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With a speed faster than light, technology is constantly updating. But software technology trends, which are popular now, may not be popular in the future. This is because with constant research and development, the technology becomes obsolete and new technologies come into existence. Computer scientists and engineers are constantly trying to improve the latest technologies.

New programming languages, new software updates, technologies, and other plugin codes release almost every hour. So, the software developers should know the latest technology concepts to stand at an advantage from their adversaries. In this article, we will discuss what’s new in software technology, software definition, software for graphic design, and software as a service. 

Software for Graphic Design and Software as a Service

1. Artificial Intelligence

With the aid of artificial intelligence, computer systems are integrated with the ability to make decisions and solve problems like humans. This helps the computer systems to mimic human and emotional intelligence to perform complex tasks like weather forecasting, speech recognition, pattern recognition, medical diagnosis, etc.  Various fields run with the aid of AI codes. It is used in voice assistants like  Siri, video streaming services like Netflix, apps like Uber, IoT devices, and in various search engines like Google. According to research, AI will help to create more than 70 million job opportunities for the unemployed by 2030. Unfortunately, this technological invention can wipe out approximately 23 million jobs. Software developers in the AI industry tend to earn more than other developers. Various jobs in the AI industry are data analyst, computer vision engineer, data scientist, business intelligence developer, and machine learning engineer.

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2. Data Science

One of the latest technological trends in 2020 is data science. Companies create huge data every day. This data can include sales data, business information, server data, customer profile details, and other financial figures. This data is unorganized and unstructured. Here comes the role of the data scientist. They transform this unstructured data into structured data sets. These structured data sets are easy to assess and hence help to identify the latest patterns and trends. The trends assist to engage the leads and sales of the company by understanding the performance and the areas of improvement. A data scientist can earn an average salary of $117,345 per year. You should have a strong base in computer science, programming, statistics, and mathematics to get a job in this field. The subject of data science can help you to become a data analyst, data engineer, data scientist, business analyst, business intelligence manager, and data architect.

3. Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) helps to connect various devices which can share data and interact with each other. The devices, with the aid of a computer chip, can be connected through Wi-Fi and share data about their environment. Research shows that approximately 41 billion devices will integrate the IoT facility until 2025. 


Apart from connecting various devices, IoT helps in remote access. For example, you can lock the car door of your car, preheat your oven, use apps like Fitbit to lose calories, etc. Having an understanding of this field can help you to become an IoT product manager, IoT, research developer, IoT software developer, IoT solution architect, and system design, engineer.

4. Blockchain

Blockchain is an electronic ledger that serves as a foundation of electronic currencies like Cryptocurrencies. With the aid of blockchain, we can create a transactional record that cannot be altered in the future. Whenever a transaction is added in the Ledger, it gets stored in a block in the chain of other transactions. The name Blockchain has been invented from this process. 

New in Software Technology Trends

Once new data is stored in the block, it cannot be altered or erased. Hence, this augments the credibility and security of the technology. This helps the companies to reduce their costs as they do not need to pay to the centralized entities. Transactions become easy to be traced due to Blockchain. Knowing this technological trend can help you to become a blockchain quality engineer, Blockchain developer, Blockchain Quality Engineer, Blockchain legal consultant or attorney, etc.

1. Robotic Process Automation

RPA is a technology that is similar to artificial intelligence and helps to automate daily activities. The software helps in automating repetitive tasks like processing various transactions, handling business databases, and replying to emails. The technology can help in automating the activities of the high-ranking officials as well as the lower-level employees. A report shows that approximately 60% of the repetitive tasks can be automated, partially using the Robotic Process Automation. Moreover, RPA can automate more than 40% of the day-to-day functions. The importance of this technology will, unfortunately, take a toll on various job opportunities. At the same time, various job opportunities will be created due to this technological trend. You can become an RPA consultant, RPA  business analyst, RPA  developer, RPA  Project manager, or RPA solution architect in this field.

2. Virtual Reality

Virtual reality helps to create a realistic environment using computer technology. It is very popular in the computer gaming field. Instead of just watching the screen of the gaming environment, you are directly placed in the environment. Virtual reality helps to simulate various senses like smell, vision, touch, and hearing. Using VR equipment like headsets, you can play the game and move around in the 3D World. Augmented reality (AR) is another technology that helps to improve the virtual environment. Besides entertainment, VR technology is also used by the Coast Guard and US Navy for training the staff through the use of a VR game, called Virtual Ship. Doctors also use AR and VR during surgery. Also, the visitors to an amusement park or museum use these technologies to improve their experience. Research shows that the industry can even touch the 40 billion dollar mark by 2021. Various job positions in the VR field relate to software engineers, content producers, AR and VR content writers,  Quality assurance, product management, UI, and UX design.

Align With Technological Innovations

By enhancing your skills and learning the new technological concepts, you can prepare to get the highest-paying jobs. With a plethora of tools out there in the market, you can enhance your value as a professional in your organization by knowing them.

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