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Today, numerous firms are hoping to automate their IT domain including their AS400 frameworks. Especially the ones that run crucial heritage applications that are hard to keep up and costly to work to acquire higher adaptability, dexterity, and money-saving advantage. 

Here we will analyze the difficulties of modernizing AS400 systems alongside different modernization draws near and helpful engineering designs that expand the advantage of AS400 modernization. This will be valuable to an IT leader in any association hoping to modernize their current AS400 framework. 

Introduction to AS400 

IBM AS400 also called ‘IBMi’ or ‘IBM iSeries’ is an application worker with demonstrated strength, versatility, dependability, security, and minimal effort of possession contrasted with MIPS in IBM Mainframe. The coming of more up-to-date innovations powers an expanded need to modernize AS400 frameworks to tackle more worth. 

Each organization that utilizes AS400 frameworks needs to use and receive the reward of the enormous volume of significant data put away in it. Constraints, for example, the solid idea of the code base, 5250-based ‘Green Screens’, firmly coupled Business Logic alongside significant expense of Server/OS redesigns, make more prominent difficulties to the modernization of AS400 frameworks. 

On account of the AS400 framework, in contrast to IBM Mainframe frameworks, IBM doesn’t charge clients dependent on the number of exchanges (MIPS – Million Instructions each Second), yet it’s a sunk expense all things considered. At the end of the day, the AS400 framework is not a costly worker to keep up and subsequently, the modernization ought to convey benefits past decreasing expense.

AS400 frameworks need a tweaked approach that lessens Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), opens bits of knowledge from covered up information, and increment framework readiness while conveying reliable business esteem. Given the huge AS400 impression on the IT scene and the assortment of advancements, data sets, and supporting programming included, a one-size-fits-all answer for AS400 modernization is probably not going to succeed. 

Modernization challenges 

AS400 framework modernization is complex and requires various methodologies relying upon the prerequisites, responsibility, and risk profiles. Reasons for delay in AS400 Modernization Projects are: 

  • Absence of appropriate subsidizing for long haul modernization projects
  • Restricted perspective on the current AS400 application scene
  • Absence of clear strategy to address the future business needs
  • Unaware of the potential dangers implied
  • Different sort of Modernization examples, for example, Re-Engineering, Re-Architecting, and Re-New are accessible to consider

All together for an association to execute their AS400 framework modernization effectively, they should have a reasonable procedure alongside a committed arrangement, modernization approach, and future-evidence design. 

Features of AS400

The AS/400 component is essential for the Version 1.0.1 Enterprise release of VisualAge for Java at no extra expense (04L3588). The AS/400 component incorporates: 

  • Trading Java records to the AS/400 Integrated File System (IFS)
  • Changing over 5250 presentation records to Java Abstract Windowing Toolkit (AWT) documents
  • Creating Java classes/beans to do far off program calls to any AS/400 RPG, COBOL, C, and CL projects
  • Ordering Java class records to machine directions on the AS/400
  • Troubleshooting Java programs on AS/400
  • AS/400 Toolbox for Java classes

The AS/400 component is accessible for Windows 95 and Windows NT (TM). IBM Toolbox for Java deals with any working framework that upholds Java Virtual Machine 1.1, or later. 

Modernization approaches 

Following are the modernization approaches:


Migrate Batch Jobs to the cloud – to lessen complex code, make a bunch ‘close to constant’ or ‘occasion driven’ and influence open-source devices. Group Jobs, for example, ETL information preparing, EDI record handling, and Ad-hoc report age structure a huge segment of AS400 applications that are business basic, in any case, generally have low business esteem, bringing about lower agility and significant expense and turns into a decent possibility for relocation to the accompanying two circulated arrangements on the cloud: 

File-based handling

Physical Files once made in the framework are shipped off distributed storage for long-term ingenuity and speedy access for extra preparation and investigation. Different Big Data segments like Hadoop, Spark, and Hive, and so forth, are utilized to perform examinations on the put-away information. Examination yield made can be as reports or standardized information to be put away in a cloud-based NoSQL data set. 

Close to ongoing handling

From the AS400 framework, constant information transfers like MQ, web administrations, logs, etc., are shipped off the cloud information stream stage, prepared and investigated utilizing Apache Spark Streaming, and stacked into cloud-based NoSQL data set for future announcing and examination. Additionally, information is stacked into the information stockroom for future authentic detailing with dashboard perception instruments. 

Re-hosting doesn’t need any change to the current interfaces or usefulness and can run the current AS400 applications on an x86-64 cloud-based case utilizing AS400 applications like Infinite i – a set-up of compilers, utilities, and working framework benefits that permit applications programs to be moved at the source code level, recompiled and executed on AWS including the total replication of information base DB2/400. 

Application segments that utilize outsider devices, for example, Message Queues, Schedulers, Printing, Reporting, Backup, and Tape Management are likewise relocated to the cloud environment. This permits the applications to execute as they did on their unique stage without modifying enormous parts of the code. 


Re-Architect AS400 applications and interaction as cloud local responsibility and empower it for future-confirmation design. If the current AS400 application is not, at this point ready to meet future-state business prerequisites (or) an agile, target design (or) doesn’t fit the bill for a re-hosting arrangement, at that point the Re-Architecture approach is considered for comparable or upgraded usefulness and execution. 

AS400 Testing 

  • Test Quality Index: It helps in evaluating quality consistency in AS400 testing interaction and programming.
  • Test Dashboard: Tracks and gives the wellbeing status of all AS400 testing projects whenever.
  • Test Estimate: Assessment model for AS400 Testing. Assists you with showing up at the correct Test Estimates for the Testing Effort.

AS400 Testing Tools 

Following are the AS400 testing tools:

Jagacy Testing 

Jagacy is a centralized computer screen-scratching library composed altogether in Java which helps in automating green screen application and it upholds SSL, TN3270E, Internationalization, and more than thirty languages. We are utilizing Jagacy alongside testing structures like Cucumber in Agile Software improvement to mechanize acknowledgement measures for Mainframe client stories including Green screen association. 

Selenium with AutoIt 

AutoIt scripting language applied for automating the Windows GUI. It utilizes a blend of reproduced keystrokes, mouse development, and window/control to automate undertakings in a way impractical or dependable with different dialects. We are collecting advantages of AutoIt to robotize AS/400 applications alongside Selenium combination. 

Unified Functional Testing (UFT) 

HP UFT is an AS400 Testing tool that helps QA architects to execute automated contents/tests to catch any errors, defects, or voids in opposition to the normal consequences of the application under test.

A Terminal Emulator is an include that permits a framework to get to heritage applications running on Mainframe PCs. AS/400 Applications are being tried adequately by incorporating Terminal emulator add-in with UFT which in turn gives you intelligent outcomes with high precision and screenshots to recognize broken territory/objects in the applications. 


Our solution approaches for undertakings searching for a consistent AS400 modernization project empower them to Re-Host, Re-Engineer and Re-Architect their AS400 applications on the cloud for higher application versatility, deftness and execution. Re-New methodology assists ventures with modernizing their current applications through UI Modernization, DB2 redesign, RPG overhaul, API-fiction, and DevOps. 

These methodologies additionally help undertakings upgrade their business agility, decrease manual conditions, improve execution, lower cost, and empower their IT to drive business development.

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