Qualities Of A Competent Mobile App Developer


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Ever since the smartphone has been invented, the demand for mobile applications has seen an upswing. This constant rise in the need for various applications increases the importance of knowing the qualities of a competent mobile app developer. To meet the demands of their target market, big businesses are constantly investing large amounts in creative applications to help their business socialize and grow. Due to this competition, the business owners should ensure that their application is effective and potent enough to entice the audience. For this, the business should hire the services of a proficient web application developer. 

What are the important qualities of an app developer?

What skills are needed for mobile app developer?

What makes a good mobile developer?

What does an app developer do?

The qualities of a competent application developer

A dexterous and adept mobile application developer is an important component of a business. Such a developer helps the business to soar great heights by fabricating applications, which are better than other software performing the same operations. The qualities are-

Knowledge of several different languages 

An adept web application developer should know multiple languages. The users may operate applications on different mobile phones with different brands. These brands may, in turn, have different operating systems which use various programming languages. Hence, a skilled developer should know various languages like Python, Java, Swift, etc.

Outstanding UI/UX (User interface and User experience) skills

This is one of the best qualities of a competent mobile app developer. The huge number of applications on play stores serving the same purposes make it necessary for your app to have some special features to entice and allure the users. A research of 2007 shows that there was approximately 3.5 million software on Google play store and 2.2 million applications on Apple Store in the year. Till now, this number must have expanded.

Thus, the developers should possess exceptional UX skills to make their apps stupendous. Besides being unique, the software should be easy to navigate by the users. With the help of the UX skills, you can make your application easy to use by incorporating various calls to action and other such attributes. You can stand out from your strategic adversaries by integrating features that help the impaired people to use your software. Moreover, make your website or web page organized by separating the columns based on their functions.


No one likes to go through a dull website which proffers sad vibes. The developers my be born creative or they may procure this skill through training and practice. Developers need to develop creative apps so that their applications are idiosyncratic and quirky from the rest. 

Creative content tantalizes a greater target audience and augments the online traffic. With your creativity, you can also improve the appearance of the application by using a combination of vibrant colors.

Communication skills

Good communication skills are as critical to a mobile application developer as the technical skills needed to create apps. Just as the mind controls the thoughts of the body, the communication skills help a mobile app developer to disseminate his or her thoughts to the users. Since communication is a two-way process, effective communication skills also help the mobile application developer to understand the feedback of the clients and pay heed to the required modifications.


The mobile application developer should have a high level of integrity and should make sure to agree to the terms and conditions of the agreement. However, some developers tend to sell the app to other clients even after the software was purchased by the original client. So, the developers should avert practicing this illegal and unethical performance.

A competent web developer is an individual who proffers the best of his or her potential to satisfy the clients. For this, the individual should stay on his or her words and pay heed to the terms of the agreement. The clients can substantiate the integrity level of a developer by soliciting for references and cross-checking them.

Needs of the target audience

A mobile application developer should formulate an app keeping in mind the requirements of the target audience. With hundreds of applications being out there in the market, if your software cannot satisfy the needs of the market audience, then it will be useless. With their creativity, mobile app developers can transform their ideas into life-changing applications.

Portfolio record

The quality of the developers can be checked through the portfolio. The portfolio shows the list of the clients who use the developers’ apps and thus, substantiates the performance of the app. The quantity of the clients using the mobile app of the developer is not important. The competency of the mobile app developer is verified by the quality of the app which helps the clients to solve their problems.

Information on cross-platform development

Possessing a smartphone is not a luxury these days. According to the reports of the Statista, there were 3.7 billion mobile users in the world in January 2018. The startling fact is that this figure is approximately 1 ½ times more than the number of people in the world.

So, it can be a possibility that each individual owns two or more mobile phones. Hence, mobile app developers should know about cross-platform development. Moreover, with the aid of the knowledge of cross-platform development, the developers can ensure the uniformity of the app, which helps to expand the user engagement. This, in turn, heightens the revenue by multiplying quantity with quality and improves user satisfaction.

Hire the proficient services of the app developers

Integrating the services of a mobile app developer is an expensive cost for the company. So, the company should make sure to verify the competency and proficiency of the developer. Besides the required educational credentials, an application developer should have a rich portfolio to augment his or her credibility in the field. Hence, an experienced developer is likely to perform better by knowing the requirements of the target audience and thus, satisfying them. The individual should be flexible enough to adapt to the modified technological trends of the environment. 

Becoming an application developer requires lots of research and hard work. A developer who has a rich portfolio is likely to be at an advantage from others. To become such a developer, you must know the qualities of a competent mobile app developer. A good mobile app developer should also have the required UI/UX skills.

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