How A Leader Can Build A Team Of Leaders? Top 5 Ideas In 2020


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A supportive team is very important for success. Sweet coordination within the team members results in long-term success. But building such a team is not an easy task. A good leader is one who possesses the ability to convert every member a leader in himself/herself. A good leader can convert every team member into a leader. But the next question that arises is: How a leader can build a team of leaders? 

However, before discussing this, let’s first mention down the qualities of a good leader.

Qualities of a Good Leader

The following qualities are a must qualify as a good leader:

  1. Self – discipline
  2. Self-control
  3. Curiosity
  4. Self – awareness
  5. Sharp thinking capability
  6. Eagerness to learn new things

This list will never end. Therefore, I am stopping here only. Now, let’s start today’s discussion over our main topic.

How a leader can build a team of leaders?

Here are some points by you can know how a leader can build a team for a leaders:

Engage your team with your own vision

In an organization, within a team, many members work solely for salaries. A few potential ‘leaders’ in that team would want to understand a greater meaning in their work. To create a team of leaders, engaging the entire team with your vision is the first step. You can’t move alone. It is important that you share your long-term vision with your team members. Try to make them feel that it’s not only your vision but is theirs too. Therefore, in this way, they automatically will work harder to achieve those goals. Hence, start appealing to their minds and hearts from beginning itself.

Recognize the potential(s) in your team

All of us have some kind of potential. The same holds true for your team. So, after the first step of engaging the team with your vision, recognize their potential. However, you can’t do it easily. For this, motivate them. Make them move out of their comfort zone. Because only then, their potential can be witnessed. 

Therefore, this is the easiest way of knowing your team’s potential(s). Also, keep in mind, there are leaders everywhere in your organization at every level. So start your interaction with them at the earliest.

Give ample opportunities to develop leadership

Now, after recognizing the leaders within your organization, it is important to develop them further. This is achievable by giving them tough projects, assignments, and making them face difficult situations. 

Also, try rotating their jobs from one department to another. By doing so, you give them opportunities to develop their understanding of the organization. However, this is sometimes difficult to do with inexperienced workers. So, organize training sessions, free workshops, etc. to develop leadership qualities in them. 

Monitor the progress and reward them

Who doesn’t like rewards for their hard work? Just a small reward can motivate them to well than before. The same holds true in our case. Because along with your support, they also need a reward for their achievements. Also, another important thing is that you should never behave as over-ambitious. 

Try to accept their mistakes and work together to improve them. It’s important to make sure that a feeling of being punished for doing mistakes never arises in a leader’s mind. Hence, never give up on people easily, as sometimes diamonds need polishing!

Behave like a coach and not as a boss

There is a thin layer of difference between a coach and a boss. A boss only orders and demands accuracy every time. A coach always accepts the mistakes and works together with the individual in correcting those. So, first act as a coach rather than a boss. In an organization, the potential leaders must feel free about sharing their concerns and ideas with you via a one-to-one discussion. 

Hence, incorporating the above ideas along with keeping the team first is a must. Keep aside your ego because that’s the only way your organization can succeed. 

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