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Compatibility Testing

Appsierra’s Compatibility Testing Services provide a holistic experience to all users across multiple browsers and platforms.

Appsierra’s Compatibility Testing Services

To cover every scenario and assure a 360-degree consistency of your program, Appsierra offers a comprehensive compatibility testing across all platforms, browsers, and devices.

Cross-platform Compatibility Testing

Our team assists you in delivering a faultless digital user experience by testing in a variety of user settings. Each disparity caused by software incompatibility is taken into account.

Cross-browser Compatibility Testing

Our QA experts offer cross-browser testing services to confirm users' positive experience with the perfect functionalities across all browsers, independent of the operating system.

Mobile Compatibility Testing Services performed across


Screen resolutions


Operating systems




Connectivity protocols

Mobile Compatibility Testing

Through cross-device testing against a variety of challenges and aspects unique to mobile hardware and operating systems, we ensure that the user experience is consistent. Appsierra employs 100+ mobile devices to cover all eventualities.

How to Test for Compatibility


We begin our application compatibility assessment by examining the specifications of your product.

Compatibility Matrix

We develop a matrix to outline all possible interaction settings based on the compatibility requirements.

Test Execution

Our QA engineers use a combination of human and automated testing methodologies to conduct thorough compatibility testing.


We provide comprehensive reports that detail any problems found in the target environments.

Why partner with Appsierra to evaluate Compatibility?

10+ years experience in software testing

Testing is carried out with the utmost precision

Efficient test execution

Flexible engagement and pricing models

Testing resources are provided on demand

Transparency in project management