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Essential Features Of A Website

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Features Of A Website

In this era of digitalization, a website plays a cardinal role in effectuating a business. The company owes its success to its website to a larger extent.  In today’s times, where most of the work is performed online, the sites are one of the most expedient business models to reach a greater audience and create umpteen opportunities. The importance of a website is infinite.

With the advancement in technology, and with the rising competition, more and more enterprises are creating their idiosyncratic websites to attract online traffic and this has led to an increase in the importance of a website. However, if your website is enticing, alluring and distinctive, but lacks the basic features, important content, and seamless user experience required in today’s time, then even its design and best marketing strategy would fail. 

List of the Importance of A Website

Thus, the essential features a website must have in 2022 are as follows:

1. Mobile affinity and responsiveness

The websites should be designed in such a way that they are cent percent responsive to mobile phones. You might be curious to know why we need a website. A website, when responsive, should adapt the screen resolution of the device on which it is operated and should be easy to navigate.

2. Creating a mobile-optimized website is consequential

  1. 49% of consumers do online shopping from their smartphones.
  2. Out of the total online traffic visiting a website, 49% of the traffic comes from mobile devices.
  3. Mobile banking is preferred by at least 30% of users.

Thus, designing the websites, keeping in mind the smartphone versions, has become a necessity instead of a flux, to increase the online traffic.

Essential Features Of A Website

3. Exquisite delineation, blueprint, and architectural structure

The positioning of the right content under a suitable heading is very germane to make the website structure accurate especially when it comes to business website WordPress. How your information and the content is placed under headings is very significant. The categories and the subtitles should be chosen by keeping the preferences of the users in mind. The architectural structure of your website also depends on the nature of the website.

For example, let us assume that you have an E-Commerce site WordPress, that sells kids’ products. The homepage of the website should be vibrant enough to tantalize the parents of the kids. It should have pictures of various children’s products. It is also crucial to prepare separate columns for the products of girls and boys. You can also improve your website by providing a variety of payment options.

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4. Truncating the loading time

The more the loading time of a website, the less is its online traffic. This is because more loading time leads to annoyance amongst the visitors, who would then leave the website.  A good website must load within 3 to 4 seconds otherwise, the visitors may get exasperated. Applications such as Pingdom should be used to test the speed of the website. According to research, by the time your website takes 4 seconds to load, you already lose 25% of your users to your adversaries.

5. Search Engine Optimization


Your website may have great content and maybe peerless in itself. But, all this would be useless if it does not rank under the search engines, like google. To enable your website to be opened by as many people as possible, it should rank among the search engines. You can make this possible by sprinkling various search engine optimization keywords and phrases in your content. However, make sure to integrate the keywords in the correct grammatical way to maintain the quality of the content. This will ameliorate the position of your website and hence, increase the online traffic visiting your website.

6. Social Buttons

The social buttons provide an access to the users to the company’s social media pages like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. A website should integrate the social buttons in the header or the footer to augment online traffic visiting the company’s pages. This will help in increasing the importance of the website.

7. Slider

When an individual visits a website, he or she looks for the homepage of the company. The slider helps you to integrate the homepage on your website in an effective way. You can make it appealing, according to your domain and the requirements of the target audience. The importance of an enticing slider lies in the fact that it proffers the first impression to the users. The homepage interlinks various other critical information of the company, like the About Us page, Teams page, or promotional page.

8. Call to action

It should never be a situation when the customers open your web page and they do not know what to do next. You can incorporate calls to action in the various pages of your website. This call to action helps to generate leads because the customers can contact you easily. In the absence of a call to action, the users will have to search for the contact information of your company again and again to contact you.

9. Security

A secured and credible website is trusted by all and hence, stimulates a greater audience towards it. You can make a secure website on Core by ensuring that the .htaccess file has the relevant codes needed to avert malware from attacking it. On the other hand, if your website has been created on a framework, then you can ensure its security by installing different security plugins that can prevent the attack of any malware. The users do not hesitate to proffer their information to a reliable website.

The website usability is thus of utmost significance to attract larger online traffic. Without the incorporation of the essential features, a website is plausible to be ousted from the highly competitive market. Moreover, as we all know, the dreadful wave of the coronavirus is engulfing the entire world. It has augmented the importance of digital platforms like websites and social media platforms of business. Work from home makes us realize the importance of websites, which has become a norm, is possible only due to the digital platforms.

More and more users are surfing the web during their free time from their homes. The business organizations can reap the benefit of this opportunity by creating a compelling and appealing website to generate more leads and make their business soar to great heights.

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