10 Free Team Collaboration Software That Has Changed Virtual Workspace


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Collaboration is an element that every company strives to accomplish and it does not come easy. Particularly, if you refer to large companies where workers work and support a common project from various locations. Collaboration is highly tool reliant and it is vitally important to select the correct team collaboration tools as it would help you to:

  • Making it more productive for your team.
  • Facilitating effective communication at a remote location between team members.
  • Maintain work history through archival creation.
  • Allow future team members, by browsing the history, to learn more about the project.

With an ample supply of team collaboration tools available on the internet, even then, it could be quite problematic to choose the correct one. The purpose of this article is to ease the process of filtering for you and your company. Here is a list of top free team collaboration software that will encourage your team members to produce more efficiency by supporting an interaction between the team members.

10 free team collaboration software tools

Following are the best 10 free Team collaboration software tools that has changed the virtual workplace:


As long as they have a stable internet connection, it is a cloud-based platform where all the members of your testing team can log in from everywhere. The dashboard has three panels that give you access to all your project-related data. If you are the shareholder or the holder of the product or company, Asana will provide you with details on all of your organization’s ongoing projects, along with individual data such as pending tasks and the person to whom the assignment is assigned.


You can feel intimidated by the array of documents around a feature when you create or test software. You will need to go through the collection of paperwork specifications, project plans, concept records, and more. Not to forget, it could be frustrating and time-consuming to retrieve these documents from a clustered mailbox.

Ok, that’s when you move into Xtensio. Xtensio provides an intuitive cloud platform to help you create and exchange documents quickly with your team on the go. From excel sheets to reports & agendas; you can create any form of documents. Plus, in those papers, you can view photos and videos too. To play with papers, you can also use the built-in editor. You can change colors, backgrounds, and even add custom fonts through the editor.

The best thing about Xtensio is that it provides full visibility for your team around the project. The records can be classified and presented for free team collaboration software through various networks.  Everyone is aware of what is going on in the project in that way. You can monitor access levels in the case of sensitive documents. In-app alerts are also available to assist you with any folio changes.


Wrike will assist you in splitting the mission into smaller pieces. Thus the test lead can easily track the work progress and team contribution of each member. The information supplied is very easy to read and also gives you financial details so that you can verify that the project is within the budget cap. For service-based organizations, this team coordination instrument is very useful.


The scheduling program from ZoomShift is optimized for hourly workers, which makes it a perfect tool if you outsource a research team and are expected to handle their hourly billing. ZoomShift is built to help your organization make work schedules easier, save payroll money, and let your workers clock in and easily view their hours.

The app lets your company manage its entire employee schedule details in one location and can help boost your employees’ transparency. It makes it possible for businesses to be more profitable and better coordinated. You can use predefined templates for scheduling in minutes with ZoomShift. On the business calendar, drag and drop changes in place. Share schedules for employees via text, push, and email. Inform the team members automatically before their shift begins.


This is a bundled tool that enables the user to build a task based on its priority and delegate it to the members of a testing team and also provides certain solutions in cross-browser testing. Due to features such as customizable scrum boards, reports that illustrate the work progress of both Kanban and Agile teams, and even backlog grooming, it has become widely popular among different organizations, which allows project managers to design plans and monitor work.


This team collaboration website is not free, but it comes with a lot of facilities at its expense, which can be easily modified to fit into the workflow.

  • It makes it possible for individual members to share files within the team internally.
  • The user can build unlimited projects and shared access to multiple projects can be provided to team members if necessary.
  • The user may also generate invoices using models, in addition to monitoring the progress of the team.


Slack is also an efficient team collaboration tool, aside from being widely used as an instant messenger.

  • Based on the purpose or department, it enables users to segregate discussions into different categories.
  • Provides possibilities for file sharing and information search.
  • Based on whatever solution they require, users can customize the tool or set preferences.


This is an IM and chats service that allows members of your team to build chat rooms and share files both in the room and one-on-one. Not only that but it also offers services such as screen sharing, video calling, guest login, and unlimited storage.


Bitbucket, established by Atlassian, the company which owns Hipchat and JIRA, is an effective collaboration tool for teams. It offers its users a limitless number of private repositories. Unlike Github, however, it does not concentrate on open source. Instead, it aims to help developers and testers to collaborate on projects within an organization.


ProofHub is a solution that serves all the needs of project management and teams do not need to spend independently on different tools. Effortless cooperation is one of its many characteristics. On Kanban boards, with a clear division of roles and responsibilities, each task is divided into different phases. The person concerned can move the assignment every time a stage is completed and upload the file there only.

We have compared the comprehensive list of the best collaboration tools from this article.  Besides this, we have several other tools for online collaboration that are available on the market. Taking into account the requirements of your project, enormous care should be exercised when selecting a free team collaboration software.

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