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An app distribution platform holds the collection of versatile mobile applications in all forms like entertainment, shopping, games, etc. This stage offers clients to look through their most loved application and download whenever. Pretty much every portable application improvement organization focuses on these stages while dispatching applications. These stages additionally give various devices to organizations or engineers that transferred their applications for tracking the advancement. From the number of downloads to the number of searches where their application showed up, organizations can follow everything. Therefore, the rationale of portable application dispersion on various channels turns out to be more significant. 

Looking at these reports, organizations can actualize their mobile application distribution store enhancement guide and increase the search and download pace of their applications. Using distinctive application circulation stages causes organizations to contact more clients across the globe. App distribution is the way toward delivering an application to a wide arrangement of clients to advance application commitment and use. Application advertisers will search out app distribution channels and app distribution platforms as an approach to promote their application – either naturally or paid.

Here’s a list of some mobile app distribution platforms that are trending in the 21st century and are preferred by most companies. 

List of App Distribution Platforms

Below are the app distribution platforms:

1. Microsoft Windows Store

Windows Store is one of the best mobile app distribution platforms for Microsoft. Windows Store is also known as Microsoft Store. It is a development of retail shops and a web shopping page, started and served by Microsoft and administering PCs, PC programming, and purchase gear. It started as an application store for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 as the essential methodologies for streaming applications. It is making an average scattering factor for applications, advanced video, continuous music, and progressed books. 


With Windows 10, regardless, Microsoft blended its other application transport stages like Windows Marketplace, Windows Phone Store, Xbox Video, and Xbox Music into Microsoft Store. There are a huge number of applications accessible on these mobile app distribution platforms, and clients are a lot inclined to them, contingent upon what portable OS they are utilizing. One of their significant favorable circumstances is they are allowed to get to and use, nonetheless, some portable applications are paid.

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2. Google Play Store

The Google Play Store is accessible on all Android gadgets and appropriates 2.8 million applications around the world – making it the greatest application conveyance stage available. The Play Store is part of applications and games and can be additionally separated into application classifications, manager’s suggestions, and generally famous. It is offering clients to examine and download applications, music, film rentals and purchases, and advanced books made with the Android application improvement and programming improvement pack (SDK) from Google and outsider engineers. Google Play, prior known as the Android Market, a modernized scattering organization worked and was made by Google. Google Play is the authority app distribution platform for Android devices and clients. Google Play is a comprehensive app distribution channel used to download and presents applications on Android contraptions without changing the device’s application setting. 

3. Samsung Galaxy Apps

Samsung Galaxy Apps is one of the steeply rising mobile app distribution platforms, made and run by Samsung. It is recently alluded to as Samsung Apps that offer applications bundled with Galaxy and Gear contraptions or fundamentally IoT application improvement arrangements. The application store used for devices delivered by Samsung Electronics that were dispatched in September 2009. Samsung has arranged Galaxy Apps, an application store that passes the necessity for Galaxy owners to go to Google Play. You can investigate the most exceptional applications for your cell phones and TV and sort out how Smart Apps can help you with moving everything from your old device with basic snaps.

4. Blackberry World

BlackBerry World is an on-request application distribution platform for joined media help with which clients can download applications, games, points, for their BlackBerry telephone. This mobile app distribution store for BlackBerry cell phones and tablets, the organization set up on April 1, 2009, by BlackBerry. 

Blackberry App World
Blackberry App World

It is additionally considered as one of the main mobile app distribution platforms by the BlackBerry world. There are significant application stores of the different OS, on 21 Jan 2013, BlackBerry conveyed that it revamped the BlackBerry App World to a less troublesome BlackBerry World. Regardless, the BlackBerry World is a united business community, the combination ranges inside BlackBerry OS 7 contraptions, BlackBerry 10 devices, and BlackBerry PlayBook.

5. Amazon App Store

Get your supported applications and games from quite possibly the most famous application distribution platforms. Here, you can see application propositions dependent on your past Amazon acquisitions and stores utilizing Amazon’s secured parcel advancement. Save more, play more with Amazon Coins. what’s more, you comparably set aside cash in-applications with Amazon Coins. The Amazon Appstore presented one more prominent part “Free App of the Day”. We can Save more, play more with Amazon Coins which they presented. The Amazon Appstore is just accessible on Android gadgets and is preloaded onto Fire tablets and telephones. It disperses 487K applications – definitely not exactly the Play Store and App Store yet at the same time considered the main application store. Additionally, this is where you can see application records dependent on your past Amazon use and store utilizing Amazon’s safe installment innovation which makes it novel! Amazon gave free applications and games each day for advancement. Consequently, on the dispatch day, this game was in itself a vital special game. These are a portion of the Mobile App distribution platforms.

There are several app distribution channels also. Let’s have a look at them too.

List of App Distribution Channels

Below are the app distribution channels:

1. TV Advertisements

While few out of every odd designer may have the spending plan to pick this way of showcasing, TV publicizing effort has demonstrated to accomplish incredible work for the achievement of application promotion, while executing this sort of technique not long before your large dispatch day in the application stores. That is the reason it is considered the widely spread app distribution channel. Timing is fundamental with this technique, especially in a quickly moving industry like mobile gaming, and Television Advertising which empowers designers to arrive at their intended interest group at the ideal second.

2. Email Marketing

Email advertising is perhaps the top app distribution channel. This is because clients should effectively join and consequently qualify themselves as keen on your item to be added to your email campaign list. 

Email Marketing
Email Marketing

In any case, this strategy may include expenses and scale limits – gathering messages and building your rundown, regardless of whether pulling from your contacts, marking clients up from your site, or getting them through an email promotion campaign onTwitter or Facebook.

3. Mobile Ad Networks

Application advertisers can utilize mobile ad networks to convey their applications using paid client securing efforts. A mobile ad network is a mediator channel that associates sponsors and distributors – application publicists pay the advertisement organization to serve their advertisements, and the advertisement network conveys the promotions to end clients by distributing the promotions on other applications, which at last procure income for demonstrating the promotion. There are numerous mobile ad networks, including ironSource, which application advertisers use to gain high-impact clients. That’s why this app distribution channel proves to be the most consistent of all.

4. Endorsements 

Endorsements from celebrities and public figures like famous actors, TV/radio moderators, and vocalists can likewise give a brilliant channel to advancing your mobile application. This decision can be very costly. Hence the organization needs to research their desired superstars to guarantee that they have the number on their web-based media channels.

5. Social Media Advertising

With the wide reach of social platforms, online media is another fundamental channel to advance a two-path correspondence among you and your potential application clients. It gives an incredible lab were to test availability and acknowledgment of another item. A portion of the normal web-based media channels utilized for application advancements incorporates Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. It requires some time to amass a nice enough following on social media platforms to affect as far as application distribution. In any case, there are numerous devices advertisers can use to build their online media yield, for example, planning stages like Buffer and Hootsuite. Advertisers can plan their web-based media posts for the whole week. 

Social Media Advertising
Social Media Advertising

Making posts that urge devotees to introduce the application, application advertisers ought to make certain to expand their substance – sharing significant industry news, connections to blog entries, and client-created content. Doing so will eventually build the number of individuals who draw in with the presents calling for followers on installation. This social media is the most long-running app distribution channel of all.


Along with the improvement of mobile applications, it is significant to follow and distribute the applications across the platforms and channels. Every single platform like the Google Play Store and Samsung Galaxy application store has its importance and target crowd. Figuring out which mobile application distribution platforms and channels can get you the best outcomes is the surefire technique to guarantee the accomplishment of your system. 

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