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How To Create An Online E-Learning Platforms (Like Udemy) In 5 Simple Steps?

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 Online E-Learning Platforms

Education is the most important asset one can own. As per the reports worldwide, the prices of offline education increase by 3.5% every year. Hence, for increasing costs, everyone is looking for alternatives in the form of online e-learning platforms. These platforms offer the same quality of education at zero or no costs. That’s why they are getting more popular with each passing day. Some common and well-known examples of such platforms are Udemy, Khan Academy, Coursera, etc. So today, creating an app development learning or website of such a kind is the most beneficial idea. But how? How to create an app/website like Udemy? These questions and many more I have answered in this post. So without much ado, let’s start.

Note: For simplicity, I am taking Udemy for reference. Don’t worry, most of the steps are identical for other platforms too. 

Some important stats about Udemy:

Year launched: 2010

The total number of students to date: is over 50 million.

Number of courses on offer: 150,000

Total number of instructors: 42,000

The Total amount of video content on Udemy: 3.4 million min.

Number of course languages on Udemy: 50

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How to Create an App/website Like Udemy?


The following steps summarize the entire process of creating an app/website like Udemy.

1. Idea Validation: Is It Worth It?

That said, the rising demands for no-cost learning are making platforms like the ones mentioned above. According to the stats, the international e-learning market will reach $300 billion by the end of 2025. Some highly preferred courses include Artificial Intelligence (AI), AR, VR, Machine Learning, Big Data, etc. Hence, the growth of these technologies will evolve the eLearning market or online learning centre. Hence, it’s the best time to proceed ahead to build an app/website like Udemy. 

2. How does an App/Website Like Udemy Work?

Before you start with the development process, it’s important to understand its works. Without going into deep, here’s how an eLearning platform like Udemy works. The student registers on the platform, creates a free account, and starts exploring the courses available on Udemy. There are several filters available on Udemy that filters out courses based on the user’s preference. After this, Udemy approaches the top-ranked instructors, providing content for that course. The rest is handled by the Udemy team. 

3. Choosing The Business Model to Build an E-Learning Website/Application

Of course, you’re developing an app/website to earn money and help the students in need. The students will benefit a lot from the courses offered. But what about you? Hence, you need to choose the BEST business model for your app/website. 

Some popular business models are

Paid certificates

Learning is either free or at a very minimal cost. Besides this cost, the student pays a small amount for a paid certificate applicable almost everywhere.


This is the best model for poor students. In this model, the user pays a fixed subscription fee on a monthly or yearly basis. This way, they get access to all the information available on the app/site.

Affiliate model

Yes, affiliate marketing works here too. By purchasing anything from the links provided on the app/site, the app/site earns a small revenue.

Paid courses

Let me inform you, this model needs to be applied only after the establishment of your app/site. Here, the users have to buy an entire course. A portion of this goes to the instructor and the rest to the site/app. These business models are very rewarding and satisfactory.

4. Top Features to Implement

Not implementing any of the following features may not lead to the desired success of your app/website. I have divided the features into three sections: common features, student profile features, and instructor profile features.

Common features:

Account creation

This feature is very beneficial for both the students and instructors. The feature easily allows account creation. It is a must-have feature. This is because it helps the users to organize the various courses they enrol in and helps the students learn seamlessly.

Customer support (CS)

A quick, effective, and responsive customer support system is a must for websites/apps like Udemy. Through this, the user can contact the CS if they are facing any type of issue on the platform. This increases the user-friendliness of your app/website.

Business collaboration

Today, business collaboration is an important aspect of any eLearning platform. For example, platforms like edX, and Coursera offer courses specific to a particular organization. In return, that organization pays a very high revenue to that platform. Plus, it also increases the popularity of your site/app.

Student profile features:

Search, category, and filtering

As per the stats, there are over 150,000 courses available on Udemy. Hence, a feature that allows the students to filter the courses on your app/site is a must. 

Accordingly, it’s better to include a search, category, and filtering feature in your app/site. 


This feature will recommend the relevant courses to the ones the student has already enrolled for. This helps in the diverse benefits of online learning at a single time. 

Easy and secure payment options

As said earlier, your site/app will have some free and paid courses. For the paid courses, there should be a secure, fast, and easy payment option(s). Some common payment options are credit/debit cards, net banking, wallets, etc.

Instructor profile features:

Course creation and updates

The app/site must have a feature that will help the instructors in creating a course based on their skills and expertise. Along with this, they must update it with new content. Remember, technology changes every minute and so must be the courses. Hence, these are the top features to include in your online learning websites/apps like Udemy.

5. How to Strategize The UI/UX Design?

Of course, no developer/owner will tolerate any inconvenience caused to any user on their website/app. So while planning the UI/UX of your website/app like that of Udemy, keep the below-mentioned points in mind.

Simplicity and consistency

Whatever your design you finalize for your app/site, keep it simple and consistent. Using a complicated design is not a way to get ahead of your competitors. The main visitors of your website/app are students and instructors. So keep your design accordingly. Along with simplicity, your design needs to be consistent. Your app/website design, logo, colour combinations, and user interface should give a sense of continuity. This evokes a sense of trust among your users and instructors. 


Suppose your website/app has a simple and consistent design but complex typography. All your efforts will go in vain. Isn’t it? Your site/app’s typography needs to be readable and visually appealing to everyone. Plus, every text on your website must be concerning SEO. This will increase your site’s ranking on search engines. Hence, make sure to combine the sensible mixtures of typefaces for the design elements.

Ease of loading

Whether it’s your site or an app, both should load in minimal time. The above two factors, a simple UI/UX design, and a sensible topography help heavily in the loading speed. Plus, it must compress all the images to improve their loading speed. It is also recommended to minimize the use of animations.

Pro Tip: For first-time visitors, navigation on your site/app must be as smooth as butter. The ease of navigation determines the time spent by a user on your site/app.

Hence, this blog shows how you can create an app/site like Udemy easily. Just by following the above steps, your idea can turn into a reality. We would suggest you all first go through the app/site of your preference for a quick look around. This will help you to create online e-learning platforms in the future, too. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and develop your app/website that’s just like Udemy.

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