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In the present world, there is a large demand for software and applications for utilization in a wide range of fields. To meet this demand software developers need to increase the software release rate. So the software industry is relying on independent software and QA testing services for taking the responsibility to test the software for making it release ready.

The time has gone when the developer’s team used to perform each task of the Software Development Life Cycle of which software testing is a major part. In past software testing was done manually by the team. Manual testing is a very time-consuming process and requires a lot of time. As a result, slows down the development process. Software Testing Services are allowing developers to outsource the testing task, helping them to focus on building the software by saving their time and effort from the hectic task of testing. In this article, we will discuss some software testing services company in India and globally also providing QA testing services.

Best QA testing services in India

Following are the best QA testing services in India:

QA Mentor

QA Mentor provides more than 30 QA testing services for all time zones. It has 12 testing operation centres in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Romania, Ukraine, India, Tunisia and Thailand.

QA Mentor has won 83 Industry Awards, working with 300 QA certified Professionals. Currently, it has over 400 clients.


1. Functional Testing – $12 per tester hour

2. Compatibility Testing – $12 per tester hour

3. Technical Testing -$15 per tester hour

4. Automation Testing – $19 per tester hour

5. Performance Testing – $20 per tester hour

6. Security Testing – $20 per tester hour

A1QA – Software Testing Company

A1QA is another QA Company, headquartered at Lakewood, CO with other offices at London, UK, Lelystad NL, Minsk BY. It’s been in the Software Quality Assurance business for the last 17 years. It has a team of more than 800 QA engineers and testers. It has completed about 1500 projects successfully with over 500 customers from more than 20 countries. It offers Full cycle testing services, test the software on different systems and platforms. Along with that, it is flexible with the client’s time zone.

Pricing – Project Specific

1. Fixed price model for small and medium projects.

2. Time & Materials Model for projects with unclear requirements.

3. Dedicated Time Model for long term projects with unclear requirements and frequent changes.

QualiTest Group

QualiTest Group is headquartered at Bridgewater, NJ, USA with other offices in the USA at Greensboro NC, San Diego CA, Bay Area CA, Kennesaw GA and in Mexico City Mexico.

They provide managed testing services as per customer need and ask for payment only after results. They also offer consultancy and managed crowd testing services.

QualiTest Technologies 

1. Service-Oriented Architecture to reduce complexity and risk. 

2. They replicate the real-world usage of the software on the cloud.

3. The client’s HR is empowered with the tools to help their organisation.

4. It automates the software by App and Web testing.

Impact QA

Impact QA is a software testing company, located at Newyork, Dallas, New Delhi, Munich, Chennai. It is serving testing facilities for the last 10 years.

It has completed over 900 projects yet. Impact QA possesses the team of more than 250 QA engineers and has served more than 800 clients from all around the world.

Quality Assurance Services 

  1. Functional testing
  2. Automation testing
  3. Performance testing
  4. Security testing
  5. Mobile app testing
  6. Compatibility testing
  7. Accessibility testing
  8. ERP testing
  9. Localisation testing
  10. SDLC testing
  11. ImpactQA Test Advisory

Quality Engineering Services

  1. API testing
  2. DevOps testing
  3. Usability testing

Quality Consulting Services

  1. Dedicated QA team
  2. Medical device testing
  3. ALM Implementation
  4. Outsourced Enterprise QA

Next-Gen Testing Services

  1. IoT testing
  2. AI/ML testing
  3. Blockchain testing

Global App Testing

Global App Testing was founded in 2013 and its offices are located in London UK, Cluj – Napoca Romania, Kraków Poland.The testing can be done by 40,000 vetted professional using real devices in the real environment from 105 countries. This software testing company uses intelligent crowdtesting along with automation tools for the fast delivery of the quality software Detailed bugs report is provided for analysis and resolving issues. The testing can be initiated via API for easy integration with the tech stack.


The pricing is disclosed based on services rendered.

1. Base for full end to end functional testing.

2. Localised for companies whose products are used in multiple countries.

3. Enterprise for companies that require customisation and scale.


TESTRIQ QA LAB is one of the software testing services in India. It is providing its services for the last 8 years. It has 2 offices in Mumbai. They have a team of more than 65 experts across a range of specialisations with 35 certified Quality Assurance professionals and 10 certified Microsoft Professionals. Till now about 230 apps have been successfully launched by them.

Testing Features:

1. Usage of quality tools.

2. Provide detailed analysis for enhancing the software performance

3. They assure to discover all the bugs that might be encountered while using the software.

4. Test lab with over 100 devices of all latest Android and iOS mobile devices and tablets and OS from the last 10 years to latest.

Indium Software

Indium has been in the testing marketing for more than 20 years and has served more than 350 clients. 

Indium possesses deep expertise in Digital and QA services. They claim Specialization in :

1. AI, Advanced Analytics and Text Analytics CoE

2. Big Data, Data Engineering, Stream Processing and Data Virtualisation.

3. Low code development across platforms

Testing Services

1. Functional testing

2. Regression testing

3. Compliance testing

4. Game testing

Tool based Testing Services

1. Test Automation

2. Performance testing

3. Security testing

4. Compatibility testing

Digital QA

1. Big Data testing

2. Data Assurance

3. AI and IoT testing

Indium has its Smart Testing platform called ‘ uphoriX ‘.


1. Automatically generates code in multiple languages like java, c#.

2. Scripts are automatically modified to work with the changes done in the application.

3. Provides cross-browser and automated testing.

Outsourcing the software testing task to the QA testing services is the best solution for standing strong in the Software Industry as not only it saves time and effort but also reduces the cost of testing.

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