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Top 7 Benefits of using Mobile Apps for Agriculture

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Mobile Apps for Agriculture

In the present time, agriculture is facing a lot of different challenges: degradation of soil, lack of resources, emissions, pollution, excessive water consumption, inadequate transport, and many more. But as technology evolves with time, the industry that feeds the whole world should be evolved too. 

Mobile apps for agriculture come out to be the best solution for it. These apps offer a lot more than you can think and we have covered all these points for you in the blog.

If you were told 10-15 years ago that with the help of mobile and computer you will be able to buy seeds, fertilizers, or can sell your crops directly to the consumer then you would have thought it's all a dream. Agriculture and technology were used to be the opposite ends of a coin that can never meet. But since the introduction of smartphones, many mobile apps for agriculture have been launched.

One of the sole reasons to develop smartphone apps for agriculture is to help farmers to manage their farming techniques with the help of advanced technologies. These apps are not only helping in their day-to-day farming but also guiding them about new techniques and the latest equipment. This knowledge can make their farming experience easier and also improve their cultivation.

In this blog, we discussed how these mobile apps are helping different sectors of agriculture to increase their profits and what approach should be taken to improve the cultivation process.

  • Why has mobile seeped into agriculture?
  • How beneficial are these mobile apps for farmers?
  • How do large farmers use these apps to simulate their working?
  • Connecting buyers, suppliers, and consumers all on the same platform.
  • Challenges faced while making mobile apps

Why has Mobile Seeped into Agriculture?

Since the day technology stepped into the agricultural field, we saw a variety of changes from buying seeds online to even fertilizing the whole farm with the help of a drone. Mobile apps for agriculture offer a variety of features and one of them has become e-shopping. 

Below are the other major points of how mobile seeped into agriculture:

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  • To find good-quality products, earlier farmers needed to travel to far different cities to buy these products, but now they can buy all these products from home and even get them delivered to their farms.
  • To learn about the latest farming techniques and tools used in farming. 
  • Connected farmers directly with the consumers so that both get profit while selling or buying without paying any extra charges to third parties.
  • Connecting low-scale farmers to agricultural giants.
  • Providing information about the products from their price to their available stock all in one place.
  • Apps that provide IOT support which is helping in automated irrigation, fertilizing crops with the help of drones, and many more features.

How Beneficial are these Mobile Apps for Farmers?

Mobile Apps have given such a digital transformation in agriculture sector that from small farms to big warehouses, almost every machine can be controlled through mobile apps. These apps can hold a vast amount of data thanks to cloud storage, which then helps in all future cultivation plans.

Nowadays there are a lot of campaigns happening in rural areas to promote mobile apps for agriculture. They help farmers to learn and adopt the mobile phone to help in their daily farming. In the past few years, there have been many apps launched for farmers. However, many of them provide as many services as needed. There are the basic requirements that every farmer needs.

  • Providing correct and valuable information regarding planting, cultivating, harvesting, weather forecast, and more.
  • Every farmer needs financial support like payments, loans, and insurance for their crops. Implementing these in your app will make your app a lot more reliable for farmers.
  • By providing an e-shop in your app for farming products.
  • By giving them access to sell their products, and crops on your platform.

How to Unite Different Users on a Single Platform?

These days many people are dealing with health issues which one of the major reasons is the bad quality of food. So now everyone wants to buy good quality farm fresh products. Sometimes farmers want to buy farming products that they are in need of. Also, needs information like the product’s price, quality, and how much stock is left. 

But the reason is there is no source available to do this. For this issue, many apps implemented an online marketplace where farmers & retailers can post their product ads and sell farm fresh products directly to supermarkets and customers.

Till now we have talked about how these mobile apps for agriculture are used and helped in agriculture and what changes they need to improve. 

When it comes to revolutionizing agriculture, mobile app development has played a important role in enhancing efficiency, connectivity, and data management within the industry.

Now, We are going to talk about the challenges faced by developers during the development of an agricultural app. Also, we discussed how to build mobile app for agriculture industry. 

What Challenges are Faced during Making an Agricultural App?

The developer needs to know the requirements before developing an application for agriculture. To find out those requirements, proper research should be done. During the research, you might face the challenges which are mentioned below:

  • The first challenge a developer faces while making a mobile application is to find the context that will be valuable for a farmer.
  • Sometimes it's hard to figure out what additional features an app provides which can be really helpful for farmers rather than just being a feature.
  • To figure out the issues that the agricultural community is facing.
  • Find an app development company that can convert your idea into an app and provides you with a good support staff.

The next thing is to convert all these problems into a form of solution. For this, Appsierra stands out as the best helping hand and support for you. Providing you with their best services. They allocate you with a development team within a day.

What are the Benefits of Mobile Apps in Agriculture?

Mobile apps for agriculture have become a blessing for the agriculture industry in the past few years. As they provide enormous benefits to every user even if it's a farmer or a large-scale distributor. These apps have offered something to everyone.

To ensure optimal mobile app performance in agriculture, it is crucial to conduct thorough mobile app performance testing to guarantee seamless functionality and enhance user experience.

Below are some key benefits of mobile apps in agriculture:

1. Fertility Growth

Through all these years there are many new techniques discovered in farming to increase the rate of fertility. These apps keep farmers updated with the latest techniques to improve their farm's fertility.

2. Guidance of Experts

These apps contain many video lectures from experts that can help with any problem. Some apps also offer a 1-on-1 interaction with the expert to solve your queries. 

3. GPS Tracking

It can help in tracking the farms and alert the farmers with alarms so that any animal or a hoard that can possibly damage the crops can be stopped in time. They don’t need to run across their farms under the harsh sunlight for the whole day.

4. Farm Animal Diseases

Sometimes animal diseases won’t be noticed in time and can spread among other animals also. These mobile apps for agriculture not only provide support with farming techniques but also offer curing methods for these animals.

5. Weather Forecast

Farmers need to be updated about the weather as an unexpected rain can ruin their months of hard work in a moment. These apps help farmers to be updated about the weather so that they can do preparations according to the weather.

6. Posting Product Ads

As we discussed above, these apps allow farmers and product retailers to post their product ads for sale so they can earn more without paying extra charges to third-party sellers. 

7. Creating Planned Calendar

These apps offer you to schedule your farming for upcoming months and seasons so that when the time comes you will not be late to perform the next task on your farm.

Key Takeaways

Mobile apps for agriculture became a solution for most of the agricultural challenges. Moreover, these apps are available on every smartphone.

  • These apps are friendly for farmers to use.
  • The benefits these apps provide to farmers.
  • Agricultural industries simulate their work process using these apps.
  • A single app for every kind of agricultural need.
  • Development of these apps on the basis of consulted problems from the agricultural community.
  • A variety of benefits are provided through these apps.


The use of mobile apps for agriculture has great potential in the future. With the daily increase in the need for food and agricultural products, agriculture has no other option but to adapt this modern technology to increase productivity throughout the world.

Mobile apps have become great helping partners for farmers to learn something new about farming and apply those to increase their profit. These apps also connected the farmers directly with the consumer and gave them a platform to directly sell their products. These apps are developed by considering the needs and problems faced by the farmers and agricultural community.

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