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What is an Employee Time Tracking App and its Features

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Employee Time Tracking App

Are you looking for the best employee time tracking software for your business? If yes, then you are taking the right track for your firm. Employee time clock app helps you monitor your employee's time. You can use them for businesses of any scale. It means you can use them even if you are a freelancer, small business owner, or enterprise runner.

Moreover, these apps help you measure productivity and prevent disparities in your business. So, in this blog, we will guide you in selecting the right employee time tracking app development for your company. We will also explain the features and benefits of these apps that best meet your needs.

So, keep reading and find out more about time keeping apps for your business.

Using the employee time clock app offers many benefits for your firm. It helps your team to be more efficient and productive. Besides, it saves time and money for your business by avoiding all types of bottlenecks. 

As a result, this app is a crucial management tool that keeps your business organized with its countless features. Therefore, you must find the best-suited employee time tracking app for your firm that matches your business needs.

Efficient employee time tracking is crucial for organizational productivity and accountability, while seamlessly integrating online student attendance ensures a streamlined approach to managing both workforce and educational engagements.

There are plenty of time tracking apps available in the global market. Each one has its pros and features that suit your business. Thus, in this article, we will explain the following topics to help you choose the right time keeping app for employees:

  • What is a Time Tracking App?
  • What are its Benefits?
  • What are the Features of the time tracking app?
  • How to pick the best employee time tracking software?

What is Time Tracking Software Apps?

Before getting into the definition of time tracking software, you must understand what time tracking is. So, as the name suggests, time tracking involves firms recording the employees' working hours. It encompasses other elements as well.

In other words, you can record attendance, billable hours, and scheduling with the help of the time tracking process. Besides, it provides features for time entry, detailed reports and approvals.

So here are some basic features of time trackers:

Time entry:

Employee time clock app involves the clocking-in and clocking-out process. Here, the tracker identifies the starting and finishing times of the employee. Here, they use a point-of-sale system or punch card.

Detailed Reports:

These reports involve the verified hours that help in payroll processing. Besides, it helps the firm in budget analysis to identify faults in the system.


Approvals involve timesheets. The manager reviews the sheets to analyze the working hours of the employee. As a result, they can calculate the total work hours and create reports.

Earlier, firms did time tracking procedures manually. That means they employed timecards or physical documents for time entry. However, now most companies handle time tracking using the software. So, what does an employee time tracker app mean? It is a software tool used by employees to record the time spent on their work. As a result, it automates billing, payroll, and client invoicing.

Software development tools are essential for streamlining the development process.

Besides, this software provides insights into the company's operations. In simpler terms, they will let you know the total time taken by the employees for a project and detailed reports and invoices. It helps the firm streamline business processes and increase productivity. In addition, it keeps your operations consistent and accurate.

So, now we will break down its role in business by explaining its key features.

What are the Features of the Employee Time Tracking App?

Time tracking apps offer many tools and features to manage your business. However, it is always wise to understand your needs and select the apt app for your firm. Given below are the key characteristics you will observe in a time tracking app:

Employee time tracker:

It is a core functionality in a time tracking app. It helps you track and record the working hour of the employee in real time. As a result, you can use this record of the payroll for your employee. Besides, you can set tasks in the timeline and estimate their deadline.

A company can implement cutting-edge Digital Employee Onboarding Software to streamline the hiring process.

Online Timesheets:

Most employee's time tracking app features this tool to record time entries. It records the billable hours and tracks the employees' attendance, absences, time-offs, and holidays. Besides, this report acts as an attendance sheet. The firm can save this report in CSV or PDF and use them for payroll processing.

Clock in and out:

Clock-in software eases the punching process. The employees are only required to click the web-in button to start and finish their office day. As a result, this employee attendance software helps track the employee's billable hours.

Project Management:

When you use the time tracking app for your business, you will also get project management tools to handle projects. They help you set priorities, budgets, and deadlines for your project. Besides, you can track the progress of your project based on time.

User Management:

As the name suggests, user management helps in managing the employees. It guides your employer to assign tasks and set team and team leaders. Besides, the employee time tracker app assists you in generating reports.

Automated Invoicing:

Invoicing allows you to pay your employees on time. This feature tracks the employees working hours and automates wage calculation based on the set time and pay. As a result, it keeps the billing process transparent and saves time for the business.

Reminder Alerts:

This feature in the time tracking app for employees allows the employees to be alert about their pending or urgent work. Besides, the employees will get notifications if they have missed to log-in or log-out. As a result, they can take the necessary actions.


With reporting and analytics features, the employees can generate reports on their tasks. They can analyze the total time they spend on a project or evaluate the budget for each project.

What are the Benefits of Time Tracking Software?

Using an employee time clock app is ideal for businesses of all sizes and scales. It is because they offer multiple benefits to carry their operations on the right track. The following are some key benefits of employee time tracking software for small business companies and large enterprises:

Save Time:

One of the major benefits of time tracking employees is that it helps firms save time on complex time tracking functions. This app enables your business to monitor employees' work hours and process payroll. As a result, your firm can focus on high-priority tasks.

Enhance Productivity:

With the help of an employee time clock app, you can optimize the work capacity in your firm. In other words, this software app keeps the deadline set and clear. As a result, you can monitor the project's progress over time. Besides, it enables you to spot if the team has wasted time.

Ensure Transparency:

You can track and record the employees' billable hours by time tracking software. It automates the tracking process and ensures accurate reports. As a result, it avoids the possibility of disputes between the company and employees. Moreover, it allows us to analyze the performance of the employees using these reports.

Improve Accuracy:

Billable hours app offers transparent data on tasks and deadlines. It helps your business to analyze the project status and its overall budget.

Build Trust:

Using an employee time clock app keeps the managers at ease since it takes care of the time tracking process and invoicing. It offers accurate and transparent reports on their working hours. As a result, it boosts the trust between managers and employees.

How to Choose the Best Employee Time Tracking Software?

You will find a myriad of options for the best app for employee time tracking. However, it is crucial to choose the best one among them that matches your business needs and requirements. Therefore, consider these factors before you select the best time tracking for small business:

Understand Your Needs:

Before you pick a time tracker, you must identify and analyze the needs of your business. It helps you find the software that fits your business conditions. Here, you can collaborate with app development service providers like Appsierra. The experts will suggest the best solutions for your needs.

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You must ensure that the software fits within your budget limit. Therefore, you should negotiate the overall cost of the software with the service providers at the initial stage.

Ease of Use:

The software must be easy for the employees to use. In other words, it must have intuitive and user-friendly interfaces. Besides, the visual elements should be navigable and understandable for the employees.


Features and tools are the core factors in the employee time tracking app. So, when you plan to pick an app, see if its features suit your business demands. You must look for core features like a time tracker, payroll, and automated timesheets.


When selecting the time tracking app, you should ensure that it integrates with your firm system and other applications.


Tracking employee work hours and generating regular reports can be a daunting task. However, the best employee time tracking app enables you to automate these tasks. It streamlines your business process and boosts productivity.

Besides, it helps monitor the employees' performance to avoid all sorts of risks and bottlenecks. So, when you select the time tracking, ensure they are tailored-fit for your business.

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