The Secret Weapon We Seldom Use In Software Testing Planning


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Testing needs very close attention to detail and if you don't apply a methodical approach it is hard to complete. It is the main reason why software testing is broken into different stages. 

Do we all know what the secret weapon we seldom use while testing is? One of the key skills of testers is their individual perspective towards the problem at hand. But if you look up perspective in the dictionary, you will find there are various definitions of it. 

Still, these two are the ones believed by people majorly:

  1. The relationship between the topic and its parts
  2. The possibility of seeing things in their actual or relative relationships.

And mentally, true relationships and relative importance are the most important parts.

Mind, Relation, and Importance: The main points of perspective

Below are the main points of perspective:

Viewing through the mind

Learning to complement everything through your eyes will keep you independent of things reflected on the screen of your mind. It will be a reflection of reality, but only as long as you keep thinking about it. It will be determined by all the other things you are doing at the time. 

Try taking a new look with fresh eyes and a clear mind and you will be able to say more things and be closer to the cold reality where they are taking place.

Make Relations 

Your mind is exceptional for coming up with links between things that machines won't be able to see with their naked eyes. It is also known as a presentiment or gut feeling. The main problem here is that your mind is capable of creating both links and relationships that are real and some that don't exist. 

So people should find a way to evaluate these links and understand which one of them is true and which one of them is the noise generated by the process and should be discarded.

Knowing the importance

By following up on the previous point where people have many things in front they should try finding a way for sorting them out. So that they could decide where they can start and what to do next. 

Sometimes deciding what to focus on and what to drop is the most difficult task as people should learn not to judge problems based on how loud the person is shouting. It is very essential to take care of urgent things but sometimes it is more urgent to take care of essential things.

Perspective and testing

When people are personally and deeply invested in something, it is next to impossible for them to have a clear perspective. People cannot live their true relationships or relative importance. It is one of the reasons why people think developers shouldn't test their code. It is not the main reason, but yes, it is one of them. Developers can test when they are not being prima donnas or lazy about it, but no one should be the only person testing their code because this person will lack perspective.

Considering that a tester who has been using the secret weapon we seldom use while testing the same feature for a very long time should switch tasks with one of their peers to gain some perspective on the testing efforts applied to this feature. But when you don't have the advantage of having other testers on the team, then at least you can take some time from the future by concentrating on various stars to distance yourself from them and approach the testing from a different angle.

This advice is valid regarding all other tasks in your work. Obtaining feedback to improve your work is a no-brainer, and when you don't have people who can provide you with feedback, then you can at least distance yourself from the task and come back to it once you have gained a little perspective.

Stages in the software testing life cycle

The software testing life cycle could be understood as a series of well-defined activities performed by software testers to ensure the quality of software. Each step in this life cycle should be carried out in a systematic way and sequence.

Besides, every single of these types of software testing has different goals and deliverables at the end of its phase. All the various companies are setting their testing life cycles. The basic structure of this testing procedure will remain the same. In simple terms, we can understand that types of software testing formalize how the software testing process will be carried out.


You should work so that you can see your software testing planning in their true colors and proportions, and you should be able to differentiate between urgent and important. Try to keep the secret weapon we seldom use while testing true and find relevant issues. And most importantly, you should achieve the correct balance between your work and the rest of your life.

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