Understanding The Difference Between REST And SOAP APIs!!


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The terms “web services” imply several things to people in various fields. For public users, it is about utilizing online services, like surfing the internet, but for creators and webmasters, it has different definitions. All-around it is a wide world that informs us how the communication between two different sets of applications or devices is held over the World Wide Web (WWW). This blog will tell you about the difference between rest and soap API.

The communication system can be classified into two kinds, i.e. Simple Object Access Protocol or SOAP, and Representational State Transfer or REST. Quite frequently both are considered to be the words with the same meanings but how both functions and what tools both utilize for communication objectives builds the fine line between the two. Before highlighting the difference between rest and soap API, let’s discuss what they both are.

REST API in Codeigniter

Representational State Transfer i.e. REST.  A REST API is a web service that utilizes HTTP procedures like PUT, GET, POST, DELETE for information manipulation over the cross outlets. REST delivers a lighter-weight option. Various developers organize SOAP cumbersome and difficult to utilize. For instance, working with SOAP in JavaScript means writing a lot of code to conduct easy tasks because you must build the required XML pattern every time.

REST API in Codeigniter
REST API in Codeigniter

Rather than trying XML to make a request, REST usually depends on an easy URL. In some situations, you must deliver more data, but most web services using REST depend entirely on using the URL approach. REST doesn’t have to use XML to deliver the reply, unlike SOAP which we will discuss further. You can discover REST-based web services that result in the data in JavaScript Object Notation (JSON), Command Separated Value (CSV), and Simple Syndication (RSS). The fact is you can collect the output you desire, in a form that’s simple to parse within the language you’re utilizing for your application.

Advantages of REST

REST is simpler to utilize for the vast part and is more creative. Here are the following benefits that are over SOAP:

  1. No costly tools need to interact with the web service
  2. Minor learning curve
  3. Productive as SOAP uses XML for all messages, REST can utilize tinier message formats
  4. Fast as no substantial processing is required
  5. Nearer to different web technologies in design philosophy

Laravel Rest API

With the increase of mobile development and JavaScript frameworks, utilizing a RESTful API is the perfect choice to create a single interface between your information and your client. Laravel is a PHP framework formulated with PHP creator productivity in the psyche. It is written and maintained by Taylor Otwell, the framework is very limited and seeks to save the creator’s time by preferring convention over configuration.

The framework also seeks to develop with the web and has already integrated various modern characteristics and ideas in the web development world such as job lines, real-time communication, API authentication out of the box, and many more. REST vs SOAP API has been a problem for a while now. And actually, they’re just two solutions to the same question i.e., how to access web services. However, choosing one over the other can be surprisingly tough. Let’s look at the SOAP API now.


SOAP depends entirely on XML to deliver messaging services. Microsoft initially developed SOAP to take the position of older technologies that don’t function well on the internet like the Distributed Component Object Model (DCOM) and Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA). These technologies lag because they depend on binary messaging. The XML messaging that SOAP requires functions better over the internet.

After a preliminary release, Microsoft submitted SOAP to the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) where it was formalized. SOAP is manufactured to support development, so it has all types of other acronyms and abbreviations associated with it, such as WS-Addressing, WS-Security, WS-Policy, WS-Federation, WS-Coordination, WS-AtomicTransaction, WS-ReliableMessaging, and WS-RemotePortlets. You can discover a whole laundry list of these norms on Web Services Standards. The fact is that SOAP is highly extensible, but you barely utilize the parts you require for a specific task.

Advantages of Soap

SOAP delivers the following advantages while compared to REST:

  1. Platform, language, and transport-independent whereas REST employs the use of HTTP
  2. Functions well in allocated enterprise environments, on the other hand, REST determines direct point-to-point communication
  3. Systematic
  4. Gives crucial pre-build extensibility in the form of the WS* standards
  5. Built-in error dealing
  6. Automation when utilized with distinct language products

Difference Between Rest And Soap API

Let’s look at the difference between soap and rest API:

  1. REST API has no official criterion at all because it is an architectural style. SOAP API, on the different side, has an official norm because it is a procedure.
  2. REST APIs use multiple norms like HTTP, URL, JSON, and XML while SOAP APIs are greatly established on HTTP and XML.
  3. As REST API deploys many standards, so it takes limited resources and bandwidth as compared to SOAP that utilizes XML for the performance of Payload and conclusions in the large-sized file.
  4. The paths both APIs disclose the company logics are also different.
  5. SOAP API illustrates various standards, and its implementer executes the things in a basic way only. In the case of miscommunication from service, the outcome will be the mistake. REST API, on the other hand, doesn’t take priority on too many standards and effects in a corrupt API in the result.
  6. REST API utilizes Web Application Description Language, and SOAP API employed Web Services Description Language for defining the functionalities being given by web services.
  7. REST APIs are more useful with JavaScript and can be executed easily as well. SOAP APIs are further convenient with JavaScript but don’t support enormous implementation.

Deciding Between SOAP and REST

Unless you schedule to build your web service, the decision of which procedure to use will probably already be created for you. Very few web services, such as “Amazon”, consent both. The emphasis of your decision frequently centers on which web service adequately fulfills your demands, relatively of which protocol to utilize.

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