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Top Selenium Python Frameworks For Python Testing


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Python is one of the fastest-growing programming languages, as per the developer survey by StackOverflow. If we look at overall ranking, python ranks on the world’s third most loveable languages. One of the various reasons for the popularity of python is the widespread support of test automation frameworks. The majority of the available and popular python frameworks are compatible with the selenium python frameworks used for automation browser testing and cross-browser testing. With the increasing number of selenium python frameworks, it becomes essential for us to determine the ideal selenium test automation framework that suits our requirements. Apart from the unit test, the default python testing Framework, many remarkable selenium with python frameworks are available in the market.

Top Selenium Python Frameworks

Here are some of the top python testing frameworks for us to realize our selenium test automation needs:

1. PyTest

PyTest is one of the open-source selenium with python frameworks that is essentially used for unit testing. This appropriate python testing Framework in 2020 is scalable as it is very beneficial in writing simple automation tests and complex functional tests for applications and libraries. It is an effortless procedure to get started with PyTest. It is compatible with Python 3.5 plus and PyPy3. Test suites written using PyTest are very compact as a lot of boilerplate code is not needed, and there is no obligation to include inquiries into comprehensive test classes. Unlike the default python testing Framework 2020, which makes it compulsory to start with test_ or and with _test, there is no fixed test nomenclature by PiTest. The main reason behind this is because it has many built-in features that anchorage auto-discovery of test modules and functions.

2. Behave

Behave is a very widely used python selenium webdriver used for business-driven development testing. Behave practices the Gherkin language for the development of situations and feature files. As Gherkin uses the thoroughly readable vocabulary for test case development, a test could also be designed for a non-technical person else in the team to facilitate business-driven development. The use of the BDD framework permits data communication among the team members as there will be an improved collaboration between designers, managers, quality analysts, business development managers, and more. It is comparatively easy to get it started with a behavior-driven python testing Framework like behave if we have working experience with other BDD frameworks such as spec flow, cucumber, cucumber JVM, etc.

3. Robot

The robot is also a very widely used python testing framework for selenium test automation, robotic process automation, and acceptance test-driven development. It is an open-source and extensible python testing Framework that could be very quickly combined with any other tool. It is an ideal tool for performing flexible automation testing solutions.

The python testing Framework is an operating system and application-independent that indicates the corresponding implementation is harmonious on different platforms, namely Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. The syntax of the robot framework is very straightforward in understanding as it uses human-readable words. The capacities of robot Framework could be restored in libraries that are executed in selenium with python. It has a vibrant ecosystem consisting of libraries and tools developed as separate projects.

4. PyUnit or unittest

PyUnit, also called unittest, is the default python selenium Webdriver that comes as a part of the python standard library. The python testing Framework is encouraged by the JUnit framework. It is a part of the unit test module that has been directed; this is the python version 2.1 was released. The unittest python testing framework is available for many developers growing with selenium test automation in the unit test framework. Test classes usually follow a particular classification where tests either start with test_ or end with _ trial. A test case is the base class that includes the declaration methods, setup, and here don’t proteins. The number of test cases could be grouped for forming a test suite class and developing customized test runners.

5. Lettuce

Letters is a selenium python framework that anchorages BDD testing. It pulls its influence from the cucumber that was initially designed for Rubi. The release names of letters were invigorated by green stuff. The latest version of lettuce is 0.2.23 and is termed as kryptonite. This particular python selenium example testing framework is open source and hosted on GitHub. Lettuce was developed for making testing easy and entertaining, as they have mentioned on their website.


6. Nose2

Nose to is also a selenium python framework and a replacement of the nose framework. It is based on the unittest, so it is also referred to as a continuation to unit test. Nose2 combines comfort to the per-unit Framework by contributing plugins for text execution, enabling automatic discovery of test cases, and assembling documentation. All these added functionalities make the testing process PyUnit simple and easy. The plugin ecosystem of Nose2 gives support for decorators, fixers, parameterized testing modules, classes, and test Discovery. The nose2 is also a domain-specific language used for writing tests with expensive nested characteristics called functional tests.

7. Testify

Testify is another very successful python testing Framework, which is considered a replacement of the unittest and nose framework. As this python selenium example framework was created after the unittest, tests are written for the unittest only require minimal modifications to testify. Testify could also be used for implementing automated unit, integration, and system testing. The latest version of Testify is 0.11.0. it also has an extensible plugin system that contributes useful functionality around publishing. Like the nose Framework testified, improved test results and the class level setup and tear down installation methods were executed for the whole test system set.

In this article, we looked upon some of the most popular selenium python frameworks that could be used with selenium. Each of these frameworks has a piece of advantages and disadvantages. If we intend to introduce non-technical members in the test process, we should try BDD tools such as behave or lettuce. Choosing the right selenium python frameworks essentially depends upon the project requirements and the team’s competency.

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