Java v/s Node.js

Java v/s Node.js Which Is Better For Developers And Why?


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Java and Node.js form an essential part of software and application development. This is because Java and Node.js simplify the process of software development, application development, web development, etc. But, because of the ease of using both, choosing one is thus a difficult task. 

Java vs Node JS Which is Best for Developers?

Which is a better option in the modern age? Java v/s Node.js, which one is suitable for the future purpose? Many more such queries we will discuss in today’s blog. So, let’s start with a brief introduction of both.

1. Java


Java is a general-purpose programming language that is platform-independent. That is, you need to write the code only once. And then, it can run on any platform like Windows, Linux, etc. The same is the case with its parent language, C++. Because of the above reason, it is useful for various applications and beginners. Any prior knowledge of C/C++ can perform Java easily. Java comes as a JDK (Java Development Kit). This kit contains every component for the successful execution of any Java program. Download the Java Runtime Environment, or JRE, if you want to run Java programmes but not build them. It is a compiler-based language. For Java developers, several frameworks simplify the coding process.

2. Node.js

Node.js is based on JavaScript. It is an open-source cross-platform. We develop it over Google Chrome’s JavaScript V8 engine. Therefore, it is super quick. It is a library/framework suitable for server-side JavaScript applications. Node.js is a framework which is both lightweight and efficient in terms of usability and installation. There are many nodes.js frameworks like Express.js, Partial.js, etc. 

Difference Between Java and Nodejs

So, now let’s discuss some useful points of comparison between Java and Node.js.

  1. Java is highly suitable for developing complex web-based applications. On the other hand, Node.js is suitable for only small projects.
  2. Java requires a Java Development Kit (JDR). It comprises a Java compiler and a runtime environment. It is mandatory to run any Java program on a machine. No such a requirement is there to install Node.js.
  3. Java is not suitable for client-side applications. It works only for server-side applications. However, Node.js works for both client and server-side applications.
  4. Java uses the concept of multi-threading. This is not the case with Node.js as it cannot use this concept.
  5. For complex web-based development, Java is the most suitable. This is because it uses the concept of multi-threading. But since Node.js doesn’t use the multi-threading concept, we cannot use it for such projects.
  6. Some common frameworks of Java are Spring, JSF, Struts, etc. While popular frameworks of Node.js are Sails.js, Express.js, Partial.js, etc.
  7. Java is a complete programming language. On the other hand, Node.js is just a lightweight framework based on JavaScript.

So, these 8 comparisons justify that both Java and Node.js are useful in their fields. Now, let’s point out some advantages of one over the other.

Benefits for Node.js Developer over Java

  1. Node.js is 20% faster than Java. This is because of its asynchronous nature.
  2. It possesses a quality of community support. All of its codes are available on GitHub.
  3. It is suitable for uploading audio and video files.
  4. The number of Node.js libraries is increasing day by day.

Benefits for Java over Node.js

  1. Java is more popular and powerful than Node.js with existing over 20 years.
  2. Java developers use 3 top-rated tools like debuggers, decompilers, and servers. These tools are Eclipse, NetBeans, and IntelliJ.

So, with this, the discussion over Java v/s Node.js comes to and. We hope that this blog will create a better picture of the two in your mind. Both Java and Node.js possess their own advantages and disadvantages. Their usage depends upon the project. Both these have a bright future as per the technology is concerned. So start your preparation from the day onwards. 

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