6 Most Popular Cross-Browser Test Tools


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Cross-browser testing is the process of checking the performance and operability of a website or web app on different platforms. A platform can be considered as a combination of browsers, Operating systems and devices. In the current globalised world, a product build is used by different users from different regions, trying to access it using different browsers. So enterprises need to check whether their product is ready to provide equal experience to such a diverse audience. 

There are situations when a website is found difficult to operate on browsers with large user traffic, which results in losing potential users. Cross-browser test tools help to run the website on different platforms without any need to avail them physically at your place. You can see how the website will look and check its performance on major browsers. In this article, we will discuss some of the most popular cross-browser test tools available.

Cross browser test tools

 Here are the most popular Cross browser test tools:


Browserstack is a well-known cross-browser testing tool used for testing mobile applications and websites. It claims to allow its clients to increase the release rate of their websites ready to work perfectly on different UIs.


1. Browserstack has a free version for clients with limited testing requirements.

2. Clients can also have a free trial of the tool.

3. This tool can be accessed on the cloud, SaaS and web.

4. It is possible to run the website under test on different browsers at the same time.

5. It provides a good set of browsers and devices to run the test on.

6. The clients can see the visual representation of their website as it will be after release.

7. It is easy to evaluate the incompatibility of the website under test on different devices.

8. The starting price for accessing the tool is $29/month which is billed annually.


CrossBrowserTesting allows clients to use visual automation for testing the website. It is designed to easily expose inconsistencies and manage the result of the test.


1. It provides the facility of a screenshot test in which the tools take the screenshot whenever an inconsistency is detected while running the website on different browsers, desktop and mobile devices.

2. It is possible to run the test parallelly on dozens of browsers, to increase the test coverage rate.

3. Responsive tests can be performed on a large number of OS and browsers, to check whether your elements are responding in the desired way.

4. Browsers list can be easily prepared to perform to execute the website for the test.

5. Screenshot tests can be scheduled as per convenience.

6. The starting charge for using this tool is $29/month.


Browserling is among the well-known cross-browser testing tools for its ability to perform the test on the latest browsers. Screenshots captured during the test can be easily saved and shared. It also allows to change the screen resolution and resize the browsers. Along with that, the video of the test can also be recorded.


1. Browserling offers three kinds of plans: 

  • Developer Plan
  • Team Plan
  • Pro Plan

2. It’s a free version that is also available for limited use.

3. Clients can avail the free trial of the tool.

4. It is available on the cloud, SaaS and web.

5. Browserling also provides training services through In-person, live sessions, and documentation.

6. It’s the user interface is easy to operate.

7. The clients are required to select the browsers to test the website on.

8. Developer and team Plan can be availed at the price of $19/month and more than $29/month respectively.

Lambda Test

Lambda test is a cloud-based service for cross-browser testing of web applications and websites. The test can be performed on various Windows OS, Mac OS, and other latest browsers.

Testing can also be done on different mobile browsers of Android and iOS operating systems. It claims to help in faster delivery of websites and support CI/CD pipeline with live testing and debugging on the go service.


1. Lambda tests also have a free version for use.

2. Free trial can be experienced before purchasing the plan.

3. It is available for use on the cloud, SaaS and web.

4. Training services are available through online sessions and documentation with 24/7 support.

5. It provides full-page screenshots of the website under test.

6. Its services can be accessed at the price of $10/month which is cost-effective than other alternative tools.


Comparium is another member of the list of cross-browser testing tools for websites across different web browsers. It tests the functionality of websites on major web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera.


1. It has the facility of reporting test results through Email, even it can also send an offline copy of the same.

2. Comparium also has a reliable screenshot web testing tool.

3. The first version of the tool is available free for use.

4. ‘How to use?’ section is also available to guide new users.

5. Parallel testing can be performed on different operating systems.

6. The Guest plan is available free of cost whereas Pro plan available at the charge of $15/month.

Sauce Labs

Sauce Labs is a cloud-based cross-browser testing service. It tests web applications on different combinations of operating systems and browsers. It also has a set of mobile emulators and simulators along with some real device support for the test. It is possible to perform parallel tests on various platforms. Even video recording or screenshots of the test can also be generated.


1. Its free version is also available for limited requirements.

2. Free trial can be accessed before the final purchase of the tool.

3. This tool can be accessed on the cloud, SaaS and web.

4. It’s rich User interface makes it easy to operate the tool.

5. A variety of mobile devices are available to test the product on.

6. The starting price of the Sauce Labs tool is $19/month.


With the availability of these cross-browser test tools, evaluating the workability of any website on different browsers, and devices with different architecture has become very easy. This will help in ensuring that your website is ready to serve a quality user experience irrespective of the platform they are using to access it.

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