Best 5 UI/UX Design Service Providers In The World


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For a few years now, the user interface has been at the forefront, with many businesses hiring full-time UX designers or collaborating with various design firms like App Sierra Solutions providing UI/UX design services. In 2020, every digital product, such as a mobile app, web design services, logo design services, SaaS, and even B2B and enterprise apps, must have an intuitive user interface (UI). If your product’s success depends on providing a great user interface and UI design, and you can’t develop your product team quickly, partnering with an agency or finding a contractor offering UI/UX design services is the only choice.

Many top UX companies, on the other hand, who do great work fly under the radar and only get new projects by word of mouth. We made a list of the leading experience design companies from major tech hubs in the United States SF, NYC, LA, etc and Europe that specialize in digital products and have collaborated with early-stage start-ups as well as Fortune 100 companies, recognizing that finding the right organization can be a massive pain.

UI/UX design service providers

They only work with early-stage enterprises, from strategy and brand identity to UI/UX design services and marketing, to identify and implement the full brand experience. To accelerate development and scale through the power of branding and digital marketing, Red Antler agreed to work exclusively with startups. They are behind some of the most popular direct-to-consumer startups, such as Casper and Allbirds, the UX UI design agency.

Top Design Firms offering UI/UX design services-November 2020 Rankings:

App Sierra Solutions

Our UI/UX team develops user interfaces that improve conversion, minimize maintenance costs and create a consistent user experience for mobile apps and web products. 

Your company is of the highest priority for us. Before addressing them, it is through thorough comprehension that we design products that understand issues. To us, your clients are just as important as they are to you. For years now by creating goods that are customer-centric and easy-to-use, we have transformed the digital industry. To build integrative and compatible SaaS products, online platforms, and enterprise apps, we have been working hard on challenging UI/UX projects.

Our pre-built design framework at AppSierra is a robust offering that includes everything you need to guarantee consistent performance. Our system serves as a strong base that can easily be tailored to guarantee each of our customers a specific design system without ever having to start from scratch.


Clay is a full-service UI/UX design services website, branding, and production agency. The bulk of their obligations are private. They mostly work with unicorns from Silicon Valley and Fortune 100 companies. They have everything from UI/UX design services for mobile applications and product positioning, to marketing websites and business software, as a full-service digital design agency.

To work directly with the creators to bring their vision to life, they also collaborate with hand-picked Bay Area and international start-ups. Clay is one of the few UX design companies that can take a project to a finished product and beyond an initial concept.


IDEO is a multinational architecture consultancy specializing in digital products, services, and UX design, with offices in the US, Europe, and Asia. Founded in 1991, they are one of the industry’s most prominent design firms for product and user experience.

They are the organization that pioneered the methodology to design thinking, which they have been practicing with the consumer in mind for decades to create websites, mobile apps, business applications, and multiplatform digital experiences. This technique of human-centered UX design made them world-famous in the world of design and helped extend their service to consulting for organizational design and management.

Red Antler

Red Antler, based in Brooklyn, NY, is one of the best UX design and branding firms for startups and new projects.

Bakken & Baeck

Bakken & Baeck, with offices in Oslo, Bonn, and Amsterdam, is a digital strategy and UI design studio established in 2011. They create mobile applications and websites from the ground up and at full speed by establishing close relationships with their customers. They are specialists in web design, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, in addition to digital product design and development.

Apart from company ventures, they host An Fun Day and a hackathon called Dumb Hackathon, a one-day design event. They also released their products, such as the Daylight app and Wake, a design collaboration tool that Vision recently obtained.

What is the distinction between designing UIs and designing UXs?

Right off the bat, let’s explain something. User experience (UX) and user interface (UI) are not the same things in the lexicon of architecture. Using the words interchangeably these days has become something of a pattern. But this is understandable; UX and UI have quite a bit of overlap. But it is not just a minor oversight to erase what separates them; it is an error that can cost time and money. 

What are a standard UX/UI design agency’s services?

In both the services they provide and how they offer them, all UX/UI design agencies are distinct. There is, for instance, a big gap between small-scale UX/UI design boutique firms and large multinational agencies. Nevertheless, there are some simple services that most businesses large and small provide.

Complete design of user interface from start to finish is a service provided by all UX/UI design agencies; otherwise, in the first place, they would not be a UX/UI design agency! This is not a quick and easy service, but rather a lengthy, multi-step method. UX architecture typically starts with research into UX. The process of researching the target audience and market in which the application or organization would operate is UX analysis.

In order to move further, UX/UI design agencies will produce a report after doing the analysis. From there, once the user experience design is complete, UX/UI design agencies can begin the real development process. Another linked and nearly universal service these organizations provide is UI design. The visual and technological aspect of the design is User Interface Design. This service is what forms the website or application’s text, the colors, and the actual usability. In specialized facilities that are relatively unique, some businesses often specialize. Clay, for instance, provides and specializes in business and B2B UX and UI design, a service not provided by all design firms or agencies.

Thus, it should be clear at this stage, although most organizations provide essentially similar UI/UX design services online, more specialized and unique services can vary between agencies. It’s always nice to know exactly what the design firm in question is offering in this situation.

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