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A Complete Guide On SeeTest Automation For Mobile Testing

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SeeTest Automation

One of the top mobile automation tools available today, SeeTest Automation, supports object-based and image-based recognition. IOS, Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry applications are also supported. The same script can be used with various OS with a few minor adjustments.

SeeTest offers Java, C#, Perl, and Python client libraries to enable the creation of automation scripts in these coding languages. SeeTest has a built-in reporting system that can include screenshots and video recordings of completed tests. It is neither open source nor free software.

This blog will look at the variety of seetest automation tools and the features each one offers. Ultimately, we'll also reveal the most reliable software testing services' platform for your mobile automation needs. Let's get started!

What are SeeTest Automation Tools?

SeeTest is an automated deep learning-powered software testing platform. It allows software engineers to test their code in near-functionality and real-world scenarios without writing a single line of code. This saves software engineers time and money and reduces the number of bugs in their code.

It also enables them to test their code in much larger scenarios than they would otherwise be able to test, which is especially useful for complex software testing with many dependencies. 

Imagine if you could ensure your tests ran as expected every time—no more expensive, manual tests.

No more wondering if your tests passed or failed. You could spend your time on what matters most: improving your product.

Features of SeeTest Automation Tools

The SeeTest platform offers many features that help software engineers to automate their testing. These features can save software engineers time, money, and work.

The most significant features of seetest automation tools are:

1. Image-Based and Object-Based Recognition

Test your application in real-life scenarios without requiring a physical device.  

Image-based recognition allows you to test your application without requiring a physical device.

This allows you to test on older devices that your app may no longer support or on devices in a different location. You can capture images of your app in those scenarios and have SeeTest recognize those images to automatically perform the same actions your app would in that scenario.

For example, you can capture images of your app in a restaurant and have SeeTest recognize those images to automatically perform the same actions your app would in that scenario.

On the other hand, object-based recognition allows you to test your application on a physical device using a webcam, which means you don't even need to have a device connected to your computer.

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2. Built-in Reporting

SeeTest has a built-in reporting system that allows you to write automated tests and generate reports whenever your tests are completed. These reports can include screenshots and videos of the app being tested.

SeeTest Automation For Mobile Testing
SeeTest Automation For Mobile Testing

This allows you to see exactly what happened during the tests and review the test image functionality of your app in a real-life scenario without needing to be physically present. This is especially useful if you're not able to be physically present when your tests are being performed, such as when you're on vacation or in a different country.

3. Neither a Freeware nor an Open-Source

SeeTest is an open-source testing platform that is free for personal and commercial use. You can use SeeTest to ensure your code's quality, understand how your code works, and, most importantly, automate your testing.

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Automation can save you time and money and reduce bugs in your software. SeeTest is the most reliable automation platform, allowing you to automate your tests and run them on demand, ensuring you never have to worry about your tests failing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. Is SeeTest an Emulator?

Users who prefer to operate with android emulators rather than actual devices have this option. All Android emulators can be connected to and tested by SeeTest Automation. The ADB must recognize the emulator to function.

Q2. Does SeeTest utilize Appium?

In situations where Appium Driver is not supported, SeeTest Client augments automation tests and works in conjunction with Appium rather than as a replacement.

Q3. How to view XPath in SeeTest?

SeeTest Automation can automatically use an element's characteristics to create an XPath. You must right-click on the element in the Object Spy Properties window and choose "Copy Unique Xpath" to obtain the XPath. Once it has been generated, paste it into the Filter Query to see if it uniquely identifies the target element.

Q4. What is SeeTest's standard reporting format?

Report Type: "xml" will be selected.

Q5. What Distinguishes Simulators from Emulators?

A simulator is intended to produce an environment with all of the software configurations and variables present in an app's actual production environment. On the other hand, an emulator tries to replicate all of a production system's hardware and software characteristics.

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