Various types of Software Development and its good uses


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What is Software Development?

Software development is one of the most lucrative career options in the US, because of many factors like the job demands, salary and employment opportunities. In this era of digitalization, the demand for software is ever increasing. So, there is intense competition in the field of software development. According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, a growth rate of 30% is expected in the software development field by 2026. 

Types of software development

There are various types of software development areas in which you can work according to your skillset. You can be a part of any of the rewarding software development areas-

Web Development

The emergence of Web development in this era owes its essence to the Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and web technologies. Web development is one of the most critical attributes for current and future coders. The process involves developing the web by coding various web pages browsed by the people.

The field is very complex and only the developer knows how to organize the files and codes. With the aid of APIs and new web technologies, the websites can “plugin” to other essential attributes. Due to the effective functioning of the browsers, the web can submit apps which feel native and easy to navigate. To become a web browser, you need to know various languages like JavaScript, Python, Ruby, HTML, ASP.NET, PHP, Rails, Django, C, C++, etc.

Mobile development

Mobile development or app development means fabricating applications that run on various mobile devices like Android devices, iPhones and Windows 10 platform. The operating systems have their own programming languages, but some operating systems may use traditional languages as well. In this technological era, mobile development has a wide variety that facilitates creating games or other apps to serve specific functions and needs of the users. Apart from games, the apps may be created to order food, find restaurants, news apps, etc. 

As we all know, nowadays, remote working is becoming a necessity instead of a flux. To facilitate remote working, there are various apps that help in augmenting the efficiency of the employees working from home. These applications entail Trello, Skype, zoom, etc. To pursue your career in the domain of mobile development, an individual should know languages like Android, Java, C#, HTML, Objective C and Swift for iOS.

Data science

Large chunks of data are of no use until their value is taken out. Data Scientists assess the data using the analytical strategies and proffer value to it. Hence, the entire process of data science includes crunching large data sets and integrating various   computing approaches to develop scientific applications. The field of data science ensures that the data submitted to the machines is accurate and helps them to create applications. A data scientist should have knowledge of C, C++, Python, etc.

Application development

Application development is the original type of planning and entails the standard apps that function on traditional desktop systems like Mac, Linux or windows. Hence, the process of application development encompasses creating computer software that can help users in their functions. An application developer should have knowledge of various languages like Python, Java, VB.NET, C, C++, C#, etc.

Back end development

Back end development ensures that the program running on your computer does not cause any adverse effects on the system. As the name suggests, backend development is meant to monitor behind the scenes for the efficient functioning of the programme. The server side of the website stores critical information and has three parts, namely- an application, a server and a database. So, the back end developers should understand databases, server programming languages and structure.

Hence, database management is one of the most crucial attributes of back end development. It is due to database management that huge amount of data of any system is stored in a secured way. For example, the application Facebook has 1 billion users’ data and details. The back-end developers of this company organize this data safely. The back end developers should have cognizance of various languages like Oracle for databases, Python, C++, C, (my)SQL, dBase and Java.

Software  development tools

Software tools development helps to create tools for other software developers. These tools are used by software developers to verify their code. Hence, the software tools development process ensures that the applications of other developers adhere to the standard norms of the industry. Knowledge in Java, Python And C++ will be helpful in this regard.

API development

API development means the development of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). The developers create these programmes which act as puzzle pieces on the desktops, mobile phones, web and operating systems. 

The process of API development entails laying a foundation of the standard protocols, tools, GUI interaction methods and database access rules. This foundation helps the programmers to create other applications. So, APIs are written for specific functions and have specific programming languages of their platform, device, or site.

Embedded systems development

Embedded systems development has bolstered with the rise of the Internet of things.  The embedded systems development process entails various coding skills necessary for embedded systems, like Beaglebones, Raspberry Pi’s, etc. With knowledge of various languages like embedded C, Java, Python, Assembler, Arduino, you can create a particular software used by your operating system.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing helps to store huge chunks of credential data and information of large organizations in a secured way. Due to this, cloud computing services are becoming popular nowadays. Rather than making use of a local server, cloud computing services make use of a network of remote servers to manage the data. The developers in cloud computing software developers create software that facilitates the functioning of various cloud storage applications like OneDrive, Storage, Amazon Web Services, and GitHub. The developers should have technical skills in various languages like Erlang, Java, R, XML. Google’s Go, Clojure, etc.


This article delineates in detail the different types of software development and the languages required to be successful in each field. With top-notch skills in any of the above software development processes, you can reap the benefits of a good career opportunity.

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