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Azure Cloud Application Development - Deploy Apps & APIs

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Azure Cloud Application Development

Azure Cloud application development is the perfect and futuristic choice for companies to employ. They are easy to set up, affordable, capitalless, and scalable regardless of business size. Also, they provide integration with the newest technologies and servers and flexible tech support. To know more, read till the end!

Cloud platforms are steadily becoming an irreplaceable part of the software industry. From providing flexible storage options for the lowest prices to Now, it has evolved as an integrated infrastructure for building apps with enormous advantages and features. One of the most popular among those services is the Azure Cloud application development platform.

Their wide range of Cloud computing services suits organizations of any size. Also, their distributed capabilities are highly refined and support all services. Want to know how? Then, continue reading the blog for more related insights.

Is Microsoft Azure a Cloud computing platform?

The second largest and dominant Cloud infrastructure belongs to Microsoft’s Azure. Yes, it’s a Cloud computing platform that provides storage, network, cognitive, database, and IoT services. They also give hosting solutions to all sizes of organizations. Furthermore, they offer various built-in technologies to develop mobile apps, web apps, APIs, etc.

Here, building Cloud apps with Microsoft Azure is made easy thanks to their Virtualization approach. It means you can utilize or simulate the necessary hardware machine’s performance and OS through a computer only. Thus, reduces a massive scale of work and budget. Also, their pre-configured environments autoscale the app’s standards.

A major part of this platform serves for IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS applications. Moving on, let’s see the benefits of using this platform for Azure Cloud application development.

List of benefits of Azure Cloud application development

Do you know that 83% of enterprises prefer to use the Azure platform? Yes! It’s all possible due to its mentioned benefits, which are also its characteristics as Public and Private Clouds. Let’s see some of them:

All-in-one Hiring OS

Free AI Powered ATS & Interview Solutions

Revolutionizing Interviews, Hiring, and Job Opportunities



One of the highly appreciated benefits of using the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform is its unmatched scalability. It allows users to scale their infrastructure based on their needs. While its virtual machines, storage, and networking help build custom functions. In effect, creating and deploying applications becomes easy, quick, and flexible.

Compliance standards

Azure’s security and compliance features, like threat intelligence, certifications, and advanced data protection, are highly available to their Cloud users. Their role-based access control is another add-on that allows organizations to prioritize security levels for various parts of their project or application. Thus, encryption is intact throughout the SDLC.

Global availability

Azure Cloud application development services have data centers spanned all over the globe. Their customer service with less latency implies organizations can reach out offline or online for any issue. Moreover, this feature is available for customers using their resources as freelancers and small-scale businesses for affordable prices.

Disaster recovery

In any event of a disaster, Azure Site Recovery takes over the application control and allows organizations to replicate the entire progress swiftly to a secondary location. As a result, recovery is done even before damage control. Also, backup services are available in VMs to ensure that crucial data is protected at all times.

Less operational cost

Usually, Azure Cloud application development doesn’t cost much in terms of operational costs because they use the built-in servers to test the Cloud functionality and security. Here, another advantage is the high cost of purchasing hardware. Since the Azure portal has the necessary tools integrated, all you have to do is take their subscription.

Now that we have seen the advantages of opting for Microsoft Azure consulting services, let's explore some of its main features in the next section.

What are the features of Microsoft Azure Cloud computing?

Although we have AWS and Google Cloud, Azure Cloud application development has some unique features that are powerful and flexible to serve all your business needs. Let’s see the prime and most important features in detail:

Data management

Azure provides several services for data storage and management. One is Azure Blob Storage, which stores and retrieves large quantities of unstructured data like images, videos, etc. Secondly, the Azure SQL Database is designed as RDBMS to support your local database. Finally, their Cosmos DB handles and analyzes various data types.


Its AI and ML services can be integrated with your Azure Cloud application development to leverage automation facilities. Here, ML models and a feedback learning mechanism are added to train the data. On the other hand, AI models help integrate speech recognition and other NLP-related tasks into the applications.

Computational services

Most Microsoft Cloud application developers would be experienced with their computational services to deploy and manage apps because they provide separate staging environments for testing and designing various categories of bug-free applications. Hence, smooth user experience and seamless functionality come effortlessly.

Single pane control

Single pane operations are Azure’s most powerful yet unique feature. It provides an operation Management Suite (OMS) to accurately monitor and handle diverse datasets, sources, logs, storage, and VMs. Also, with OMS security, you can have patch-level monitoring, malware detection, etc, for your network infrastructure.

Hybrid Cloud

You can easily integrate your On-premise platform into Azure and enjoy hybrid approaches. Azure Stack allows users to deploy and run all hardware-related activities virtually. As a result, you can repeat the same tests until you achieve your ideal output. Also, you can use Azure Arc for managing the environment.

Further, in the next section, let’s explore the collection of Microsoft Azure consulting services that come along with the platform to ease the entire operation for developers.

Explore the powerful data analytics capabilities of Microsoft Azure Data Warehouse to unlock valuable insights and enhance decision-making within your organization.

What services are available with Microsoft Azure Cloud?

Microsoft Azure Cloud computing is like a Pandora's box filled with integrated services that ease designing, developing, deploying, and monitoring the applications. Let’s glimpse some of those services and understand their purpose:

Azure Cloud

Here, Azure Cloud is the prime platform with all the features specially designed for professional software developers. They can create Azure-based Cloud applications, store their data, perform data analysis, monitor the reports, and even deploy the services without compatibility issues. You can develop native, hybrid, and web apps too.

Power Platform

The power platform is designed for low-code application development, which can be accessed by non-coders and other domain employees. With its study tutorials and supporting guides, they can easily create applications and automate their business process. Moreover, this platform is best for beginners to start learning about Azure.

GitHub and Azure DevOps

Rather than coding the entire application, you can take source codes from GitHub. It saves time, money, and a lot of development work, as Git gives free access to a diverse range of software-based projects. On the other hand, companies can use Azure DevOps tools to design and deploy applications faster.

Microsoft 365

Usually, Microsoft 365 is familiar to everyone for its PowerPoint, word, excel, and other basic services. But moving forward, you can access their Microsoft Teams, Exchange, and SharePoint to communicate, discuss, and post company-related messages. Thereupon, it ensures that the team has real-time collaboration and commitment.

Microsoft Sentinel

Entra ID and Sentinel are Cloud-native solutions that provide real-time security and SIEM services. You can access and add data from all sources, users, and devices to its threat intelligence stream. Then, it automatically detects potential risks and exploits points. Unlike Defender XDR, its data connector model keeps tabs on all over the system.

The next section explores how businesses can benefit by selecting Appsierra as their host for Azure Cloud application development.

Why hire Appsierra for Microsoft Azure consulting?

Tools like Jenkins and Ansible can support your Azure Cloud application development. But, a consulting company like Appsierra can do more than just offer services. They will take care of the entire management and infrastructure handling right from the beginning to post-delivery. In effect, you can get more advantages and perks for the same price range, like -

Azure and AWS

Our team can design and deliver software solutions with infrastructure developed using AWS and Azure Cloud services. We go beyond the given management services to optimize your application performance and productivity. After release, you can easily administer and improve the setup anytime.

Thorough data analytics

With Appsierra, your Azure Cloud application development will be elevated because we employ data analytics tools like forecasting and predictive analysis to obtain more insights into customer choices. Thus, extra modifications and necessary decisions in the future can be made statistically to increase the success rate.

Transparent reporting

At Appsierra, the regular reporting process is transparent to developers and stakeholders. We believe that Cloud health and performance are prime factors that must be checked frequently in these applications. That’s why we conduct thorough security audits and provide comprehensive overviews to understand the severity of issues.

CI/CD processes

We extensively research the compliance and security standards to provide a better defense for your applications. Our Azure Cloud application development experts adhere to best practices, along with continuous integration and deployment pipelines, to enhance the overall effectiveness and security of your Cloud environment.

Multi-cloud infrastructure

In Appsierra, we provide multi-cloud management services to large enterprises to ensure high availability and fast data retrieval. Also, they can customize the Cloud features to suit their work culture. Here, personalization may seem like a costly option, but our experts make sure to strike the correct balance between price & efficiency.


Reliable Cloud services and cost-worthy management practices have become necessities for modern companies. Besides, optimizing resource consumption while giving the best performance is a continuous process to cling on. That’s why it’s always better to outsource these projects to companies like Appsierra. They provide a seamless experience and robust Azure Cloud application development administration.

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