27 Free Web UI Mockup Tools In 2022


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Creating a mockup is an essential aspect of the method of graphic design. It helps us to model web interfaces, discover diverse user interactions, and test the project outflows. In the industry, there are various prototyping instruments.

Following is a curated list of the top 27 Mocking tools with popular features

Below is the list of mocking tools with popular features:

Balsamiq Mockups

With a free trial of 30 days and a basic plan starting from $12 per month, Balsamiq offers a browser-based Web design mockup tool. It has all the paraphernalia that we need for creating a simple prototype, such as an icon, button, frame, text generator, and other elements.


Much like Proto.io, which is a free website prototype tool that supports immersive, coding-free prototyping. We can also monitor the sensor on smart handheld devices in your designs, such as a tilt, touch controls, sound, etc., in addition to utilizing any of the new styling functions.


Justinmind is a free website mockup tool that lets us build a clickable template or wireframe. It contains 30 days of free downloaded apps. We would then pay $19 for the simple package per month.


This Web design mockup tools from Mac is popular with designers all over the world. Dynamic prototypes with animated transitions, personalized scrolling, sounds, and other characteristics can be made. We may also export the prototype to your stakeholders as a captured video or GIF.


Proto.io is a rich, usable free website prototype tool that includes a 15-day training schedule, after which the standard plan begins with a single user from $29 a month. This free wireframe tool helps us build a dynamic prototype if we highlight the UX functionality you want to include on our blog, including animations.


TemplateToaster is a versatile design app that functions extensively. It allows us to build responsive, SEO-friendly websites via an interactive interface.

Wireframe. cc

It is one of the easiest methods to attempt to build a static wireframe. We can draw our prototype for your single page for free. During premium versions, we can create a private account and export multiple carriers in different formats.


This webpage mockup software is popular among macOS designers. Its simplicity is the reason for its popularity. The device is certainly simpler than Adobe Photoshop, making it easier and time-consuming to produce prototypes.

Adobe XD

It is for Mac and Windows with a free Online UI mockup app. We can create a static cable frame, and you can create flowcharts, sitemaps, and storyboards in conjunction with your staff.


It is an HTML prototyping feature to save or export your designs as HTML to our stakeholders’ framework. It is compatible with all platforms and operating systems and offers a team sharing option to share the connection to make our project available to our employees.


It is a free web UI mockup tool used by TechCrunch, Wired, and many others. The device is valid to build single-page websites. Besides the Graphical Drag & Drop Editor, the artist may also apply conduct animations to his designs.


UXPin allows us to monitor our staff mates’ work, contributions, comments, and intervention, presenting us with a free trial of seven days and afterwards a $17.10 fee per month. We can not only construct an interactive wireframe from the list of structured components, but concurrent documents can also be developed.


It is also a webpage mockup software to build a project with interactive features, such as clickable buttons and animated dropdowns. We can also incorporate complicated animations like table filtering and list sorting with a 30-day free trial and a simple package beginning at $29 a month.


It is another free website mockup tool for designers who want to create a simple demo. We may also invite our team to comment on it and share it via a connect and export in PNG or HTML format, apart from adding awesome effects and events on our design.


A framer is a solution to build anything from blogs to smartphone apps in macOS with the help of organizations such as Airbnb and Dropbox. We can also create and finely tune your custom icons using a route editor and other illustrator software.


Invision offers a cloud-based web interface mockup platform for building wireframes for desktop and mobile computers. It is an interactive, collaborative tool in which the team members can express their input with an intuitive and sophisticated GUI.


Thanks to its cross-platform usability and easy to use GUI, Gravit has become popular with designers. Thanks to the ability to create vectors, we can even produce beautiful pixel patterns.

We may use this tool via the browser or import it as a compatible program with your OS. Everything is free of charge.

Xara Designer Pro

Design Pro is the flagship Xara tool that helps the user do something such as editing images, 

drawing drawings, and creating a website interface. Getting a single cohesive approach for the job is the explanation for his success.


A free version of this cloud-based open Web UI Mockup application helps us build up to 60 things on a single project. The package begins at $5 a month for one user and $20 a month for a team using updated features.


Pidoco is the best way to build immersive UX demos and static wireframes. In mobile systems, the wireframes may also be simulated. It encourages us to share our work with our colleagues as well as all the other resources.


Figma is the answer anytime we want a WebUI Mockup platform built and prototyped. We can switch between prototyping and architecture without exporting or synchronizing.

Fluid UI

It is another free wireframe tool worldwide for providing a library of over 2000 web components. We can create page animations and immersive demos to let you know the website’s look and feel.


It is a website prototyping tool free that enables us to open or check any PSD, sketch, or other design. It is supported by all the OS and allows us to exchange techniques in a stable, encrypted format with our colleagues.

InDesign CC

Indesign could be downloaded from Adobe Creative Cloud for a beta version for a limited period, or it can be used separately with a simple package from $19.99 per month. The dynamic wireframe could be created with images, animated objects that can be exported in PDF format. 


This website prototyping tool free helps us to make mockups and wireframes in real-time and share them with your team without any problems. It also offers an interactive catalog of hundreds of pre-designed icons, besides providing all the standard features.


With more than 3,000 icons and 200 components, this tool can help us build your wireframes without effort. Everything you need to do is drag them to our ideas on the canvas, and our concept will be prepared in some time.


It is another free wireframe method where we categorize the items in the library. For instance, we can access the web component pack for building the prototype of a web page. We can move it to various levels until we have created the project, such as “in progress” or “completed.”

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