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Appsierra’s Quality Assurance and Software Testing Services


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Software defects harm profitability. Even a very small number of defective code have a catastrophic effect on a business, its customers, and partners. Also, QA and software testing could split live programs and user adoption of new technologies. Leaders need to rely on proven testing processes and technologies to increase efficiency and precision while reducing risk, costs, and cycle times. To achieve the highest quality assurance levels, Appsierra brings together the strongest testing expertise, procedures, technologies, and people for delivering testing solutions you can trust to achieve the highest quality assurance levels.

Appsierra started by hiring top software engineers who have a passion for testing and then provide them with specific quality assurance best practices training and a healthy environment to perform their very best. The results speak for themselves. Appsierra adopted a diplomatic approach towards quality management that won more business agility by reducing costs and business and technical risk. We work with companies to ensure that their expenses are being optimized. The aim is to integrate new approaches for dealing with the quality and business point of view.

Our Process

Application testing services

Separation of development and testing functions is the solution for ensuring high-quality software. Our application testing allows in reducing cost and incorporating outsourcing in two operations with minimal risk. Appsierra offers testing for even a single application on your entire system. Our testing services combine in-house capabilities with our specialized testing expertise for:

  1. Ensuring the predictability of application performance through you the usage of our industry-standard testing methodology.
  2. Implementing better quality and development time frames by using reusable test cases and automation expertise.
  3. Lowering costs by leveraging economy of scale and experienced low-cost resources.
  4. Providing a single point of resource capacity for testing and governance of changes.

Appsierra has an automated testing framework that could be easily coupled with our client’s organization’s architecture, addressing state-of-the-art and innovative software quality automation tools.

Our Approach

Appsierra offers extensive test solutions and frameworks for adapting to the specific needs of development teams.

Prebuilt, Quick, agile process assets: Appsierra offers vibrated Framework that couples reusable assets, including automated and manual testing. The reusable process assets help us in efficiently analyzing and implementing test cases for new and ongoing projects.

Assessment Framework for helping organizations: Appsierra’s assessment framework helps in determining the sustainability of development projects. By a view of internal and external context and integration review, we identify key areas of opportunity for maximizing the testing effort without duplicating any efforts on intellectual development.

Agile quality assurance for reducing product time to market: Appsierra’s testers work concurrently with development for identifying and address issues in real-time by buying agile methodology. As team members at Appsierra, testers keep an open discussion with the development team throughout the software development life cycle. The process decreases the lag time within the development, testing, bug triage, and issue mitigation, reducing the time taken for testing, thereby reducing the final product cycle for reaching the market.

Global delivery model: Appsierra offers delivery models that help clients align testing for an experienced and powerful agile project delivery. Customers also profit from our offshore, onshore, and nearshore delivery models, all of which are sure stable and high quality of service and product.

Large enough for scaling and sufficient enough for attention: customer priority is the company’s motto at Appsierra. With years of expertise and combined resources, Appsierra has the authority of scalability.

We provide fully managed end-to-end testing, support for overstressed internal testing, or free testing for outsourced development projects, we are here to contribute information to help our customers make the right decisions.

Appsierra Services

Appsierra’s approach for testing mirrors in development standardized a procedure to provide a repeatable and proven process. By establishing an existing framework that could be applied for development projects, we can save time and money.

Automated and Manual Testing

Appsierra provides both automated and manual testing. We use the preferred testing software by the client whenever possible.

Agile Project Team

Appsierra adheres to the agile methodology by including testers as a part of the development team. The approach integrates quality testing in the development procedure so that team works to produce products and features that are functional but it usable with each 2-4 week of the sprint cycle.

Timely Testing

To prevent lead time between development and Testing, test teams at Appsierra run prints with the development team. Access to features is created by integrated Testing as they become available instead of waiting for the end of a sprint to begin testing. It promotes development by allowing issues to be identified and addressed while the team’s attention is raised on specific functionality. Development test provides for continuous integration during feature development, and when a feature is developed, the entire team could move on without any for the regression.

Testing as a supplement for existing project teams

Quality assurance best practices need-blind reviews of both backend and UI development. With Appsierra, global testing teams could participate on the scrum team and understand the desired outcome of action without endangering the team’s integrity and the work’s code. Experienced test engineers could offer impartial feedback concerning code and functionality.

Functional Testing

Appsierra’s engineers are engaged in each sprint cycle by using a proprietary or repeatable procedure. This standardization guarantees that each team member generates quality code and that universal acceptance criteria are applied. Front and functionality use both automated and manual test principles. By automation, both time and efforts are increased by running regression tests for every sprint. Automation is employed as a cost-effective tool for proving repeatable functionality. It explains manual Testing in which test engineers could exploit possible risks and verify functionality even in cases of unethical data or end-user errors. Employing automated and Manual Testing is vital for bug cost delay.

Acceptance criteria and bug thresholds

Appsierra customizes approval standards for meeting the requirements and expectations of each client. Appsierra leads triage issues to identify what development issues can risk a project’s strong deployment and what problems don’t require further attention. Using statistical data, test engineers hold projects centered on the expected consequence and do not waste time or budget changing outliners that do not affect project results

Acceptance criteria
Acceptance criteria

Best Practices Provide

  1. Model of central supply
  2. Established and refined tests
  3. Customized test methods
  4. Industry-proven tools and techniques
  5. Agreement on Metrics and Quality of Operation (SLA).
  6. Client-focused communication framework
  7. Information management for speed up / down quickly

Business Value

  1. Time to market shortened
  2. Significant cost cuts due to successful avoidance of defects
  3. Reduced cost of software guarantee
  4. Improve/automate the testing process to achieve more performance
  5. Low-quality software risk reduced
  6. Incorporated device accountability
  7. Reduced prices for product service
  8. Greater cost productivity and accelerated product distribution schedules
  9. Improved brand image and sales density resulting in enhanced product quality
  10. Outward manifestations of the model tailored research expense
  11. Improve our IT systems’ efficiency, reliability, and performance
  12. Reducing errors that hinder the application’s market usage
  13. Provide output with a stable application

Appsierra helps optimize the software testing ROI, reduce manufacturing assistance, and deliver the highest customer loyalty degree with fewer errors using our centered strategy.

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