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What is the Cost of Making an App like WhatsApp in 2023? - A Comprehensive Guide

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Cost of Making an App like WhatsApp

Are you looking to develop an app like WhatsApp for your business? Are you confused in deciding its features? Or are you wondering about thecost of making an app like WhatsApp? Well, you are on the right site. Appsierra will help you guide with cost estimates. We will give you the finest solutions for your app development process. Moreover, we will walk you through the factors that influence the cost of WhatsApp-like apps. Besides, you will also gain insights into the app types and features that help you meet your business goals. So, let us dive deeper into the world of instant messaging apps and its role. Read on to know more.

WhatsApp is one of the top instant messaging apps, with over 5 billion active users. By far, it is the most popular and widely used messaging app. As WhatsApp made a benchmark win in the digital world, most companies started to invest in building similar messaging apps. So, if you are a startup or an enterprise, you must have wondered about thecost of making an app like WhatsApp. Well, it does not cost much.

Before that, we must know the reason behind its development. In other words, why was it built in the first place? The intention of WhatsApp was to give users a platform to exchange messages in real-time with the help of Wifi or the Internet. You can access it using smartphones or any cutting-edge device. As a result, it is available anywhere and anytime.

In this article, we will explain the following content:

  • Factors to consider the cost of building an app
  • Features for instant messaging
  • Principles to keep in mind
  • How to create WhatsApp-like chat apps?
  • How to hire a dedicated team for mobile app development?

What are the Factors that Determine the Cost of Messaging Apps?

The cost of making an app like WhatsApp depends on multiple factors. You often want to develop applications that are reliable and secure. To achieve this reliability and security in your app, you need a well-experienced professional team like Appsierra. Besides, every feature and technology will affect the budget for building messaging apps.

Given below are the factors that influence mobile app development cost:

App Complexity

If your app has a complex framework with extensive features, there is a chance the cost may increase. However, a simple app with basic elements may cost less. It is because the time frame for highly complex designs can take more than nine months. On the other hand, it only takes three to six months to build simple messaging apps.

UI/UX Design

UI/UX designs ensure better navigation and layouts for the app. It guarantees user engagement and retention for your app. Besides, UI/UX designs involve strategies like planning and testing to meet the set parameters. It can impact the overall development costs. As a result, it is a factor that affects thecost of making an app like WhatsApp.

App Platform

You can select between Android, iOS or cross-platform to develop your applications. You can choose the platform based on your user base. Creating Android apps is slightly costly when compared to iOS apps. It is because Android apps must undergo consistent testing. Besides, cross-platform applications can increase your development budget.

When considering the cost of making a cross-platform app like WhatsApp, it is crucial to evaluate various factors involved in cross-platform app development.

Development Team Size

Your team size can impact thecost to make an app like WhatsApp. In other words, outsourcing a development team is more affordable than hiring an in-house team. Working with an outsourcing company like Appsierra has well-experienced professionals to develop WhatsApp-like apps cost-efficiently. However, hiring an in-house team is time-consuming and expensive. It is because in-house teams require training and upskilling. Besides, the company location also affects the cost of your app development.

App Maintenance

Most application needs consistent support and maintenance after deploying to the real world. Your app may require constant updates and tech integration with every new market trend. As a result, app maintenance can also affect thecost of making an app like WhatsApp.

Tools Used

Developing a messaging app requires an advanced tech stack. These tools help optimize each stage of the app development lifecycle. Besides, it builds messaging apps that match your requirements and needs. As a result, it keeps your app intact and robust. Thus, it impacts the costs of your application.


Integrating features into your app determine WhatsApp development costs. Apps with extensive features can cost more than apps that require a simple feature list.

What are the Features Required for Messaging Apps like WhatsApp?

Since we have discussed the factors that affect thecost of making an app like WhatsApp, let us explore the features. These factors help define your messaging apps. Given below are the top elements needed for messaging apps:

Real-time Messaging

One essential feature of a messaging app is real-time messaging. It includes one on one chat and group chat. Besides, it enables the user to use emojis, stickers and gifs.

Chat Label

Chat labels help label and categorize chats. Here, businesses can customize according to customers, orders, payments, chat types, etc.

Voice and Video Calls

These two features in messaging apps attract users the most. Besides, the users can use this feature using the Internet or wifi rather than on a data plan. As a result, it will make your app more influential and effective for your business.

Multimedia Sharing

The cost of creating an app for business is worth it if it has features like multimedia sharing. It enables one to send voice notes, videos, images and document files. So, if you are planning to build messaging apps, you can add this feature.

Contact and Location Sharing

Adding this feature allows your user to share contact and live location with the receiver. It is worth having in your app for thecost of making an app like WhatsApp.


Settings column allows users to customize the app according to their needs. Therefore, it is a significant feature that includes privacy and profile settings. It helps them to block contacts and change chat notifications.


It helps the users get notified on personal or group chat messages. One can incorporate this feature through Google Cloud Messaging for Android or Apple Push Notifications.

What are the Principles to Create a WhatsApp-like App?

Before you build an app like WhatsApp, you must consider some factors. These factors help you fulfil your desired goals. Therefore, you must also think about your business needs and requirements. The cost of making an app like WhatsApp is one among many principles to consider. However, given below are the principles that help get your business on top of the market:

Know your audience

The key to making your app successful is to understand the needs and requirements of your target audience. You must ensure to keep your app more secure and easy to use. As a result, it will help you gain and retain users.

Know your Competitors

You must study and analyze the market trends to build high-performing applications. You can find out ways to make your app better than your rivals. Besides, you can look for apps similar to WhatsApp to identify its features, USPs and drawbacks. Knowing your competitors can make thecost of making an app like WhatsAppeasy and reasonable.

Understand the App value

The value of an app lies in its uniqueness. If your app is already similar to an existing app, it can lose its significance in the market. Therefore, you must add competitive and relevant features to your app.

Promote your app

It is essential to make your app available on the Google Play store or App Stores. However, you must ensure to promote your app to attract your users.

Considering these factors will help you make thecost of making an app like WhatsAppmore effective and worthwhile.

How to Create WhatsApp-like Chat Apps?

The following is a step-by-step guide to help you build a WhatsApp-like application.

Choose a business model

Before building an app, you must select a proper business model to keep your app reaching the right audience. Besides, you can study and evaluate market trends to bring out the best in your app than the rivals.

When considering the cost of making an app like WhatsApp, it is important to explore reliable software development services that offer expertise in creating secure and user-friendly communication platforms.

Find Developers

The next step is to identify tailored-fit developers that match your needs and requirements. Hiring a professional app development team or developers helps you build robust and secure applications for your business.

Consider Service Provider's Location

The cost of development in mobile applications depends on the locations of the service providers. You can partner with app development companies like Appsierra for fast app delivery and quality product.

Plan the App Architecture

Discuss your vision with your developers and decide the layout of your app. It helps fulfill your desired goal and develop your app according to your needs.

MVP Development

The next step is to develop MVP to avoid unnecessary work and errors. As a result, it helps reduce the initial cost of making an app like WhatsApp.It also helps in launching the product faster.

Collaborate with UI/UX team

Team up with UI/UX design team to get a positive user experience for your app. They will help you design the finest layouts and structures that define your product.

How to Hire a Dedicated Team for Mobile App Development?

Appsierra has a proven track record of developing robust and reliable apps. The company give you quick access to global talents. You will get developers, QA Analysts, programmers, project managers and business analysts. Let us explore how you should hire a team for your app development process.

  • Share your business vision.
  • Communicate your project requirements with the app development team.
  • Negotiate thecost of making an app like WhatsApp
  • Interview the developers
  • Hire developers that match your needs.
  • Sign Contracts and other documents.
  • Build your team




WhatsApp is highly getting popular across the world. It is because it offers features and benefits that users expect. So, if your business plans to build a WhatsApp-like app, it is essential to consider factors that impact the cost of app development. In this blog, we help you estimate the cost of making an app like WhatsApp.We have explained the features and principles to determine while developing the apps. These features can vary the overall expense of your mobile app development. Besides, you can partner with leading companies like Appsierra for a budget-friendly development process. Contact the experts and get a quality product for your business.


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