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Today, application development has become the most sought-after career for programmers. The sole reason for this is the growing popularity of apps among users. As there is an application for every purpose. Whether it’s shopping, music, fitness, gaming, calling, messaging, etc. you have an app. But a proper platform for app development is a must for all this. There are various platforms you can choose as per your interests and comfort. But today, in this blog, we will discuss Firebase and its features. It is a popular platform for app development that offers unique tools and services to developers.

So, let’s get started with the blog.

Introduction to Firebase

Firebase is a backend-as-a-service (BaaS). BaaS is a cloud computing model via which app/web developers can connect their applications to cloud storage. Firebase offers a wide range of tools and services to the developers. Using these, the entire process of development takes place at a quick pace and without any hassle. James Tamplin and Andrew Lee found it in 2011. Today, we also prefer Firebase for app marketing.

Features of Firebase

The following are the top features of Firebase for app development:

1. Firebase is Now Smarter Due to Google Analytics

With the help of Google Analytics, we can easily track the user journey on many devices. That is, now you can know whether your app is running on a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. With Google Analytics, you can export your app’s data to BigQuery. It helps in further engaging more users.

2. Hosting

Firebase provides reliable, fast, secure, and high-grade hosting to the developers. This allows them to deploy their apps to a CDN (Content Delivery Network).

3. Storage

If you are planning to develop a storage kind of app, go with Firebase only. It is most suitable for creating storage apps where any sort of media/document can be stored.

4. AdMob

AdMob is the advertising facility of Firebase. It helps in generating revenue from your apps via ads. You can also use Firebase analytics to create, measure, and manage your advertising strategies. AdMob is easy to use and is very effective.

5. App Indexing

Since with Firebase, you can develop Android, iOS, and web apps, app indexing is an important feature to look into. App indexing is a feature that indexes your app on Google search results. So, if a user searches for your app and due to better indexing, it appears at the top; the user is more likely to install your app. So, app indexing also improves the app's ranking on search results.

6. Authentication

Today, almost every app asks for user identification to save his/her data on the Cloud. So, Firebase provides instant UI libraries and SDKs for verifying the user across different applications. Also, using this feature, you can integrate different sign-in techniques for the user. This secures the user data and prevents mishaps.

Firebase App Development For Android iOS

7. Quick Bug Fixing by Reporting Crashes

A bug is harmful to humans, animals, and apps. Yes, you read it right! A bug in an app leads to data leakage, slow navigation, and sometimes to the app crashing. This often forces the user to opt out of the app. As a result, the app’s ratings got a serious hit and declined its reputation. So, to prevent this, Firebase has a facility for reporting app crashes to fix bugs quickly. When notified about the crashes, the QA testers and developers can identify the problems in the app. This saves a lot of time, and the app restores to its normal performance.

8. Send Notifications and Messages to Only a Targeted Audience

With Firebase, you get to enjoy a feature called cloud messaging. This allows you to send messages/notifications to the users for free. No matter, if they’re on a smartphone, laptop, or PC. Also, you can set a convenient time for doing so. Plus, there is no need to code anything for anything.


This blog justifies the fact that today, Firebase has been the #1 choice for app developers across the globe. Due to the wide range of tools and features on offer, there is no need to look beyond this. Firebase not only provides aid in the development process but also helps in-app marketing. So, if you wish to pursue a career in app development, Firebase is at your service.

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