5 Best SAP Testing Tools


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In the present market, ERP assumes to be a huge part of the accomplishment of medium and huge endeavors. All organizations depend on ERP programming to complete their everyday tasks and improve business work processes. 

Executing these frameworks isn’t simple, particularly if you are utilizing SAP, quite possibly the most exceptional ERP arrangements on the lookout. One should design the distinctive SAP modules to convey the important highlights. So the execution of any SAP module requires some sort of testing. In this article, we will talk about what SAP testing is and clarify its significance. 

The essential thought behind presenting SAP (System Applications and Products) was to give the clients the capacity to associate with normal corporate data sets for an exhaustive scope of uses. SAP is an incorporated ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) to make business measures work effectively. 

What is SAP? 

Before finding out about what SAP testing is, it is important to comprehend what ERP programming is and how it functions. 

ERP is a complete software solution that offers advanced and broad features for overseeing diverse business measures, like creation, fabricating, coordination, conveyance, account, CRM, deals, HR, and so forth It contains a few interconnected modules, and information can be shared consistently between them. This interconnected framework permits us to dispose of information excess and effectively use accessible assets across various divisions and business measures. 

SAP (Systems, Applications, and Products) is viewed as quite possibly the most mainstream ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) arrangement utilized across most Fortune 500 organizations. SAP programming empowers associations to oversee business measures effectively and limit operational expenses. It has a wide application across various enterprises. 

To perform testing viably in SAP or some other ERP arrangement like Oracle EBS, Odoo, and PeopleSoft, one needs to see how their modules, features, and functionalities work. 

What is SAP testing? 

At the point when we talk about SAP testing, we mean testing various modules of the SAP ERP programming. Each module upholds a specific business measure: money, deals, etc. Default versions of these modules frequently need features explicit to a specific organization’s business needs. So business clients as a rule need to alter these fundamental modules. What’s more, when customization is done, organizations need to guarantee that the framework works appropriately and satisfies client needs. 

That is the reason SAP testing is fundamental. Without legitimate SAP testing, an ERP module will undoubtedly get dismissed by clients. Also, the explanation for the tedious failure of SAP ERP projects is that engineers don’t as a rule play out the testing action productively. Even after a solution is carried out effectively, it requires steady updates like new module executions or bug fixes. These updates must be tried. Thusly SAP testing should be a continuous cycle in any organization that utilizes this arrangement. 

SAP Testing Tools 

Below are the SAP testing tools:


Worksoft is the chief constant test automation foundation of decision for undertakings hoping to speed up Agile-in addition to DevOps appropriation and test complex, start to finish business measures for SAP and non-SAP applications. Picked by SAP to test SAP applications, Worksoft is viewed as the “best quality level” for SAP testing, exceptionally intended to test SAP business measures how associations use them – to meet every customer’s one-of-a-kind goals. 

Automated practical and execution testing arrangements help guarantee business measure quality start to finish, across all applications, advances, interfaces, devices, and topographies. From unit and regression testing to high-speed day-by-day testing, Worksoft handles each SAP interaction. 


  • Demonstrated business-driven methodology and client experience
  • Offering full test coverage of the whole SAP group of bundled applications
  • The code-free arrangement that can be utilized across client types
  • World’s driving SIs have installed Worksoft automation in their SAP testing rehearses
  • Capacity to help Agile-in addition to DevOps testing rehearses
  • Independent automated disclosure and documentation abilities     


Qualibrate is a kind of cloud solution used for SAP test automation. This SAP testing tool has the quality of simplicity, customization, and joining with the most CI/CD devices. Experiments are exceptionally reusable and effectively viable. 

Indeed, even the most fundamental SAP executions request groups to be efficient to manage the intricacies of conveying esteem into creation. Exercises for testing, documentation, and learning require a bound-together way to deal with keeping away from manual work and copy endeavours. Qualibrate gives a progressive way to deal with convey SAP programs limiting the danger and decreasing the execution assets up to 80%. 

With Qualibrate, project groups can depend on a one-of-a-kind source: The Business Process recording. The chronicle turns into the establishment for business measure documentation, automated E2E relapse testing, Manual Test, and end-client preparing material. 

With a brought together and steady automation motor that upholds all SAP UI structures, groups can make hearty and effectively viable E2E situations. What’s more, with Qualibrate you can run speed up User Acceptance Testing. If you are moving to S/4HANA, preparing gets basic for business change at scale. With Qualibrate, you will want to make intuitive preparing materials for the end-client, to expand the selection of the new framework. 


  • Make custom reports, diagrams, and time arrangement charts dependent on any project resources
  • Utilize the recording feature to catch the business interaction
  • For each progression in your application consequently make measure documentation including information and specialized data
  • Add notes, checks, and store parameters
  • Report on defects, streams, execution patterns, test logs, test arrangement, test execution
  • Drag and drop permit you to work on your dashboards your way.

Leap work

Leap work is a no-code test automation stage that strips away intricacy to drive quick automation progress across complex IT conditions driven by SAP. As an SAP accomplice, Leap work eliminates difficulties that usually block SAP automation success–, for example, moderate test planning and troublesome coordinated effort between partners – by empowering SAP solutions specialists and business clients to use their current skill to construct, keep up, and scale automation rapidly. 

With Leap work, projects can limit specialized obligation, decrease risks, and accelerate movement connected to working with inheritance advances, complex customizations, and business measures that stumble into applications. 


  • Visual, no-code approach intended for business clients.
  • Strong SAP GUI and Fiori automation.
  • Works across innovation to help consistent start to finish exchanges.
  • The multi-layered design worked for DevOps.
  • Mixes to all normal ALM and CI/CD tools.
  • Visual investigating and revealing.
  • Reusable cases and segments.
  • Drive automation with information from outside sources.
  • Underlying GxP and DevOps consistency tools.


RightData is a self-administration SAP testing tool intended to help business and innovation groups with the automation of information quality confirmation, information quality control cycles, and movement/upgrade testing. 

Utilizing RightData, clients can undoubtedly design, execute, and plan SAP information compromise and approval test situations with no programming. For S/4 HANA movement, RightData simplifies it to test, approve, and accommodate information as illustrated in SAP’s Rapid Data relocation technique. 


  • Capacity to interface with SAP information sources
  • Capacity to comprehend the information that should be tried by questioning, dissecting, and profiling
  • Useful Data Reconciliation among source and target utilizing RightData’s Scenario Studio
  • Specialized Data Reconciliation or Bulk Comparison between the frameworks or across the situation in the scene utilizing RightData’s Scenario Builder
  • Business Rule Validation utilizing RightData’s Scenario Builder


Testimony, from Basis Technologies, rehashes SAP relapse testing. Part of the solitary DevOps and test automation stage designed explicitly for SAP programming, it wipes out test content creation and upkeep and eliminates the requirement for test information on the board. 

Testimony’s extraordinary Robotic Test Automation innovation consequently makes and updates an exhaustive regression test library that precisely mirrors an average day for your business for example the expense, exertion, and intricacy of conventional testing strategies are wiped out. 

As a feature of a DevOps approach, Testimony permits you to move left and execute complete relapse tests before changes even arrive at QA to guarantee that successive, lithe conveyance of progress doesn’t build business risk. 


  • Speed up the conveyance of advancement, projects, redesigns, and refreshes
  • Dispose of manual exertion: consequently make, execute and update experiments
  • Decrease the expense of testing and free practical specialists.
  • Run framework-wide tests very quickly (when completely designed)
  • Test past the UI to expand certainty and lessen risk.


The above SAP Testing Tools should be costly and need master hands to utilize them. However, manual testing has its impediments for complex IT projects like SAP, essentially in project terms. The decision of hardware for SAP testing ought to be your thought based on extraordinary goals, the work process of the specific business interaction, and innovations utilized. 

Before thinking about the device for any project, give sufficient opportunity to know the intricate details of the project. At that point settle the tool according to the spending plan, group mastery/experience, and innovations utilized in it. 

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