The Best Tools You Can Use For Data Visualization In 2022


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What is Data Visualization?

The graphical representation of data for visualization and information is data visualization. Data visualization tools offer an interesting way of seeing and interpreting trends, outliers, and patterns in data by using visual elements such as charts, graphs, and maps. To visualize large quantities of information and make data-driven decisions, data visualization tools, and data visualization techniques are important in the world of Big Data.

It is quite critical to understand the knowledge in this era of data to gain any useful information. And a very necessary part of understanding the secret patterns and structures in the data is data visualization! What seems to you more fascinating – a neat or concise bar chart or just a simple spreadsheet with the same data? It’s the bar graph since humans are visual beings and data visualization examples charts such as bar charts, scatter plots, line graphs, geographical maps, etc. are extremely relevant. They just inform you details by looking at them, when you would usually need to read spreadsheets or text reports to understand the information.

Data Visualization tools are so common that analysts and statisticians can easily construct visual input models as per their requirements by having an interface, system files, and machine learning tools comfortably in one place. The most popular Data Visualization tools that are widely used these days are seen in this article.

Top 7 data visualization tools

Here are the data visualization tools that are being widely used in 2022:

Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics is a program for data processing and data visualization that will help you construct wonderful visualizations of analysis based on your knowledge in a few minutes. To build highly complex data visualizations that allow you to display your business data through divisions, you can acquire data from multiple sources and combine them. Zoho Analytics enables users to share or post with your peers the reports and, if needed, add feedback or participate in discussions. Zoho Analytics files can be published in any format, such as spreadsheets, MS Word, Excel, PPT, PDF, etc.


data visualization

Tableau is a data analysis application that can be used to analyze the data and get a strong opinion based on statistical analytics by data scientists, analysts, statisticians, etc. Tableau is very popular because it can draw in data in a very limited time and deliver the necessary data visualization output. And, by offering the highest level of protection with a promise to deal with security threats as soon as they occur or are identified by users, it can do this.

To gain meaningful data that can be distributed with other users, Tableau also helps its users to plan, clean, and format their data and then create data visualizations. For business teams and organizations, Tableau is accessible for individual data analysts or on a scale.


Looker is a visualization application for Looker data that can go in-depth and analyze the data to gain valuable insights. For more in-depth research, it offers real-time databases of the data so that organizations can make immediate decisions based on the data visualizations collected. Looker also offers connectivity to Redshift, Snowflake, Big Query, as well as more than 50 dialects supported by SQL, so that you can easily connect to various websites.

It is possible to share Looker data visualizations with others using some unique method. Also, you can automatically export these files in any format. It also offers customer service where every query can be posed and it must be resolved. It is possible to receive a price quote by uploading a form.


Domo is a business analytics model that provides several resources for data visualization that includes a centralized framework where you can analyze data and then create interactive visualizations of data that allow others to easily explain the findings of your data.

Within the Domo dashboard, one can merge cards, text, and photos so that you can direct other people through the data while sharing a summary of information as they go. One can also use their pre-built reports to gain fast insights from the data in case of any doubt. Domo has a free trial option, so before you completely contribute to it, you can use it to get a sense of this platform.

Microsoft Power Bi

data visualization

Microsoft Power BI is a tool for data visualization focused on building a community of business intelligence powered by data in all businesses today. To achieve this, it provides self-service analytics tools that can be used in a practical way to evaluate, evaluate, and share data. Microsoft Power BI, along with built-in Artificial Intelligence technologies and Excel implementation facilities, provides its clients with dozens of data visualizations. It also supports users with numerous support networks, such as FAQs, forums, and staff support for live chat.

SAP Analytics Cloud

To forecast business performance, the SAP Analytics Cloud uses business intelligence and data analytics technologies to help you analyze the data and generate visualizations. It also provides you with the new modeling tools that support you by notifying you of potential data errors and categorizing various measures and measurements of data. The SAP Analytics Cloud also suggests intelligent data transitions that lead to improved visualizations. SAP Analytics Cloud provides users with full customer satisfaction by managing your requests using communicative machine learning and language processing technology if you have any reservations or business concerns related to data visualization.

Qlik Sense

Qlik Sense is a framework for data visualization that enables businesses to become more data-driven businesses by offering an associative data analytics engine, an advanced Artificial Intelligence system, and a flexible multi-cloud framework that enables you to implement any SaaS, on-premises, or private cloud mix. On Qlik Sense, no matter the size, you can easily integrate, install, visualize, and discover your data. All data maps, graphs, and other visualizations are responsive and modify themselves automatically according to the specific context of the data.

Data visualization tools: Bottom line

The primary driver underlying artificial intelligence and the wave of technological change spreading through all industries is Big Data and the ever-increasing access we have to more knowledge. But now all the data in the world seems meaningless-in fact, if you do not understand it, it can become a disadvantage. Data visualization is all about how to convey the knowledge at the right time, to the right people, to encourage them to obtain insights more efficiently.

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