5G Phones & Network

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The main motto of bringing 5G to life is to leverage the power of technology to bring out the best user experiences while using cellular networks. Either it is via 5G phones, or other compatible devices, the future of virtual connectivity through cellular standards will be on a potential rise by the end of 2025. 

5G Phones & Network

The inventing hand behind this renowned wireless standard does not involve a single brand name but several other organizations are responsible and contributing towards various aspects of this network. Although the major participant and the lead role has been played by Qualcomm in making this project a success. 

Basic Definition

Starting with the very minimal approach of understanding any technical or non-technical concept, let us first proceed with the question as “What is 5G”. 5G is the 5th generation wireless standard that comes after the 4G networking era. It offers wider bandwidth, faster data speeds, low latency, bigger capacity and is more reliable than the older cellular network versions. 

5G Features

Below are some features of 5G:

  1. Improved network connections.
  2. Seamless reach to goals like cloud networking,  advanced mobile cloud gaming environments, e-healthcare and traffic systems, connected vehicles, and a lot more.
  3. A high reduction in delay rates enables the users to connect faster and manage communications more efficiently. 
  4. Augmented reality and upskilled gaming consoles.
  5. Enables organizations or individuals to build more sustainable and safe projects for society. For example, connected sensors to pre-detect or warn the users of any forecasted disaster, drones to accelerate the required functioning in case of emergency scenarios in any specific installed areas. 
  6. 5G networks presence has made it possible for connecting to vehicles and robots/devices remotely which makes the lives more easy and manageable for people. 
  7. Increased and efficient use of IoT in the agricultural domain.
  8. Enabled high-tech and engaging education platforms not only in urban but rural areas as well. 
  9. Stable and more reliable connectivity in overcrowded places.

How far the 5G network is spread?

The 5G coverage map area is variably dependent on which carrier you are looking out for. However, in India, the 5G network has not been in running mode full-fledged and is still in its testing phase. However, as the wireless network plans are in a functioning mode in the country and thus you can always navigate to Ookla to verify if your area supports the planned connectivity and network or not. It is thus very important before making any purchase for a 5G device to first look for the network supporting areas around and the appropriate carriers. 

Top Rated 5G Phones in India

With the growing trends of this top-notch networking standard, more and more telecommunication operators are now trying to provide more and better coverage areas for better data speeds and lower latency rates. One doesn’t have to go to the bottom lines of their bank accounts to get a 5G smartphone. Many brands have period launched in-budget 5G phones that would enable you to access superfast data speeds and extra bandwidths. 

Some of the best are listed as below:

  1. Samsung Galaxy S21: Current price on Amazon 59,999/-
  2. One Plus 9 Pro: Current Price on Amazon 65,999/-
  3. TCL 10 5G: Currently not available
  4. Apple iPhone 12: Current price approx 68K
  5. Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G: Current price on Amazon 36,990/-
  6. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G: Current price on Amazon 69,999/-
  7. Motorola One 5G: Current price on Amazon 14,990/-
  8. Sony Xperia 1 II: Currently not available
  9. Xiaomi MI Mix 3 5G: Current price 34,800/-. Not available on Amazon currently.
  10. Samsung Galaxy A90 5G: Current price 53,390/-. Not available on Amazon currently.

Beneficial 5G Residential Plans

The best and one of the powerful features of having a 5G network onboard is that instead of having traditional broadband or fixed-line connections like NBN (National Broadband Network) in our homes, we can now have access to faster data speeds and more efficient over the web experiences while sitting at our cozy places. This enables the workforce to have seamless work from home experiences. 

The actual stated speed for 5G home internet goes up to 1Gbps but in reality, it depends upon various factors such as coverage area, distance, and any possible obstacles between the router and the nearest 5G tower, etc. 

Drawbacks of Having a 5G Network

Every coin has two faces to it and so does this emerging wireless standard. Regardless of the several advantages that a 5G network provides to its users, it comes with a handful of disadvantages as well. Let us quickly have a look at some of the critical ones as listed below.

  1. As it is quite clear by now that the 5G network is only compatible with 5G devices, thus the percentage of the population possessing 4G or lower network standard devices has to go for hardware upgradations mandatorily which is ultimately going to make such devices obsolete over time. 
  2. As per the current scenario of an incomplete infrastructure, the delays in 5G implementation will be of larger heights. The primary cause for this delay in proper functioning and establishment of the network is the need for a good investment amount by the country’s government to incorporate higher bandwidths and coverage.
  3. In comparison to the traditional networking systems such as National Broadband Network (NBN), the congestion issues are higher with the 5G network. 
  4. Data security issues due to  MM waves involved in data transmissions. 


Irrespective of the advantages and disadvantages for this growing cellular connectivity network, over a short span of time in the future, this network is going to be a reliable source of everyone’s lives like the earlier plans (1G/2G/3G/4G). However, till the time the entire implementation becomes functional, you can always go for a system upgrade and opt for the available range of 5G phones or install the 5G home internet to access the advanced features that it serves you with. 

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