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Best Test Automation Strategies And Its Practices

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Best Test Automation Strategies

Including the best test automation strategies is essential to software development and testing. It helps to reduce the burden on developers and testers and improves the quality of the software. 

It is a software engineering technique that saves time and improves quality by automating tests. It is the process of programming software to carry out specified actions in response to selected inputs. It is a critical part of any software development process, and without it, testing will be much more complex and time-consuming.

Many test automation strategies and practices can be used to improve the quality of your tests and enhance your team's productivity. Remember to read the blog until the end as we discuss the best test automation strategies and their techniques.

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Automation Strategy 

Automating the software testing process is a requirement for small and medium-sized businesses. It aids in the critical development of online services and eCommerce operations. To increase software efficiency and guarantee that it is of high quality, test automation is essential.

An efficient combination of automated, manual, and exploratory tests must be developed to manage risk and shorten release cycles. 

In this article, we'll explore the best automation test strategy, approaches to automation testing, and practices to help you develop the best test automation strategies to help your team deliver better quality code faster. 

Why is Test Automation Crucial for Software Testing? 

You could still be unsure of an automation test strategy's ultimate goal. What is the aim? 

The major objective is to convey knowledge regarding the danger, potential, and functionality while establishing a reliable, repeatable process. It also acts as a means of communicating your goals and tactics. 

It's also a discussion opener that occasionally serves as a launchpad for a new proof-of-concept or cutting-edge technology to implement within your organization.

Finally, it's an auditing tool that lets you review what you had initially planned to perform and contrast it with what was accomplished. Now you know what test automation is and why it is essential, let's get straight to the five best strategies for test automation.

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The Best Test Automation Strategies 

These strategies help ensure that your test automation goes correctly with the right goals. It is a gradual step-by-step build-up for your test automation. Here is a line-up of the best automation strategies. 

1. Devoted Crew for the Task  

The worst thing you can do is to ask your manual testers to start working in test automation. Because they can make things too complex for most engineers to understand, these two professions don't work well together. Test automation is a full-time job that calls for resources that have been tailored especially for it.

For example, if your code tests are lengthy, their length is likely to affect the quality and speed of your test automation more than the testing. Moreover, the quality of your test automation will be higher if you have a smaller set of testers.

Your team's manual testers, for example, may not be able to review the code quality of your test automation helpfully. This imbalance can only lead to problems with the quality of your test automation, which may hamper its effectiveness.

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2. Hiring the Top Automation Engineers for the Job 

You cannot expect the software development organization's manual testers to rely solely on test automation. If you want them to participate in test automation, make sure to release them from the responsibility of manual testing.

Test automation is regarded as a full-time occupation. For successful software testing, you must hire specialized personnel. As a result, you must put up a test automation team that includes one automation architect.

Best Test Automation Strategies
Best Test Automation Strategies 

3. The Automation Project's Viability 

One of the worst possible outcomes is allocating time and resources to test automation for a system that isn't yet ready for it or for test cases that don't add anything to the project.

You must keep in mind that test automation requires time investment and is done to make the test execution process more effective. You are not gaining anything from automating tests if the time spent updating scripts is significantly greater than the time required to run manual tests, for instance, if the system is unstable.

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4. Creating a Plan for Test Automation 

A well-defined strategy establishes objectives and guidelines that team members can adhere to throughout the project. First and foremost, you must carefully examine your testing team and the Application Under Test (AUT). 

Here, you need to take two steps: specifying the precise scope and priority for automation and assessing your available resources and potential dangers.

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5. Ensure the Quality of Your Data 

Data failures are a significant cause of test automation programs going wrong. What if you could verify the data is accurate by executing pre-scripts to validate or load the data or using another script in your automation framework, saving you countless hours of rewriting or repeating your tests? 

You should carefully consider how you're handling your data for each release and major framework iteration.

As of now, you have come to an understanding of the best test automation strategies to apply when it comes to testing automation. But strategies alone are not enough, and they require some other additional practices, which can be known as the test automation best practices.

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Some of the Practices to Test Automation

1. Know Your Risks 

Understanding what to test first and last is crucial to any test automation plan. This testing automation priority should be established depending on the risk. By calculating each item's business impact and adding it to the likelihood of failure, you can establish the risk, or priority, of each thing you wish to test.

The items on your priority list that will have the most significant influence on your organization and the greatest risk of failure should come first. This can be included in your daily test automation practice.

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2. Continuous Integration & Test Automation 

Continuous integration is the best method for establishing a bug-free environment. You can ensure high-quality code and a satisfying user experience by including test automation into your CI workflow.

It helps speed up the deployment of new code and facilitates better collaboration among team members. A test automation framework makes CI an even more potent tool, giving developers quick feedback on code quality, functional testing issues, and other issues. 

3. Choosing an Appropriate Automation Tool 

Selecting the appropriate automation tool might be challenging given the wide range of tools available, including Selenium, SoapUI, TestingWhiz, and others. But rem ember that the first step in successful test automation is choosing the appropriate instrument. 

Making the wrong decision can be expensive financially and in terms of time and effort invested. Therefore, the automation solution you choose should work with the platform your app or API is built on. This specific test automation practice can be fulfilled through professional companies.

So these were a few test automation best practices that will eventually help you in your strategies and test automation.

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Create Your Ideal Strategy and Practices with AppSierra 

The above information makes creating test automation for your application a valuable exercise. However, creating the proper test automation framework is not enough. You must possess a set of approaches to automation testing and strategies to use your test automation to its full potential.

AppSierra is a perfect platform where you want to stop by with the best test automation strategies. It is a complete suite of test automation tools and services to help you create the perfect test automation framework for your application.

With AppSierra, you can automate your tests per your requirements, create user stories, define acceptance criteria, and much more. You can also build your test automation framework by creating test plans and defining test cases and their expected results.

Wait, there's more! With AppSierra's 15+ years of industry experience, 120+ mobile apps released, and 470+ projects tested, you can entirely rely on AppSierra. AppSierra has the best automation suites with which you stand no chance of being left over. 

Here are the Insightful Testing Services AppSierra offers 

  1. Functional Testing 
  2. Integration Testing 
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  7. Compatibility Testing 
  8. Regression Testing

The AppSierra team of professionals has over 1015 test automation suites and over 15 years of industry experience. One of the market's most reputable software testing services' companies is their proficiency in software testing. 

Why, then, are you still holding out? Discover for yourself what a difference high-quality software testing can make for your company by joining the AppSierra revolution today, along with 500+ other businesses! 


Amplifying the best test automation strategies is an essential factor in the growth of any business. You can significantly improve an automation project's effectiveness and efficacy by considering everything we've just said and using our suggestions. 

But remember that while it's crucial to keep them all in mind during the implementation process, the earlier you put them into action, the better the results will be. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Q1. Which Testing Methodology lends itself best to Automation? 

Which test case types need to be automated? Priority should be given to unit testing before moving on to integration and functional testing. There are many complex manual situations in test cases that ought to be automated, particularly those that call for a lot of data or environment setup. 

Q2. What is the ideal course of action for Creating an Automation Strategy? 

Determine which business process should be automated. A poor selection of the initial business process for automation is responsible for up to one-third of all failed automation projects. 

Q3. Which test scenarios fall outside the Scope of Automation? 

Examples of test scenarios that cannot be automated are as follows: 

  • Experimental trials 
  • UX tests 
  • UI tests 
  • Test APIs

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