution for your app.

With every latest technology emergence, Java will help update your mobile applications. You can rely on Java for many reasons. It is simple and provides extensive libraries to meet all your application needs. Given below are the scenarios when you need Java as your first choice:

  • Scenario 1: When you want to scale your project from Minimum Viable Product to a large-scale enterprise application: Java can scale up your project according to your requirements.
  • Scenario 2: When your project is complex and needs massive functionalities: Java provides frameworks and libraries to build complex apps. As a result, you can prefer application development using Java.
  • Scenario 3: When your project seems expensive and needs resources: Java is an open-source programming language. It offers features and tools at an affordable rate. Besides, there is community support to ensure financial benefits.
  • Scenario 4: When you need your app to run on different platforms: Java allows you to reuse your code and make it run smoothly on various configurations.

These scenarios and their solutions will prove that Java has a promising future in the software development process. We can ensure that there will be more mobile application development.


So what is your take? Java undoubtedly made a massive development in the mobile development process. It has vast community support, making Java more feasible and reliable for building mobile apps. So, if your business needs to develop top-notch applications, you can hire a Java development company like Appsierra. You will get the finest service for your application development using Java. That means your product will reach on top of the global market.

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