Top 8 New Features of Microsoft Team in 2022


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The enterprise world is constantly buzzing about which hot new collaboration outlet is the best. There indeed are quite a lot of options to select from. However, one particularly beneficial solution stands out: Microsoft Teams. And it’s incorporated free with Microsoft365 and Office 365. In today’s blog, we will learn about the features of the Microsoft team, the benefits of Microsoft teams, cool things to do with Microsoft Teams, the teams feature list, and Microsoft teams hack. Let’s dive into everything you require to learn about this considerable collaboration solution for companies, freelancers, and barely about everyone else who operates in an experienced team setting. Now let’s look at the features of Microsoft team below.

Features of Microsoft Team

Microsoft Teams is a chronic chat-based collaboration outlet finished with document sharing, online meetings, and several more incredibly useful characteristics for business communications. Maintaining an excellent team space is crucial to being able to create efficient decisions and communicate with one another. Shared workspace software creates this much simpler to achieve, particularly if a specific team is established in a very huge company that has various remote employees, or is made up of a considerable number of team members.

The features of Microsoft Teams propel it stand out from different collaboration software:

Teams and channels

Teams are formulated up of channels, which are conversation panels between teammates.

Conversations within channels and teams

Whole team members can see and add to different discussions in the General channel and can utilize an @ function to invite further members to various conversations, not unlike Slack.

A chat function

The essential chat function is generally found within maximum collaboration apps and can take place between groups, teams, and individuals.

Document storage in SharePoint

All teams who utilize Microsoft Teams will have a site in SharePoint Online, which will include a default document library folder. Every file shared across all discussions will automatically save to this folder. Permissions and security alternatives can further be customized for sensitive data.

Online video calling and screen sharing

Enjoy seamless and quick video calls to employees within your industry or clients outside your industry. An adequate video call feature is incredible to have on a collaboration outlet. One can also relish simple and rapid desktop sharing for technical service and multi-user real-time collaboration.

Online meetings

This feature can enable improve your communications, company-wide meetings, and steady training with an online meeting purpose that can host up to 10,000 users. Online meetings can incorporate anyone outside or inside a company. This feature also encompasses a note-taking app, a scheduling aid, file uploading, and in-meeting chat messaging.

Audio conferencing

This is a characteristic you won’t discover in multiple collaboration platforms. With audio conferencing, anyone can enter an online meeting via smartphone. With a dial-in number that extends hundreds of cities, certainly, users that are on the whirl can partake with no internet required. You should remark this needs additional licensing.

Full telephony

The days of striving VoIP vendors and overspending on a phone policy are ultimately over. Microsoft 365 Business Voice can entirely replace your company’s existing phone system. This also mandates additional licensing. To put it clearly, Microsoft Teams is identical in concept to the prominent collaboration software Slack with a lot more whistles and bells. Moreover, Microsoft Teams is composed of Microsoft365 and Office365 for free. 

Why Should Your Business Utilize Microsoft Teams?

When it comes down to it, industries should utilize Microsoft Teams because it is incredibly user-friendly and can stimulate a work environment between distant users or within a huge business. Projects, creations, and additional business components can benefit from Microsoft Teams. For companies already utilizing Skype for Business, the Microsoft Teams client will take the place of the Skype client, but all extra existing functionality will remain the same. 

Utilizing Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is extremely precise and user-friendly. There is small to no set up compelled. However, some thought should be laid into how a company wants to use the platform before swiveling it out across the corporation. There are two major choices to speculate:

1. The Organic Strategy 

A company can select to immediately execute Microsoft Teams in a “completely free for all” fashion where everyone in the firm can do whatever they wish with the strategy, and the adoption and method of the Microsoft Teams platform can prosper organically.

2. The Controlled Strategy

This further managed approach comprises requiring Microsoft Teams’ use for specific characteristics of the company. It also encompasses tightly controlling who can utilize it and who can perform certain things within it, deriving in a phased rollout plan across the firm.

You can select to do something referring to both of these strategies or something somewhere in between. What is good for a specific business relies on its culture and use cases. Teams can be governed and configured immediately from the team’s admin center. From the user perspective, teams are very instinctive and the learning curve is relatively small compared to more difficult collaboration tools.

Custom training can be delivered if required for team members, but there are further outstanding online user training materials accessible from Microsoft. These materials are illustrated as a series of very short videos on how to perform different things and implement various functions within Microsoft Teams. Because of how simple and easy it is to share reports within Microsoft Teams to many or all members, bespoke training materials and company guidelines can be given rise to available within the platform for modern users or employees to the key.

Teams are a strong and incredibly useful collaboration environment that will just receive more popularity. Microsoft Teams is encompassed in Office 365 for free, so any Office user can recognize all the advantages of this collaboration solution. In overview, it brings clarity to teamwork by collaborating, communicating, sharing, and performing it all under one platform.

This is an amazing cache of features of Microsoft Team, and it doesn’t arrive close to encircling just how valuable and useful this will be for your teams at work. When it goes down to it, Microsoft Teams is an enormous bonus for workplaces already operating with Office 365. It supports all your collaborative necessities with ease. If you’d like to talk about your Microsoft Teams requirement then get in touch with us.

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