Agile Software Testing

Incorporating qualitative strains in your software from its most basic level to deliver excellent end results.

Running A Large-Scale Transformation Program?

Through Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) testing services, Appsierra assists you in delivering continuous value. When you choose managed QA services to fulfil your long-term goals, we help you focus on key capabilities. How do we know? With over 100+ members, we were able to successfully integrate our team into an Agile-led program.

Our Approach to Agile Testing Services

Step 1

We start with the advanced Program Increment planning.

Step 2

Divide the work between the team to expedite the process.

Step 3

Maximize testing efforts by executing program backlog synchronization across teams.

Step 4

We give continual all-around technical assistance.

Step 5

To make quick decisions and boost release efficiency, we use customized metrics.

Step 6

We deploy an Agile test automation pyramid to reduce risk at all levels.

Step 7

To reduce workload, we offer seamless integration into your CI/CD pipeline.

Step 8

We ensure a viable product is delivered as per requirements.

We ensure a Viable Product is Delivered as per Requirements.

Improved time-to-market

Align team members to boost productivity

Flexibility and rapid adaptability to changing needs

Test automation has resulted in increased efficiency

Enhanced end product

Lower organizational stress

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