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7 Best AI Apps For Android with Examples

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AI Apps For Android

Technology and electronic devices have become part of our daily lives. Also, artificial intelligence is making human interaction with them more interactive. AI allows machines to learn from past interactions and improve the service accordingly, and this is a continuous process.

It is easy to access the advantages of AI, with just the help of a smartphone. There are applications available, using AI technology to ease various stressful tasks and enhance the user experience.

Best Artificial Intelligence Apps in 2024

These AI-powered apps are not just changing our life; they're setting the new standards for efficiency, convenience, and intelligence. Now, lets see the artificial intelligence apps:

1. DataBot

DataBot is a personal assistant application for Android users. Like Jarvis, it responds with its voice to any request made by the user.

Along with that, the integrated apps and services also generates images, voice search and multimedia presentation. The virtual assistant gets its answers from Google, Wikipedia, feed RSS and web material making it essential for application testing services to ensure its functionality.

The results obtained are automatically summarized by DataBot containing your answer, related details, links.

It is a cross-platform service that can be accessed on the smartphone, laptop, tablet. The user is allowed to customize the virtual assistant based on language, voice, name, behaviour. DataBot can act as a personal secretary by managing your diary, saving notes and reminders, setting alarms, searching for your contact.

It is also able to chat with the user just like a human and it keeps on learning new words from the past conversation to Improve the interaction.

2. Fyle

Fyle is an application used to track your expenses, receipts and log mileage. It helps in managing business expenses and travel. The user just needs to take a photo of the receipt required to be logged and Fyle will automatically scan the photo and extract the expense information.

The Fyle app is developed for small businesses, accounting firms, and freelancers to reduce the efforts and time required in manually logging the expense information in the spreadsheet file by providing an easy and efficient way to accomplish such a hectic task.

Even for large enterprises, the Fyle app allows an employee to manage the expenses as per the company’s policy and immediate information is provided if any violation is detected. It is easy for a team manager to approve or reject the expense reports of the employees.

Maintaining the strictest security testing services protocols to safeguard sensitive financial information.

3. Socratic

Socratic is Google’s product to help students in learning and clearing their doubts from wherever and whenever they want. This AI app for Android helps a learner to understand the school work concepts at the high school and university level. It provides the best online resources available for the topic you asked a question about in the Socratic app.

The questions can be asked using a voice and smartphone camera, and the application will generate the most relevant online results to help the user understand the question.

Along with that, it also helps users to find the subjects they may want to learn about at their own pace. Socratic has collaborated with many teachers and experts to help in learning the concept behind each problem with the visual explanation in each subject.

A user can use Socratic to learn about Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History and Literature.

4. Elsa Speak

Among a large number of Artificial Intelligence apps, Elsa Speak is one such application that helps in improving vocabulary and pronunciation. Along with that, the user can also learn new words, bring fluency in speaking.

It is used by more than 10million people from over 130 countries to gain command of speaking English by using AI-based speech recognition technology and prepare for English proficiency exams like IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC. Elsa Speak has been recognized by TechCrunch, Forbes, Mashable, VentureBeat, Yahoo, Salma Hayek and more.

Its speech tests are written by world-class experts to evaluate the user’s pronunciation strengths and weaknesses and understand the areas of improvement to work on. It has more than 1600 lessons learned from and more than 40 topics to learn about like, travel like tips and job interviews.

5. Amazon Alexa

One of the best AI for Android is Amazon Alexa App, used to set up the Alexa enabled devices. It can be commanded to play music, create shopping lists, get news updates and many more.

Amazon Alexa uses AI technology to adapt according to the voice, vocabulary and personal preferences of the user.

It is a continuous process and the more the user interacts with Alexa more personalized the experience it will give in the future.

It can be used to control and check the status of smart devices like smart lights, locks and thermostats at your home with this app.

It eases out the process of managing Alexa enabled devices, music, books, organizing your day and many more.

6. Google Assistant

Google Assistant as the name suggests is an AI-enabled personal assistant to help you with everyday tasks.

It can be used to manage your schedule, control smart home devices, and enjoy your entertainment.

All you need to say for initiating a task is ‘Hey Google’. You can ask it to play the music or video of your choice and can set the volume with just an instruction from your voice.

Even with Google Assistant at your service, you do not need to make calls, type text messages or emails manually. These tasks can be done by just asking Google to do it for you.

It will easily find directions for your destination, manage your calendar, appointments and meetings, and results of web searches throughout the day.

If you're curious about how it manages to provide such a smooth experience. It's all thanks to software test automation services that ensure its functionality.

7. Cortana

Microsoft’s Cortana is another Personal Assistant AI app for Android to manage your work and life.

This personal assistant can be carried anywhere with you to keep track of the important things. It can be used to set reminders for accomplishing a task.

It will also send a reply message if you miss a call and will also inform you about it on your PC.

Cortana learns about the preferences of the user like his favourite artists, sports team and makes recommendations accordingly.


So these are some of the best AI for Android OS. Artificial intelligence has enabled these applications to help the user increase their productivity and have a personalized experience while operating the application by making them learn from past user interactions.

The concept of ‘ease of service’ has been taken to another level by AI-based apps and will go higher in the coming future. AI-based apps are thoroughly tested and quality assured by QA testing companies to guarantee their reliability and security.

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