Chromium Browser vs Chrome: Know The Key Differences


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Without a doubt, Chrome dominates the global browser market. It is the reigning master and shows no evidence of withdrawing from that position. Chromium, on the other hand, is a free, open-source software project developed by Google. Its source code is the basis for many browsers. Despite the resemblance in terms, there is always a debate about the distinction between Chrome and Chromium. The purpose of this article is to explain that issue.

Chromium browser vs chrome : Chrome

Chrome is a browser that has been built and implemented by Google. It’s proprietary, and anyone can install and use it for free. However, the code cannot be decompiled, reverse engineered, or leveraged to build other projects.

How to install Chrome?

Go to the website for Chrome. Follow the steps and Chrome will be configured in a matter of minutes, depending on whether you’re on Windows or macOS.

How do you test Chrome websites?

Since Chrome maintains about 64.45 percent of the global browser market share, developers need to test every webpage they create on Chrome. Keep in mind that this includes both current and older versions of Chrome. Don’t presume that every Chrome user has reconfigured to the latest version of the browser.

There are several ways to test a website for multiple versions of Chrome:

Install old versions of Chrome now

Testers can download older versions of Chrome and run their websites to make sure they work as expected. However, doing so would take an enormous amount of time and effort, which would be a responsibility when it comes to managing fast release cycles.

Use a cloud-based testing service such as BrowserStack

BrowserStack offers access to various versions of Chrome (versions 15 to 75) installed on thousands of real browsers. Testers can simply select an edition of Chrome, a real device to run it on and start testing their Chrome website. Various versions of Chrome are available for manual testing as well as automated testing of Selenium.

Use your browser emulator

While emulators are useful in the early stages of advancement, they cannot recreate the circumstances of the real world in their totality. The emulator, for example, cannot recreate network access, device location, low battery conditions, and other factors that users have to deal with. As a result, the website cannot be tested under real user conditions and will therefore not be ready for real-world use.


Alternatively, Chromium is not just another browser, but also an open-source project that produces the source code from which Chrome is designed. In 2008, Google published a significant portion of Chrome’s source code as Chromium to enable developers to study the underlying code. They’re also allowed to port a browser to Linux and Mac.

Google developers take the Chromium ad blocker source code; apply their proprietary code – resulting in Chrome that has more functionality and add-ons than Chromium. For example, Chrome upgrades instantly can monitor browsing data and offer local Flash support. Chromium is not doing any of this. Multiple browsers, other than Chrome, are designed to a chromium code. These include Opera, Amazon Silk, and Microsoft Edge. Edge replaced JavaScript and Microsoft-sourced rendering engines, replacing them with Chromium V8 and Blink.

How to install chromium?

The best way to get Chromium is to get it from the download page. The page automatically recognizes the device’s operating system and provides the proper edition of Chromium. If it doesn’t, just choose from the OS list at the bottom of the page. The page even recognizes the latest built-in number and how old it is. Windows and Linux users can also click on the “Last Known Good Revision” link near the bottom of the page to restore chromium versions from a year ago.

On Linux, configure Chromium immediately from the source code of the Linux distribution. For instance, configure Chromium on Ubuntu Linux by starting the Ubuntu Software Center. Browse for chromium and then click Install. Chromium also gets security patches through the Linux distribution data sets.

Difference Between Chrome and Chromium

In the debate between chromium browser vs Chrome, let us, see the difference

Provides additional features such as an upgrade process, integrated multi-technology support, and digital rights management (DRM) components for playback of copyrighted content.Does not contain any of those other features
StableIt’s more likely to crash, as opposed to the simplest versions of Chrome.
Gathers and passes information to Google automatically. These details can differ from crash reports, use statistics, computer operating systems, and more.Collect and transmit less information. Details such as accident reports and consumption statistics cannot be transferred.
As it is based on chromium, the protection mechanisms are identical. But all security patches are modified to Chrome automaticallyJust as safe as Chrome is. However, the lack of an upgrade process means that security updates to the source code would have to be manually downloaded and enabled by the user.

Chromium browser vs Chrome – Which should you use?

Generally, though, most people tend to use Chrome because it’s easy to use and has several useful add-ons. Chrome provides a better Flash player, allowing more online media content to be viewed. For example, Chrome on Linux can stream Netflix videos that require H.264 support for HTML5 video. Chromium does not have all of this.

However, open-source developers may tend to use Chromium if they often want to change the source code. A big benefit is that Chromium allows Linux distributions that require open-source software to bundle a browser that is almost similar to Chrome. Linux providers can also use Chromium as the default web browser instead of Firefox. Choose after thorough and detailed consideration of what the browser wants to do. Since Chrome and Chromium can be run at the same time, it is also possible to break the specifications and execute the most suitable browser functions.

So, is it Chromium browser vs chrome? If you are using Windows and Mac, the option is pretty simple. Chromium is just too good to use—mostly because you can’t get the official stable builds that will download automatically. Linux users should make the real option here.

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