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software testing as a career path

A very crucial stage in one’s life is to make the critical decision of choosing a full-time profession. However, the selection can be shortened down based on the surface-level interests of the person, for example, tech or non-tech domain, teaching or a corporate sector domain, etc. This article is going to help you if you are someone who is opting for Software Testing as a Career Path. We will take you through the complete guidelines and exposures that will help you in making a wise and practical decision in the long run. 

Software Testing as a Career Path?

Software Testing is a process where the person on the job runs a thorough go-through of the project in hand before making the final deliverables. Now, this is a very broad level definition of Software Testing. However, a proper and well-designed testing model is executed both during the development phase of a project and after the development i.e., before rolling out the project to the end client. Executing a proper test plan ensures the quality of the project to be delivered and reduces the probability of error occurrence in the real market. 

Scope of Software Testing as a Career Path

Over the last decade, the software testing growth curve has been on a rise. From small businesses to larger enterprises, the business cycles are highly dependent on the testing teams involved in ensuring smooth and efficient product deliveries. One can see their growth in this domain through a wide range of career options starting from a Software tester to a Senior Software tester, QA (Quality Analyst) to QA Manager, etc. Companies nowadays are ready to pay a nice and high amount to the testers who possess a remarkable skill set for the job. The average software testing salary range as per the current market standards for a Software tester in our country is 3.5 Lacs per annum which is known to go up to a scale of 8 Lacs per annum in the past. 

Roles & Responsibilities

Let us take you through the Software testing tester skills that are required for you to get started with the profession. The level of expertise of the skills may vary from job to job depending on the experience required by the hiring organization. 

1. Project Understanding and Requirement Gathering

This is a very important and crucial step in a Software testing cycle. Here the software tester has to actively and attentively gather all the required information regarding the project before starting with the development phase. This will help the software tester to prepare the test plans with the expected outputs before the initial development phase gets completed. 

2. Test Plans Formation and Execution

Skilled in writing professional and well-structured test plans allows the testers and the developers to work together coherently throughout the project development and ensures smooth execution of the test plans. 

3. Continuous Team and Client Interactions

To ensure 100% accuracy rates in the test plans execution, the tester must be engaged in regular and continuous client and team interactions where any project changes or updates can be addressed. Accordingly, the test plans can be modified and executed. 

4. Documentation 

The person opting for the job needs to have proper knowledge of the documentation process and excel as well. The job of a tester revolves widely around maintaining a set of documents and reports which are an important part of the end deliverables that are to be made to the client like test reports, error reports, test cases, and execution plans, sign-off reports. 

5. Experience with Trending Automation Tools

With the growing demand for testers in the market and a wide range of applications to test in hand, the need for manual testing and testers is reducing day by day. Hence, you need to have a basic knowledge of some testing automation tools that are leading in the industry. A few examples of such tools that use automation testing are Selenium, Appium, TestComplete, etc. 

6. Familiarity with the Scripting Languages

Another important role of a software tester is to be well equipped with the knowledge of preparing test cases that are to be written using some scripting languages such as JavaScript, VB.Net, C#, etc. However, this can vary from project to project as many organizations use automation tools that require 0 coding background for you to run automated test cases. On a plus side, it is always good to possess some extra knowledge than others in the competition. 

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Bonus Tips to Help you Score a 100% in a Software Testing Interview

The foremost tip to get a lead in any interview planned is to not go with a blank mind. Follow the below guidelines and you are good to go and score a ranking position as a leading QA tester in your dream company.

1. Showcase your Work

Even if you are a fresher in the domain and are just beginning your profile in the corporate sector, it is important to highlight your true potential before the interviewing panel. Share your project prospects with the panel on board and cleverly direct the interview the way you wanted. Discuss any past projects or internships that you did and connect on the required roles and responsibilities aspects.

2. Connect Real-Life Instances

Retrospect on any past projects that you have done or share any instances from the academic projects where you worked in a team. Demonstrate if you were a good leader involved in the project, solved some specific critical issues, and directed the team to move ahead. The main motto here is to put a light on the personality aspects of you apart from the technical requirements. 

3. Be a Good and a Confident Communicator

Research well regarding the organization where you are applying for the job and go through their main product line. Ask engaging questions about the brief work routine if got selected and what current challenges the team might be facing. Let the interviewing panel know that you are not only interested in the salary and perks they are providing but also the cause that the company is doing for society. 

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Should You Choose Software Testing As A Career Path In 2022


We hope that you make it through a leading position in your Software testing as a career path by following all the details and guidelines that we shared. Stay updated with the growing market trends and companies’ changing requirements and keep enhancing your skill set for tremendous growth. 

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