What Is Concierge Service? Here’s All You Need To Know!


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Key takeaways:

  1. What is a concierge?
  2. What are the main types of concierge services?
  3. What is a lifestyle concierge?

These days, each of us needs more time to get things done. We are also continually looking for somebody to do our tasks. So, this is where concierge services make benefits. For example, who plans customers’ tasks for the benefit of them and works on their behalf?

How would you feel if somebody carries out that responsibility for you? For example, schedule and arrange a meeting, remind you of the most significant tasks, holiday planning, flight reservation, booking, arrangements, and more. Well, this is all that a concierge service definition means. Hence, there are many organizations that offer concierge services.

What is a concierge?

Generally, the concierge is a French expression inferred in the seventeenth century. We are not a drop out from a French secondary school but have heard this term quite often. In Canada, concierge gets from the source word ‘conserves’. And, it means ‘an individual who is compelled to follow their pioneers’. Thus, around 1697, this term got utilized for a hotel staff part who oversees baggage and reservations. Basically, a concierge is a distinctive individual or an organization that deals with the customer’s jobs and charges for it, either monthly or hourly. Now, let’s experience a short history of a concierge right from the beginning.

Why do people need high-end concierge services?

So, there are various points of view in case you enlist a concierge for the time and accommodation. Due to the heaps of significant work, we keep on searching for an individual who can handle certain mundane tasks.

For example, organize a meeting, book a hotel, drop a reservation, manage reliable clients and customers, do significant research, propose endowments/cafés/nightlife, get the parcel or send one, and more tasks. So, when these tasks are held by another person, you can spare a tremendous measure of time; time that you could spend on organized tasks. Now, we should make it clearer by getting thoughts on what number of kinds of concierge services in the market

Types of concierge services

Well, a couple of decades back, just a hotel concierge was the most sought after. But, with digitization, it has extended to various divisions. Here, I have assembled the best zones where these services are generally utilized, sought after, and raised from initiation.

1. What is a lifestyle concierge?

Firstly, lifestyle concierge is a retainer and altogether different from the hotel concierge. Also, it is a progressively customized service covering significant parts like dealing with family, individual, and expert way of life. Additionally, these services spread to all regions required to deal with an entire lifestyle.

Here, you can give more importance to where you can appreciate most. 

  1. The task of lifestyle concierge
  2. Also, personalize help
  3. Errand-running
  4. Transportation arrangements
  5. Event planning
  6. Life administrator
  7. Personalize shopping
  8. Dining

2. Medical concierge

This service is primarily intended for senior citizens or people of age, people who have disabilities and children who need day-long care. Many people also use these services for medical checkups and monthly visits to the doctor. The concierge gets paid very highly, from $1,000 to $10,000 depending on the kind of customers they’re servicing.

Some of the functions of a medical concierge are:

  1. Answer the phone
  2. Add, delete and update patients records
  3. Fill insurance forms
  4. Handle billing expenses
  5. Schedule or reschedule appointments
  6. Inventory management

3. Business concierge

A business concierge is expensive when compared with others. A business concierge requires significant level skills for taking care of business errands.

Some tasks of a business concierge:

  1. Recruitment
  2. Business transportation
  3. Handle clients meeting
  4. Track financial reports
  5. Industry research
  6. Billing and expense management
  7. Likewise, arrange, schedule and reschedule meetings
  8. Also, recommend new business ideas

4. Hotel concierge

Now, from hotel or restaurant help, a concierge manages and gives answers to visitors’ questions, queries or issues. Additionally, a decent hotel concierge nearly gives solutions for the individual issue looked at by a visitor in the hotel OR resort.

Some tasks of a hotel concierge:

  1. Transportation arrangements
  2. Recommend place to visit
  3. Health and fitness care
  4. Keep you safe
  5. Help customers enjoy
  6. Fix miscellaneous issues with the hotel and the overall stay of the customer

5. Travel concierge

Lastly, this service is continually expanding and high in-demand. Well, using this service, customers hear a specialist point of view and vital data both online and offline. Hence, this service is used when individuals need to travel to another country for business or for recreation.

The tasks of a travel concierge:

  1. drive you to and from the hotel
  2. Translate local languages
  3. Restaurant booking
  4. Healthcare
  5. Solve clammy problems
  6. Recommend places to visit
  7. Booking tickets for a local place to visit

So, what are you thinking right now? Share your thoughts on the concierge business model. We would love to hear from you.

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