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Top SAP Testing Tools for Quality Assurance | Comprehensive Guide

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Top SAP Testing Tools

Being the QA tester for any software application/component means a tester with certain common simple testing skills. Either it is online testing, product testing, or using SAP testing tools. All the basic test skills of the software are the same, with the same idea and understanding of having a bug-free application. 

So, the SAP tester is not someone with too many additional abilities, but someone with clear knowledge of SAP ventures. For an SAP QA tester, the good thing is that the operational information gained in a company during the SAP project analysis can be used in another organization in the SAP project.

Although in different businesses, a normal QA can hardly get a similar project. And they need to start with a scratch requirement review. SAP testing does not vary from standard application testing in methodologies, methods, preparation, and stages of testing. 

This type of testing also requires tools such as SAP testing tools, SAP Performance Testing Tools, and SAP automation tools for better test coverage, test reliability, reduced testing period, and best customer satisfaction productivity for SAP Automation Testing.

SAP Consulting Services provide comprehensive solutions and expertise to optimize business processes, enhance system efficiency, and ensure seamless integration of SAP software.

What are the Most Common SAP Testing Tools for Automation?

The Top Sap Testing Tools are listed below that are used globally:

1. Worksoft

For businesses looking to drive Agile-plus-DevOps adoption and evaluate complex, end-to-end business operations for SAP and non-SAP frameworks, Worksoft is the premium continuous test automation system of choice. 

Worksoft, selected by SAP to test SAP applications, is considered the “gold standard” for SAP testing, specially designed to test SAP business processes the way companies use them to achieve the particular goals of and client. 

Automated functional and performance testing services, across all frameworks, technologies, interfaces, devices, and geographies, help to ensure end-to-end business process consistency. Worksoft manages every SAP operation, from the unit and regression testing to high-velocity regular testing.

Clients Select Worksoft for SAP for these key reasons:

  • Proven business-driven strategy and familiarity with customers.
  • Offering full test coverage of the entire packed applications family of SAP.
  • The code-free alternative that can be leveraged through categories of users.
  • Worksoft automation has been incorporated into their SAP research procedures by the world’s leading SIs.
  • Ability to support the research activities of Agile-plus-DevOps.

2. RightData

Right data is an SAP data testing self-service platform designed to assist enterprise and technology teams with data quality assurance automation, data quality management processes, and testing for migration/upgrade. 

Using RightData, with no coding, users can easily configure, conduct, and schedule SAP data replication and verification test scenarios. As outlined in SAP’s Rapid file transfer technique, RightData makes it easy to evaluate, verify, and validate data for S/4 HANA migration. Discover the benefits of streamlined operations with our S4 HANA implementation services

Main Reasons Why Customers Choose RightData:

  • Capability to link to data sources from SAP.
  • Ability to understand by querying, evaluating, and profiling the data that needs to be evaluated.
  • Validate/reconcile details from point A to point B.
  • Capability to submit notifications/alerts based on the status.
  • Reporting, as encountered, of data exceptions.

3. Testimony

Testimony re-invents SAP regression testing from Basis Technologies. It removes the development and implementation of test scripts and excludes the need for testing data management as part of the sole DevOps and test automation framework specifically designed for SAP applications. 

The innovative Robotic Test Automation technology from Testimony automatically produces and updates a comprehensive regression test library that accurately represents a day in your company’s life, i.e. removing the cost, effort, and complexity of conventional testing methods. QA companies play a pivotal role in leveraging the power of Testimony, allowing them to leave and perform thorough regression tests as part of a DevOps strategy before improvements even hit QA to ensure that regular, agile change execution does not increase business risk.

Main Reasons Why SAP Users Select Testimony:

  • Accelerate innovation delivery, initiatives, enhancements, and improvements.
  • Eliminate manual effort: build, execute, and upgrade test cases automatically.
  • Boost productivity in production by moving regression testing to the left.
  • Enhance DevOps for SAP by continuous automated testing.
  • Reducing research costs and freeing up practical experts.

4. Micro Focus (QTP) UFT

One of the most common SAP testing tools in the industry is the QTP automation tool, which is also known as UFT. Many environments are supported by it and SAP is one of them. Its excellent characteristics and user-friendly performance have made it a great choice for SAP testing. For SAP testing with QTP, no extra expertise is needed. Like every other program, it can be checked. Everybody should be very familiar with QTP.

5. eCATT

Used to automate test scenarios, eCATT is a software testing tool. SAP has been developed to allow SAP UI testing for Windows and JAVA. We may assume that eCATT is a substitute for CATT for new technologies with better functionality.


TAO, which stands for Test Acceleration and Optimization, was established by SAP. For end-to-end scenarios, this tool helps to accelerate the pace of automated test cases. To simplify the testing process, it operates well with QC and QTP. It is easy to incorporate it with the SAP technologies manager for test case and element management.

7. Tricentis Tosca

Tricentis Tosca is the solution to all SAP problems, including helping to satisfy all government criteria and requirements. It offers assistance in the most productive way to handle test cases at a reduced cost. 

The tool has a framework from the SAP solution manager to import data and components and turn them into necessary automated test cases in the provided context. The number of test cases can be decreased by 50 percent using this method. At the same time, it is possible to expand business risk exposure by 85 percent.

8. Selenium

Almost all of the applications in SAP are web-based software. And one of the best open-source web research systems is Selenium. It is therefore significant for SAP testing with a very helpful web driver. 

Selenium fits well for functional SAP web application testing with a system such as TestNG. Our expert team offers comprehensive Selenium testing services for flawless software performance

9. Micro Focus Silk Test

Silk test has been accredited to support SAP at a low cost for the highest quality deliveries. The integration of the SilkTest workbench is very common with SAP eCATT and SAP Interface for HTML technology-based products for SAP users. It enables them to handle the testing of complex SAP business processes from scratch to completion with a strong and integrated approach.

10. Ranorex Studio

Ranorex Studio is the best approach for evaluating complex business process chains that span a wide spectrum of technologies and reach beyond SAP applications. If you want to recognize SAP Fiori elements or dynamic SAP control IDs, the best-in-class object recognition tool from Ranorex Studio will monitor elements of, and beyond, your SAP solution.

The above methods for SAP testing tools must be costly and require expert hands to use them. But for complicated IT projects such as SAP, manual testing has its drawbacks, primarily in investment terms. 

Based on specific priorities, the process of the particular business process, and the technologies used, the choice of SAP testing tools should be your idea. Leave enough time to know the ins and outs of the project before considering the tool for any project.

In situations like these, it's often beneficial to seek the expertise of a professional software test company. To assist in making the right choice for your SAP testing tools.

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