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A Complete Guide To Web Application Development in dotNET

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dotnet web application development

For years, .NET has been leading among other programming languages like Java and C++. .NET provides an array of well-engineered tools, technologies, libraries and security every developer wishes. It enables them to build web applications, desktop applications and mobile applications. 

Among these, web application development in dotNET allowed programmers to create dynamic websites. As a result, .NET provided the best framework for designing and developing websites and web applications.

Since .NET is a reliable, highly scalable and cross-platform software development framework, it is used widely by developers for developing business applications, gaming applications, machine learning, etc. It is a free, open-source platform where you can build applications using C#, F# or Visual Basic.

With the growing technology and high competition in website application creation, developers are looking for cutting-edge technologies for Web application development. So what is web application development?

Web application development is the development of an application that runs on a web server and reaches the user's device through the Internet.

To the question- Is .NET used for web development? Yes, it is used for web application development. Moreover, most .NET developers use ASP.NET Core for web application development in dotNET.

ASP.NET Core is the best .NET framework for web development. It uses simple and faster scripting languages like JavaScript to build robust website applications.

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What are the Benefits of Web Application Development ?

  1. Open Source: Web application development in dotNET is free and open source. It is more affordable than most proprietary software platforms that cost license fees. Open source allows developers to use countless tools and libraries to create dynamic and robust applications.
  2. Support in Multiple Platforms: dotNet web application architecture (ASP.NET Core) ensures cross-platform support that enables web applications written in a single programming language to run in multiple operating systems. Therefore .NET framework for web development allows developers to build web applications compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems.
  3. Have Security Features: Web application development in dotNET is safe since it has security-based features like Data Access Security, Code Access Security and Authentication. It allows developers to protect and secure their written code from cyber attacks.
  4. Reliable Tools: .NET framework for web development facilitates countless tools and libraries for developers to build dynamic applications. .NET provides tools for debugging, testing, quality analyzing and, above all, software development tools for high-quality applications.
  5. High Performance and High Scalability: DotNet web application architecture supports scalability with the requirement of the programs. In other words, there is no need to scale up the applications when the scale of the system users and workstations boosts.

Which .NET Framework is Best for Web Development?

  • ASP.NET: ASP.NET is an open-source framework that enables you to create web applications, websites and services for PC and mobile devices. It is a part of the Microsoft .NET platform with tools and libraries particularly for developing web applications. In other words, it has all functionalities required for web development. A web application is made of web pages. Therefore, using ASP.NET for web applications helps you to get data-driven interactive applications that include web controls like Data Grids, text boxes, Drop-down lists, checkboxes, etc. These controls help to create HTML components that make website pages effective for the users.
  • ASP.NET Core:ASP.NET is also an open-source framework based on .NET Framework and .NET Core Framework. It is an improved version of ASP.NET that is compatible with multiple platforms. In other words, applications created can run on operating systems like Windows, Linux and Mac, unlike ASP.NET which runs only on Windows. Furthermore, it is also based on Model-View-Controller and advocates modular architecture of web applications better than ASP.NET.

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What are the Main Characteristics of ASP.NET & ASP.NET Core ?

  1. Programming Languages: For developing web applications in ASP.NET, developers can use programming languages such as C#, J#, VB.NET, JavaScript, HTML and Visual Basic.
  2. Applications model: You can create web pages, microservices, APIs and real-time websites.
  3. Architectural Pattern: Both frameworks implement an MVC pattern, i.e, Model-View-Controller
  4. Files supported: Both support Windows Communication Foundation, Windows Workflow Foundation, and Windows Presentation Foundation.
  5. Visual Studio: ASP.NET supports all versions of Visual Studio whereas ASP.NET Core support only the updated version of Visual Studio.

ASP.NET Core and ASP dotnet Web Application Architecture

ASP.NET runs on .NET Framework. However ASP.NET Core runs on .NET Framework and .NET Core Framework. Both these frameworks have an MVC application architecture that is suitable for the development of web applications. Let us look into the architecture and components of ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core.


  1. Web application development in dotNET supports multiple programming languages. The primary programming language is C# and secondary languages include VB.NET, F#, JavaScript, C++, etc.
  2. Framework Class Library includes types like interfaces, classes, structures and values.
  3. Common Language Runtime helps developers to perform debugging, memory management, code execution and verification.
  4. Model-View-Controller: This is an architectural pattern that gives specific aspects of the development of applications. The component 'Model' maintains the data logically, 'View' deals with the data representation and Controller acts as an intermediary between the components Model and View.
  • ASP.NET Core:

It has the same architecture as ASP.NET except:

  1. MVC: ASP.NET Core MVC help developers to retrieve data from various sources, support filtering by detecting invalid blocks
  2. Three-Tier Architecture: It uses layers such as User Interfaces (UI), Business Logic Layer (BLL) and Data Access Layer (DAL). ASP.NET use these layers as the components of the platform that helps developers to structure the applications in modular forms.

What are Other Common Web Application Development Frameworks ?

Other than .NET frameworks, there are numerous web application frameworks for developing web applications. Below given are the five other web application development frameworks:

  1. Django: Django is a Python-based web framework that provides a back-end server side to build web pages. It is a secure, versatile and fast framework for developing web applications. Used by: Instagram, Pinterest, etc.
  2. Angular JS: Angular or Angular JS is a JavaScript-based framework that helps to build high-performing and large-scale web applications. It is maintained mainly by Google to create web applications. It is easy to use, open source and free to share. Used by: Netflix, Paypal, etc. There are many features of Angular JS for building dynamic application. 
  3. Play: It is written in Java and Scala programming languages. Moreover, it follows Model-View-Controller (MVC) architectural pattern. Used by LinkedIn, Hootsuite, etc
  4. Spring: Spring is a Java-based framework to build robust and dynamic web applications. Used by: Udemy, Trivago, etc.


.NET Framework provides well-engineered tools, libraries and cutting-edge technologies for developers to build multiple applications such as mobile applications, desktop applications, websites, web applications, etc. There are some difference between in web application and mobile application. For web applications, Microsoft .NET framework produced ASP.NET with website functionality. It is a free, cross-platform framework that gives a range of features suitable for web app development. 

Since web applications are trending in the digital world, technologies are getting advanced with rapid evolution. The users look for dynamic websites for information and features. As a result, web application development in .NET provides features supported on multiple operating systems. It is a reliable, easy-to-use, and fast framework for developing websites and web applications. Therefore, the developer has full control over his application development since it is free and open source. You can hire dedicated ASP.NET developers to build applications as per your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is web application development dotNET?

Web application development .NET involves ASP.NET web development for creating web applications. It provides an array of tools, libraries and cutting-edge technologies. Moreover, it supports necessary features that are useful for building components of the applications. It enables the application to run on different operating systems like windows, Linux, and Mac. As a result, the developer can create the application using a single programming language that can work on any Operating system.

Additionally, using ASP.NET helps you create interactive applications with a large number of web controls such as text boxes, buttons, tree-view control, et cetera. and with security-centric features.

2) Is .NET Used in web development?

Yes, .NET is used in web development. Since .net is a free and open-source platform, developers can build high-quality web applications. Developers can develop high-performing and scalable applications using multiple languages, technologies, tools, and APIs. Moreover, ASP.NET is used for web development because of its features and tools. They provide front-end and back-end technologies that help to deliver robust applications to support your business objectives.

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