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UI Automation Testing Tools

As applications are formulated and developed for various outlets, desktop, spanning mobile, and cloud, testing user interfaces has whirled into an increasingly complicated and risk-prone business. 

While having its own cycle of challenges and loopholes, automated UI testing is increasing friction. UI testing tools can easily enable automated tests of software and applications that comprise user interfaces.

15 Best practices for Developing a UI Test Automation Tools

In the past numerous years, we have heard multiple engineers from many projects complain about the stability and dependability of UI automation tests. However, are they so unstable and unreliable? Trust us, they are not! UI automation testing tools is certainly a hard and difficult road that can be full of various holes. 

Nonetheless, it’s in your hands to create your UI testing tools automation framework on a high-speed track rather than an old and hazardous country road. Before we go into each principle, here are the pointers of the best practices that we are going to talk about, for your convenience. So, the top 15 best practices for developing a UI test automation framework are as follows:

  1. Do not depend ONLY on UI test automation
  2. Consider utilizing a BDD framework
  3. Constantly usage test design patterns and principles
  4. NEVER use Thread.sleep() unless there are certain test requirements
  5. Do not operate ALL tests across ALL target browsers
  6. Segregate your tests from your test automation framework
  7. Make your test automation framework lightweight
  8. Name your tests wisely
  9. Utilize soft assertions if you desire to make a list of related checks on the same web page
  10. Take screenshots for failure investigation
  11. Make tests simpler rather than adding comments
  12. Follow the “green tests run” policy
  13. Utilize data-driven tests instead of repeated tests
  14. Every test should be independent
  15. Setup comprehensive automation testing and reporting

These mind-blowing software testing services use test cases to make sure that the software and application fulfill its specification and execute the proposed functions. Such test automation tools not only deliver smart automation but further propose intelligent analytics to deal with any test challenges.

10 UI Automation Testing Tools

Let’s look at the 10 best UI automation testing tools. Here’s an overview of the most prominent and trending UI Automation Tools to assist all the software testers out there:

1. Selenium 

Selenium is an outstanding open-source test automation tool, presently in demand, and a greatly utilized tool in the test market. It can automate manifold OSs like Mac, Windows, Linux, and browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome, as well as headless browsers. 

It has increasingly evolved the business standard because of its flexibility to be utilized on many third-party IDEs and utilizing substantial new programming languages.

2. TestProject

TestProject is a considerable outlet that proposes an all-in-one, entirely free test automation solution. With TestProject you can access web, mobile, both Android and iOS, and even APIs! 

It is created on essential standards of open-source test automation tools Appium and Selenium, but it lessens the sophistication to manage and install drivers for all browsers and outlets that you require to test, creating an effortless experience for automation testing.

3. UFT (United Functional Testing) or QTP (Quick Test Professional)

QTP (Quick Test Professional) is presently cited as HPE UFT (United Functional Testing). UFT proposes test automation for regression testing services and functional testing for software applications. In January 2020, Microfocus broadcast the recent edition of UFT (v15.0). 

The updated version requires modern features that streamline the test processes, enhance test efficiencies, and maintain quality while decreasing testing time.

4. Katalon Studio 

Katalon Studio is a stand-alone test automation tool developed by Katalon LLC. It is a powerful and all-encompassing automation solution for API, desktop, mobile, and web app testing. This year, Katalon released its new updated edition, 'Katalon Studio 7.3', with critical advances such as resolving the pending Selenium issue, sharing test artifacts across multiple projects, supporting scalable projects, and so forth.

5. TestComplete

TestComplete is a proprietary and easy to use UI test automation tool as it facilitates testing teams to create, run, and maintain UI testing tools for desktop, mobile, and web apps. This tool allows the testing team to accelerate and scale the testing actions to provide quicker and assure top quality software. Its updated edition 14.4 was released in April 2020 measures enhancement in its integration with Jira.

6. TestIM

TestIM is a SaaS app, evolved by developers who are eager about consuming energy and time managing test automation environments, as a simple bug fix probably breaks numerous sections of the app. 

Therefore, they built this smart simple-to-use resolution for UI testing tools. It is primarily designed for companies searching for an out-of-the-box resolution for UI tests that focus on performance paths for sophisticated workflows.

7. Ranorex Studio

Ranorex Studio is a marketable Windows GUI automated test tool opted by over 4k firms globally for extensive testing on mobile, desktop, and web apps in a single license. Ranorex 9.3 introduces improved Jira and TestRail reporting. The latest edition, Ranorex Studio 9.3.1 (2020) delivers the Ranorex Instrumentation Wizard to stop iOS IPA packages with code signing v2.0 (earlier signed).

8. Squish

Testing the UI (user interface) of the present’s apps is tangled and error-prone work. Automating this job is hard and challenging, but if reached properly it is worthwhile. The Squish GUI specialist is the best selection for countless corporations worldwide and a 100% cross-platform tool and characteristics.

9. Rapise 

Rapise requires an all-in-one test automation solution. Rapise delivers robust applications created in support for testing desktop and web apps in many browsers, Windows, WPF, Silverlight apps, and complicated apps like MSDynamics, SAP Fiori, in one simple way to utilize packages. Presently in its 6th updated edition, it provides scriptless automated tests through Rapise Visual Language.

10. AutonomIQ

This intelligent tool delivers a three-easy-step procedure for UI test automation. It begins by finding your app through its applications of Artificial Intelligence and then building test cases from that discovery method. The last point is utilizing their analytics engine to scrutinize, evaluate, and strengthen the test cases.

UI testing is substantial to enhance the quality of any application. Any of the above-mentioned UI Automation tools proposes some outstanding features that assist in enhancing the quality of the released software. You can choose any of these UI Automated tools established on your project prerequisite. 

Which one do you need most? Feel free to share it with us. UI test automation is not volatile. The peace of your UI test automation framework is only up to you. Real, stable, and credible UI automation is hard work, but it’s also a pleasure.

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