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Software Regression Testing

Seamless performance is guaranteed even after changes in code or updates.

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Our Regression Testing Services Comprise

Regression testing is a common aspect of any testing effort, although it can also be done as a one-time service after large-scale modifications.


Our quality architects and technical consultants will reach out to you to discuss your business objectives and project scope.


We provide a regression testing roadmap for your project that considers functional breadth, expected software testing depth, and deadlines.


We meticulously test your program with the best-matching tools and procedures, providing you with thorough feedback all the way.


We provide documentation and quality reports detailing findings of our regression testing efforts and suggest improvements, so your team works more effectively

Why should you use Regression Testing?

Regression testing is the only way to assure that the software's functioning stays bug-free despite any code changes performed. We guarantee that the software release is on time and your developers can proceed with confidence while we perform early-stage detection of errors in SDLC.

By incorporating regression testing in the early stages of SDLC, you can:

Detect bugs

Early detection of defects saves time and money in the long run, as well as allows for immediate feedback.

Flawless work

Ensure that business-critical functionalities work flawlessly.

Reduce testing time

Reduce the time spent on pre-release testing to speed up time to market.

Fast result

With automated testing, you can get results as quickly as feasible.

Why use Appsierra’s Regression Testing Services?

Alignment with your company’s objectives

We take into account all project aspects to ensure that the test volume is tailored to meet your software's needs and business requirements.

10+ years of testing experience

Our vast expertise in providing testing services allows us to look at your project from a variety of angles and provide the best possible solutions.

Mix and match approach for adequate test coverage

Our QA specialists combine multiple regression testing methodologies, and test automation tactics, and utilize all aspects of testing to deliver the best results.

All the tech included

All the tech included We ensure that no code changes affect current functionality, whether it's a Salesforce software product, a Java mobile app, a Python-based API, or multi-app solutions.

Why should you choose Automated Regression Testing

Continuous testing

Regression tests must be run throughout the development process to be more effective. In this aspect, automated regression testing outperforms manual approaches.

Parallel execution

Automated regression tests that run in the background can assist in gathering input on both bug fixes and more sophisticated changes, like database updates. Parallel test execution minimizes the resulting time from several days to a few hours.


Our test automation frameworks enable shorter regression software testing cycles, allowing testers to focus on more complex scenarios.