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Quick Comparison Between TestComplete Vs Selenium

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TestComplete Vs Selenium

One of the most cost-effective and time-saving approaches for evaluating software products with extended maintenance periods is test automation. The two most significant automation testing tools are TestComplete. 

And Selenium that provide an open platform for you to easily construct ongoing test systems to test non-stop with a lightweight execution engine and distributed testing. Let’s dig deeper and understand the differences between these common automated testing tool sets i.e. Testcomplete vs selenium


An Automated UI Testing Tool established by SmartBear Software is a TestComplete tool. TestComplete has the potential for desktop, web, and mobile apps to construct automated functional checks. It also has indigenous Behavioral Led Development assistance.


It is said that this method is very simple to use with Artificial Intelligence (AI). Functional tests that will maximize test coverage and assure that you ship high-quality, battle-tested software are simple and easy to develop, manage, and conduct. 

It has an unparalleled Artificial Intelligence-based object recognition engine. Its object detection blends property-based and AI-powered visual recognition to instantly, easily, and reliably find complex UI elements.

It is also called a method called Script or Scriptless. The explanation behind this is that you can currently do so in seven different languages (JavaScript, Python, VBScript, Jscript, DelphiScript, C#, and C+) if you want to script. 

If you don’t want a script, then you can use its recording and replay capabilities. It is a test complete tool that SmartBear pays for. Or customize your order, you can package options. 

In 1999, Automated QA, which is stationed in Somerville, Massachusetts, founded TestComplete. TestComplete’s latest stable version is 14.0, which was released in January 2019. One of the subsidiaries of Automated QA Corp. is SmartBear Software. It is a highly paying tool that makes it hard for many companies to use it. 

They have a free trial for 30 days. This instrument is used by some popular product-based businesses. At present, there are fewer work openings on this device. Learning a paid instrument on your own is often challenging. It is not commonly used, even though it is a very effective tool.

At present, there are fewer work openings on this device. Learning a paid instrument on your own is often challenging. It is not commonly used, even though it is a very effective tool. TestComplete assets are valued higher. 

As this tool has all built into it, it would have less career development and will significantly reduce the number of resources necessary to write automated tests.Here are the TestComplete pros and cons. If you intend to start your TestComplete career, then it will be an added benefit to take up Automation Testing using Test complete Training.

Cons of TestComplete

  • Licensing costs are high.
  • Help for Windows only.
  • There’s not much support available across accessible societies.
  • With official paperwork, it is not easy to start
  • The instrument has stability problems
  • Cheaper than QTP, but not as secure and efficient as QTP

What is Selenium

Selenium is a set of web browser automation tools, meaning it can be used to automate a single web-based application. The front end of a web application through various browsers and platforms, more specifically. With several programming languages and research systems, it can be used.

Different tools in selenium:

Selenium is made up of four tools:-

  • IDE of Selenium
  • RC of Selenium
  • WebDriver Selenium
  • Grid with selenium.

Selenium 4 is currently about to be introduced and the alpha version is already being released as of the writing of this post. Selenium was invented at Thought Works in Chicago by Jason Huggins in 2004. It was subsequently made open source and has become a more popular and effective web application automation tool.

Selenium is an open-source tool that strengthens its popularity in predominantly service-based organizations. Its versatility to blend with the main language of programming makes it more resilient. Selenium has more growth for the future and a larger number of work opportunities. When so many free online tutorials and support groups are available, you can easily learn and practice. To build your confidence, you may also take up Selenium training.

Disadvantages of Selenium 

1. No credible professional assistance from anybody.

2. Only Web based applications are allowed.

3. It takes more time to build test cases that are hard to use.

4. Minimal Image Testing support.

5. New features do not work correctly.

Key Differences Between TestComplete Vs Selenium

Below are the key differences between TestComplete and Selenium:

  • For desktop, web, and mobile test automation, TestComplete has many built-in sample projects to help you get up and run faster than ever before whereas Selenium does not have a ready to use the built-in system.
  • TestComplete is a method that is based on Windows. TestComplete is generally Windows-based, so it can’t run on Linux/Unix systems whereas Selenium is a compilation of APIs that can be used for Windows, Linux, and Mac on at least three major operating systems.
  • TestComplete now provides Artificial Intelligence with an unprecedented Object Recognition Engine whereas Selenium does not have any such functionality.
  • Using the script-free record-and-replay feature in TestComplete, you can easily create automated GUI tests whereas Selenium IDE only offers track and play GUI tests on Chrome and Firefox browsers for Web-based applications only.
  • With TestComplete, you can get real-time updates from a single interface on the performance and status of your desktop, tablet, or web functional GUI tests. The tool allows you to share images, videos, or informative logs that you captured during the implementation of the test, or even export logs in multiple formats, such as JUnit, HTML, or MHT, to share information easily with other members of the team whereas, To produce test results, Selenium requires integrated reporting tools.

TestComplete is a script-less method to start with that does not require compulsory programming skills. It is very simple to use and leads to the development of robust scripts. Compared to Selenium, it is much more potent and feature-rich. 

But the cost of TestComplete is higher and companies like Selenium are going for open-source software. As you need to be good at programming, Selenium has more career development and learning opportunities. TestComplete has fewer work vacancies since you don’t need more money in a project like Selenium.

So, for an average-skilled team, TestComplete vs Selenium is ideally suited and restricts timeline projects for faster test script development. It is possible to change the project budget by reducing the amount of money required.

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