5 Trending Digital Assurance Services Providers


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From the beginning of human civilization, the world is evolving by adopting new technologies to make tasks accomplishing easy and quick. But in the last few decades, the rate of this evolution has gone very fast. The same applies to the business and software industry. There is an extensive demand for in the market and the companies are competing to meet this demand. For releasing quality software, effective quality assurance and testing are required. But to do this by the traditional way is proving to be inefficient from the business point of view.

Traditional QA and testing have the following challenges:

1. It focuses only on functional requirements.

2. Not enough analysis of customer experience.

3. Less compatibility and security testing.

4. Performance is also ignored.

Digital Assurance services are replacing traditional QA services. The companies need the following services to sustain in the market:

1. Right value for the customer

2. Enhance Business Performance

3. Seamless integration with new technologies

4. Increased agility and adaptability for new solutions

Because of the invent of new competitions on the daily basis, just satisfying customer’s needs is not enough. Now the consumers also expect good user experience. The businesses need ease of use, accessibility, usability and performance. Digital quality assurance process validates the customer journeys, user experience, cloud migration, cross-browser functionality, performance, responsive design and security.

This sort of validation is hard to achieve in traditional QA services. Digital assurance in software testing is required to ensure the release of best quality software without slowing down the release rate. It is very important because a badly tested software can have a large negative impact on a company’s reputation, performance and hence success. The businesses are on their journey for Digital Transformation.

QA And Testing Focus Areas for Digital Transformation Strategies

1. The QA and testing models should be adaptive to new technologies required by digital transformation.

2. Testing solutions for agile and DevOps driven projects should be faster to execute and structured for easy understanding.

3. Get a head start on automation with test-driven development where the test results guide the direction of software development.

4. Increase focus on non-functional testing in which security and performance testing are most important.

5. Consider increasing the use of cloud and virtualization solutions for the test environments.

6. Find your model for a successful Test Center of Excellence (TCoE).

7. Continue improving testing efficiency by controlling cost levels.

8. Focus on all channels experience testing for validating the end-to-end customer experience. It involves testing the application on different devices, browsers, operating systems and combinations of them to ensure that every customer can conveniently use the software regardless of the platform. Continuous delivery and agile execution strategy for the software application needs to have the software testing as the most important element to ensure that all the requirements are met.

Business applications are changing rapidly according to the customer’s need. The Enterprise is adopting digital transformation because of social, mobile, analytics, clouds and Internet of Things. Digital Assurance plays a major role to successfully execute digital transformation strategies.

Digital Assurance Services providers

Following are the 5 different Digital Assurance services providers:

TCS Digital Assurance

TCS claims to provide world-class solutions and test infrastructure, managed by professionals.


a. Superior User experience across multiple platforms by omnichannel assurance.

b. Leverages Big data to drive and improve customer experience by assuring data analysis.

c. Uses Hadoop platform for functional testing, automation and performance testing of Big data.

d. TCS also provides Artificial Intelligence-powered assurance analytics solutions.

e. Also provides comprehensive on-demand assurance on the cloud.

f. Also performs IoT system testing.

g. Increases the release speed with its automation strategies.

Hexaware’s Digital And Quality Assurance

This digital assurance testing service provides it’s solutions in banking and financial services, healthcare, life sciences and insurance, global travel and transportation, manufacturing, utilities and consumers.


a. It provides the service of Autonomous Software Testing.

b. It also provides Test Advisory and Consulting services for end to end QA IT evaluation and assessment.

c. The complete testing lifecycle is automation enabled.

d. The data is tested automatically to ensure accuracy.

e. Usability testing services for developing user-friendly applications.

f. Cloud quality assurance for an end to end assurance regardless of your location.

g. Also provides BOT and AI-powered quality assurance services.

h. Performance testing for making the application comfortable for the user.


Suneratech improves the businesses by serving them new technologies like social, mobile, analytics, cloud, IoT and Big Data with its QA framework for better customer experience.


a. Allows component level tests and integration to the digital ecosystem.

b. Identify the reusable artefacts of the tests across various platforms.

c. It follows an overarching test strategy to serve according to different requirements for different cross-channel and hardware devices.

d. Provides complete test coverage on all digital channels by detailed test data and environment management strategy.

e. Test non-functional, technical and niche digital requirements.

f. The performance of the application is tested on server, back end and front end levels.


Infosys helps enterprises in their digital transformation journey with a seamless omnichannel experience. They claim to validate customer experience across traditional as well as new channels.

Infosys conducts comprehensive tests across the value chain and the entire ecosystem to fulfil the various needs of digital testing.


1. Increases customer engagement on the software across different channels with seamless customer experience.

2. Helps in integrating the latest technologies to improve the business process.

3. AI/ML-driven QA solutions helps in predicting the testing hence speeds up the release rate. 

4. Agility is ensured by engineering-led QA and automation of Life Cycle necessary in Agile/DevOps scenario.


This digital assurance testing service conducts comprehensive testing across the client’s digital value chain. They also follow the omnichannel philosophy to manage the digital ecosystem which includes mobility, security, big data to help businesses to execute digital transformation strategies.


1. All the QA services including the deployment, tools and testing are accessible over the cloud.

2. Claims to improve the presence of businesses on the mobile ecosystem.

3. Help enterprises in understanding security principles and philosophies for winning user’s trust.

4. The big data generated during digital transformation is managed with expertise and various tools.

5. It claims to ensure a quality customer experience while using the product on any platform.

6. AI/ML solutions for identifying risks and regulating compliance.

Digital Quality Assurance is necessary for enterprises to attain digital transformation so that they can cope up with the costumer’s expectations.

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