Mobile App Testing

Comprehensive mobile testing that includes 100x consumer usage and irreproachable product performance

Appsierra’s Mobile App Testing Services

We perform extensive mobile testing services to ensure that your software works across all systems

Compatibility testing

Our team evaluates the consistency of the product with its target environment (browsers, devices, operating systems) and app store operational rules.

Functional testing

To guarantee that the app functions properly, our QA team performs mobile testing of your app against all the functional specifications.

Performance testing

We thoroughly test performance on both the backend and frontend, looking for vulnerabilities and errors that may harm memory utilization, load resilience, and stability.

Network connectivity

We test your app through a variety of networks types, quality levels, and connection speeds including poor and unreliable levels.

Interrupt testing

Our team examines how your app responds to other apps' interruptions and system events (incoming calls, Bluetooth connectivity, charging, etc).

Usability testing

Our professionals employ UX auditing and testing to detect usability flaws, allowing you to make the app pleasurable and engaging for your consumers.

Security testing

To ensure your app's security and conformity with international regulations and standards, we conduct a full evaluation of vulnerability and cybersecurity tests.

Compatibility testing

Our team evaluates the consistency of the product with its target environment (browsers, devices, operating systems) and app store operational rules.

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Selecting appropriate devices for testing your app’s QA

Our team chooses the most appropriate devices, after taking into account the software characteristics, industry demands, and target audience to make the maximize the resources available for mobile app testing services. To achieve so, we deploy a three-step process:

Requirement Analysis

  • Create requirements & determine target audience.
  • Create requirements & determine target audience.

Examine essential hardware & software features

  • Examine market trends
  • Gather statistics

Devices for testing selection

  • Devices are classified according to their priority.
  • Build test roadmap

Our in-house Mobile QA Services

Since our inception, our rigorous, continuous, and comprehensive training and R&D have been our forte. All our professionals at Appsierra are abreast of the latest technologies and QA techniques and tools pertaining to the mobile app sector.


Keep an eye on new testing technology and procedures and put them to the test.

Share Knowledge

Gather and share our expertise and best practices.


Provide training and certification to our mobile testing engineers

Test on real devices

We use only genuine devices to test all elements of your mobile app's performance; no emulators or simulators are used. Real-world application testing allows you to see how your app would function in real:

A dynamic environment that reflects your consumers' actual experience.

Control over the app and reliable duplication of human logic

100% analysis of user interaction situations.

200+ devices and wearables to choose from

At Appsierra, we have a huge array of mobile devices and wearables to choose from. We have more than 120+ Android compatible devices and 80+ iOS compatible devices.



Why should you use Appsierra for Mobile App Testing Services?

330+ mobile app testing

Testing on real devices only

220+ completed mobile QA

In-house mobile QA Center of Excellence

18+ years of experience

Tried-and-true testing methodologies

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