Best Free Web Load Testing Tools In 2022


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We probably know that there are many different load testing options to choose from if we do any research on load testing tools. There are many free web load testing tools, bade load testing tools, and even freemium load testing options. It could be very hard to determine our specific situations best load testing tool with all these choices. For helping us understand which load testing tools we should use and why we have put together what we like to call the ultimate guide for load testing tools. In this guide for web load testing tools, we will be breaking down the pros and cons of various load testing tools and explain several testing scenarios associated with each tool. 

Best Free Web Testing Tools 

Following are some of the best Free web Testing tools in 2022:


It is a fully managed cloud-based free online load testing solution that facilitates users for testing a wide range of websites, web applications, one of the best API testing tools, and more. People are a bit partial to this tool. But this platform is used by multiple fortune hundred companies, and it is about as robust as it gets. It is truly one of the best load testing tools available in the market. We will not find anything that is more capable or more robust across any of the load testing tools available today. Loadview provides its users with the opportunity to test web applications in enhancement to a point. Hence, clicking a custom scripting tool offered by any other tool in the marketplace. 

Loadview is also the only tool in the market that empowers users for observing actual performance using real browsers for load testing, which isn’t done by any other web load testing tool. Easy to use and quick setup time are some more areas in which the framework excels. While JMeter and other open-source tools are free to use, they require a very large learning curve for being set up and a higher level of technical expertise. As load view is fully managed, we should not worry about instantiating servers or managing cloud servers. If we are looking for a high-level load and performance testing platform with strong features, there is no other alternative than LoadView.


JMeter is an open-source load testing tool by Apache foundation with an accumulated and outstanding reputation. Over the years for being solid to us, they’re providing good information and high-quality standards.

In addition to being free and open-source, there are many load testing guides online available for JMeter. Apache has a very powerful user forum as well, so it is not hard to find information about how to set up and configure performance tests by JMeter. One main problem is that even if we have access to the information, we are still required to understand and process it. And it isn’t always the easiest thing if we are not familiar with an error that could pop up while testing.


Gatling is also an open-source load testing platform that has been established for a while and has a good reputation when we talk about free performance testing tools. It is a French company with a group of quality developers who know their way around load testing. As with most free load testing tools, there is a learning curve with catering that doesn’t exist with Loadview. So if we are looking for an active and easy form of web load testing, it may be something to consider.


WebLOAD generates test scripts in JavaScript with the flexibility of adding a wide range of protocols and extending to additional protocols as required. The recording is simple and spontaneous with any web technology, including HTTPS and more. WebLOAD is especially well built-in building any simulated load for performance and load testing intuitively and easily. Additional in the play and record characteristics are useful for tracking results. WebLOAD has lost some points in cost transparency as it is the only tool with no pricing information available, indicating their review results for value for cost have dropped a bit. Pricing of WebLOAD depends upon the request and has a free trial.

Parasoft load test

Parasoft load test allows its users to take SOAtestfunctional test projects and leverage them for performance testing. The load test container web-based broadcasting app performs testing as a part of the CI/CD procedure and executes performance test automation. Minimal experience or training is required for getting started with this framework, and it is one of the best parts of the software. Users could easily pull from Excel or XML files, and automating the API is automatic. Parasoft load test lost a few marks in the value of cost section of the evaluation criteria with a rather hefty cost front as the price tag may deter some. It becomes essential to note that the cost listed below includes the enterprise edition, desktop licenses, and training for a team of 5.Parasoft load test starts at $50,000 and comes with a free trial.

Load impact

Load impact is a cloud service for load testing the performance of websites, apps and is specifically focused on API load testing. It also has an enhanced browser session recorder and an improved results page. The standout element of the software is easy for supporting various cl technologies. Additionally, reporting, graphs, and pictures are aesthetically charming and very readable. The tool may benefit from some better health sections or training documents to outline various software and website components. It lost some marks in the evaluation for usability, but this certainly isn’t a deal-breaker as many tools are inherent. Load impact starts at $99 a month and has a free trial.


Tsung is another free online load testing tool that is easily available to any person who wants to load test HTTP websites. Tsung comes with various performance-related capacities, including monitoring a client’s CPU usage, memory usage, and traffic on their network. Among all the tools on the list, Tsung is probably the most limited in its data. It also has a more steep learning curve similar to other free performance testing tools.


Load testing tools are software that simulates a real-world load environment for placing apps or websites in a controlled environment. Web load testing tools will monitor and report on the apps’ performance or website in these regulated environments to identify slow down for issues. Choosing the right web load testing tool is an essential part of the development procedure. Hence one should consider all the pros and cons of the framework before considering it.

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