Performance Testing

Get impeccable and irreproachable operational outcome by incorporating our state-of-the-earth performance testing services at any stage of SDLC

Optimized Page Loading

Reduced Server Response Times

Accurate Caching

No Heavy- Weight Elements

Appsierra’s Performance Testing Services

Our QA team participates in all stages of the SDLC to assist your software engineers in creating impeccable code and developing a flawless end product. During full-cycle performance testing, we use a variety of testing methods to meet the individual needs of every client.

Load testing

We test if the system can handle the target load for a long period of time.

Stress testing

We test the software under intense load to determine its maximum capacity.

Scalability testing

We measure program efficiency as processing power and architectural modifications rise.

Volume testing

Software productivity is measured by the amount of data that is stored and processed over time..

Stability testing

72-hour long-term testing is done to assess the system's operability.

Configuration testing

We test performance in a variety of environments.

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What do you learn from Performance Testing?

Performance testing helps you avoid system defects and unexpected expenditure, by assisting you in obtaining the answer to the following questions:

Can your system handle a large amount of traffic?

How much will cloud-based system resources cost when scaled?

Is the software going to work in the long run?

What are the bottlenecks in performance?

What is the maximum load carried?

Can the system handle its normal workload?

Software Performance Testing is advantageous to business

Our performance QA and testing add value to your company with:

Controlled software performance

Effective performance tracking

Application output control

Improved application appearance

Reduced software TCO

Informed hardware purchases

Lower operational and maintenance expenditures

Reduced restoration time

Client-side Performance Testing Services

User experience can be enhanced with client-side performance testing by:

If necessary, determining the loading speed of certain pages from various geographic regions

Maintaining the speed of the app after system updates

Detecting issues that cause the page to load and render slowly

Detecting heavy-weight items in order to reduce the quantity of saved and transferred data

Our Expertise includes:

Systems and platforms

Web portals

Mobile applications

Big data

Distributed systems



Cloud environments

Amazon Web Services

Microsoft Azure

Google Cloud




Why Appsierra

Our company delivers the full scope of functional testing services, including:

Selecting Testing Scenarios

To give you meaningful results that are tailored to your specific needs, we provide numerous service packages

Performance Diagnostics

A one-time test to see if your system fits the specifications.

Practical Advice

Working independently or collaboratively with your team, we identify and offer solutions to your performance challenges.

End-to-End Testing

To ensure absolutely stable and perfect programme performance, we identify and rectify any lags.

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