Performance Testing On E-Commerce And Retail Applications: What Should You Know?


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he outbreak of covid-19 has changed global customer behavior all across the world. In-store purchase rates have stepped to a bottom white online shopping has become a priority for many consumers. Given the upcoming holiday season, which also indicates the biggest shopping event of the year, e-commerce and retail applications were not get prepaid enough to deal with the potential swift of traffic on their online outlets.

Generally, both the physical and online shopping options available traffic could get divided and get every year. There are numerous reports of website crashes and e-commerce applications failures when there is an unexpected rush in online shoppers’ volume.

This year, when the majority of the physical outlets were closed because of the impact of the global pandemic covid-19 lockdown, we can expect that online shopping trends will see a tremendous rise compared to the previous years. According to adverbs recent digital economy in the e-commerce and retail applications shopping levels amid covid-19 were higher than what retailers saw during the 2019 holiday season. Consumer spent around 153 billion dollars online in the past two months, which is 7% higher than the 142.5 billion dollars spent online in November and December 2019. Additionally, the recorded online spend was more than 52 billion than what retailers typically saw during April and May.

When the shoppers make more online purchases in the non-holiday season, we could imagine the rush during the peak holiday season. Additionally, more people are now shopping online. The rates of internet scams and online fraud are also increasing, with the FBI receiving 3000 to 4000 complaints every day against the previous thousand complaints per day.

The number of complaints has increased up by four times, necessitating robust security measures for e-commerce applications. While setting up the online shops for or upcoming months of popular holidays, it is very important that the e-commerce applications and all retail software applications are completely tested and optimized for multiple characters such as performance, functionality, and security. Performance testing of e-commerce and retail applications will help us prevent any embarrassing features when there is a heavy flow of traffic online.

What is the Performance testing of E-Commerce and Retail Applications?

A mobile or web application’s performance determines its capability to perform all the functions it is supposed to do flawlessly without delay or complication.

There are multiple characters today in a single application that requires independent performance testing of e-commerce applications. Everyday part of a mobile application is deemed to be checked or tested while keeping in mind different criteria which it is considered to fulfil without feeling or causing any complication. A mobile or web application’s major performances are nothing but it prepare war such as loading pages, showing the products, bringing out accurate search results for the consumers, and loading pages online on time.


Performing testing is the type of software testing that points towards how a system runs and how it functions, and particular circumstances. Performing testing measures depend upon the benchmarks and standards. Performing testing also helps developers eliminate bottlenecks.

Included in performance testing the web application, there is a range of different kinds of tests for analyzing various aspects of an application. One of how performance testing is carried out is by load testing, where testers try to estimate how the app will perform the number of users and the number of transactions, increasing significantly. We can fix any issues raised during the testing so that it operates as per the expectations when the application is launched.

What should we consider while performance testing our E-Commerce application?

Retailers have always grappled with never accurately predicting the number of visitors that could visit their site at any point in time. E-Commerce history is filled with incidents when websites have performed poorly or even occur under a sudden rush of traffic leaving shoppers stranded and causing a dip in the retailer brand image.

So what can a retailer do to ensure that their sides hold up against the sudden stopping frenzy or higher than expected traffic?

The answer to this lies in adapting a performance testing the web application strategy that it takes into account the following key considerations:

  • Checking performance across geographies:

E retailers are required to ensure their customers’ geographical location does not impact website performance key workflows are needed to be tested for satisfactory performance across the customer base. Pushing ahead of the peak periods like the holiday season or before a grand sale is published also helps businesses for delivering a good customer experience. 

One of the most important factors to consider is the variation in browsers and devices. It involves working with the technical team and the marketing team to understand the campaigns and promotions that will be executed.

  • Due attention to mobile

We all are living in a mobile-first age. For a majority of customers, if your business is not on mobile, it does not exist. Performance test automation framework for mobile applications and sure cites performance as desired, and applications do not make rash under peak loads. Utilizing a lot of generation software could help stimulate peak loads, and the biggest talent in mobile testing is the huge variety of devices, networks, and platforms. The testing process is required to address performance issues arising as a result of these variations.

  • Test all transactions

Some transactions, such as the product searches, managed to be more network-intensive than others. Such test automation framework transactions across browsers and devices are used for ensuring optimal transaction processing speed. Attention is required to be given to every user path possible. Unnecessary to say, but when critical operations on a website feel they could seriously impact the sales target.

  • Cloud-based testing

Cloud provides high scalability and can very quickly stimulate the majority of users as required without additional hardware. Most of the retailers shy away from satisfactory and periodic performance testing because of the high cost involved. Cloud has made performance testing more affordable and possible to test from a geographically diverse location with minimum setups required.


Acknowledging today’s demand for perfection in e-commerce businesses conducting performance testing of e-commerce and retail applications has become an extremely important task. Building up software that is void of any complication and floors and providing hundred per cent client satisfaction is required by every company for excelling in the industry.

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