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10 Mobile App Development Companies


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If we look into our daily lives, we are majorly surrounded by mobile apps. Today, we have an app for almost all our daily chores. Mobile App Development Companies have managed to flourish immensely in recent time, especially during the pandemic. This happened because as soon as the world entered in the pandemic, all things got boarded online. 

The online classes at school or colleges, grocery stores near you, pharmacy or even accessory shopping were done online using mobile. This gave a chance to the app development companies in India to escalate their app service development services in the field of technological advancement. As the demand for Mobile App Development Companies increased, there was a 100% growth observed in every app development agency. In order to make it easier for you to check out some of the leading Mobile App Development Companies of India, we have listed a few of them here. Get an insight of them to compare their app development and process. 

Top Mobile App Development Companies in India

Below are the mobile app development companies in India:

1. Appsierra

AppSierra has excelled in the field of technological advancement by becoming one of the best mobile application development companies. They have tried to stick to the policy of inducing rich mobile apps with exclusive user experience. This makes Appsierra elegant in its way of working and smoothest in providing the best customer satisfaction. 

They take care of the entire analysis of data, making immensely interactive app designs with the help of best mobile app developers. Their expertise is spread over simple android app development to bots development making it a technically rich organization.

2. Hyperlink InfoSystem

Hyperlink InfoSystem is known to be one of the top Mobile App Development Companies in India. It has its offices in the USA and UAE. This mobile application development company has managed to grow its network with 2300+ clients spread worldwide and delivers almost 3300+ apps and 1600+ web development projects to its clients globally. Since 2011, their team has widened into 250+ app developers proactively participating in finding the most complex solutions for situations.

Web and app development, IoT services,  AI solutions, Salesforce solutions, AR/VR, CRM Solutions, Blockchain are some of the app development services offered by Hyperlink InfoSystem. It has 60% of the company’s total focus over Mobile Development itself and hence marked as the best Mobile App development companies.

3. The NineHertz

NineHertz is a very renowned app development agency based in Jaipur, India. Its other offices are located in Dubai, California, Australia and Cincinnati. The app development services that NineHertz provides is not restricted to only large scale firms. It has helped numerous midsize firms by creating apps for them in the starting days. It was started in 2008 and after 12 years now it has proved to be ranked in the list of Mobile App development companies.

The most notable invention of Nine Hertz has been a Bluetooth app for both Android and iOS. It also provides logo design services as its app development services. It ensures cost-effectiveness, transparent and open communication as its prime policies. 

4. OpenXcell

OpenXcell is a globally recognised mobile application development company renowned to deliver optimum solutions to complex problems and create engaging apps. Its commendable capabilities and skilled team of mobile apps have made it possible to deliver the most smooth app development services to its client. The app designs and strategies alongside at OpenXcell worked towards making it the leading app development companies in India. It creates mobile apps for Android, iPhone and iPad too. Located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat it is an organization of about 1000 employees and yet seeks to achieve the best mobile application development company tag.

5. Fueled

The awards winning mobile application development company Fueled was established in 2007. Since then it has constantly delivered the best app development services when compared with other larger firms. Its services include  CRM, Blockchain, CDP, Web Development, Chatbots, POS, UI/UX Design, ERP, CMS, AR/VR, etc. They have served numerous startups as well as massive enterprise level organizations worldwide. Their main clients include  9Gag, Harvard, Crunchbase, MGM Resorts International, Verizon, etc. After being collaborated with all these huge firms, Fueled has proved to be the best app development agency.

6. Algoworks 

Algoworks, which has been in activity since 2006, has workplaces in both Sunnyvale, California, and Noida, India. This mobile application development company works with organizations going from new companies to Fortune 500 undertakings, conveying applications rapidly to clients around the world. It can deal with all parts of application improvement and arrangement, from the early plan stage through advertising. It likewise offers disclosure and administrations for customers whose thoughts are at the beginning phase and handles prototyping as well. 

This app development agency offers both local and crossbreeds versatile app development services. One of its key strengths is developing fantasy sports applications. The designers likewise center around security, and they can give portable and examination methodology benefits too. Algoworks conveys solutions in the regions of content management, CRM, and programming product designing. It gives the best services in the regions of website composition, DevOps, testing, and Salesforce administrations with tech specialists in-house to give expertise on most subjects of computer engineering. 

Algoworks being the leading mobile application development company in India conveys blockchain advancement, UI/UX plan, testing, and custom designing arrangements, and it’s a software-as-a-administration (SaaS) supplier. Its skill spreads into various fields like medical care, logistics, e-commerce, media, transportation, coordination, gaming, instruction, and financial services.

7. Appinventiv 

With workplaces in New York, Sydney, Dubai, and Delhi, Appinventiv is an enormous mobile app development agency that conveys app development services like UX/UI plan, and portable procedures to organizations around the globe. With customers going from new businesses to Fortune 500 associations, it’s positioned as one of the best 24 Mobile App development companies worldwide and is a market leader in the field. 

This mobile application development company is home to tech specialists dealing with iOS,  Flutter, React local, Android, backend, and blockchain applications. It adheres to a standard plan that stresses upon adaptability while taking customers through stages including procedure, creation, testing, dispatching, and survey. The organization handles full-cycle item development at the startup or undertaking level, including item the board and least suitable item (MVP) improvement. Its services include product discovery and  UX and UI design. All such specialties made it to be the best Mobile App development companies. 

8. Daffodil

Serving customers in excess of two dozen nations around the globe, Daffodil Software works out of workplaces in Gurgaon and Hisar, India just as in the UAE and Grandville, Michigan. It plans and creates best in class programming items, including portable applications. This mobile application development company has an abundance of ability in a few fields, including the tech, medical care, travel, media and account businesses, just as in the public area. 

This app development agency assembles web-based business applications that give clients a smooth experience, just as making IoT applications, on-request applications, and AR and VP applications. It works from programming, testing to support phases of advancement. Daffodil’s versatile teams will join customer projects at any stage, fastening the time to advertise when required, and coping up with the client requirements at any stage. Such versatility makes it the leading app development companies in India.

Mobile App Development Companies
Mobile App Development Companies

9. Zensar Technologies

Zensar Technologies is one of the main Mobile App development companies established in 1991. The organization has a strength of 10K+ representatives and has workplaces in 20 nations around the globe. They offer app development services like Digital Supply Chain, AI and Automation, Cloud Infrastructure, Data Management, Data Science, Enterprise applications, and other most recent advancements. This app development agency was the development grant victor in the “Making an Impact-IT Skills” class at India Perspectives 2018. 

10. Hedgehog Lab

With workplaces in Hyderabad, Boston, and London, hedgehog lab puts its essential efforts on providing mobile app development services and configuration, likewise taking care of programming and web application advancement just as vivid and voice applications. 

It works with the leading Mobile App development companies around the globe to convey groundbreaking computerized encounters for clients. Hedgehog serves in various sectors like automobile, retail, travel, monetary administrations, wellbeing and health, and energy areas.

The best Mobile App development companies are the ones that provide all relevant mobile app development services on a cost-effective basis and that’s the reason why the above 10 companies are the leading mobile app development companies in India. 

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