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React JS Development Services and Companies

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React JS Development Services

The creation of web apps on the React JS Development services platform is becoming famous day after day. Despite being published only recently in 2013, it certainly didn’t take long to become one of the world’s most beloved libraries. 

To create an interactive and dynamic user interface for Web and Mobile Applications, React JS Development Services is one of the most simple and versatile frameworks that you can get your hands on, particularly for developing single-page applications where data is reflected in real-time. Demand is also on the increase for companies using react in India.

React JS Development Services seems to be very appealing to customers. No wonder hundreds of React developer agencies want to capitalize on this which is precisely why we bring you a list of India’s React development companies that we have funneled down based on a variety of parameters.

Top Companies Providing React JS Development Services

Here is the list of top companies providing React JS Development Services in India:

1. PixelCrayons

Established in 2004, PixelCrayons has developed more than 500 active reaction production projects for its customers worldwide. Parvesh Aggarwal, the founder, and chairman had a strategy of building a perfect fusion of design, coding, and integration with premium tech solutions that fuelled their vision, and guess what, now they’ve made it to this list.

They deliver services such as Mobile App Development, Web App Development, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, Internet of Things, etc. With their processes, they are adaptable, so you can conveniently recruit a devoted design team for your reaction development project. They currently have over 500+ employees working from their Indian headquarters. 

Not only is it a React software company, but it also has a wide pool of seasoned developers to deliver React.

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2. DigiFutura

Integrated in early 2015, DigiFutura is an app development company dedicated to developing incredible digital UX design interfaces for start-ups and SMEs and developing massively efficient mobile and web applications. They have entities such as NetApp, Citrix, Bridge2Solutions, BlueJeans Networks, CoHo Info, Tintri, etc. with a client base. 

DigiFutura has its headquarters in Bangalore. It specializes in developing MVPs for startups, but when it comes to building an app, its React developers are exceptional. With several innovations, they have been able to offer excellent and flexible applications.

3. AppSierra Solutions


AppSierra is an IT service provider with new technology solutions for start-ups and mid-sized businesses that produce meaningful business results. Strategic consulting, custom web & mobile development services, quality assurance, and digital marketing services are part of its offerings. 

By leveraging its multi-industry experience in the financial services, automotive, e-commerce, media, and healthcare & life sciences markets, AppSierra helps businesses to compete. React javascript, angular js, node js, WordPress, laravel, PHP, and are some of the web development services that are offered by Appsierra solutions.

4. Resourcifi Inc

Since its foundation, Resources have come a long way. Over the years, they completed thousands of ventures, for which they received hundreds of ongoing clients. Having survived successfully for so long in a competitive market climate has contributed to a rise in the number and popularity of satisfied customers. All this has consequently led them to extend their scale of activities.

5. GeekyAnts

GeekyAnts is a Bangalore-based technology business that specialises in the development of web and mobile apps. They're all about making great tech products and happily contributing to the developer community. They also contributed to NativeBase, a React Native UI element library. They even have a product called BuilderX, which is a design tool for writing React to Native code.

GeekyAnts is well-known for creating web and mobile apps with Node, React, React Native, DevOps Approach, Angular, Firebase, and GraphQL. They are thought to be experimenting with emerging technologies, which has led them to embrace Google's Flutter, Kotlin, and Vue. 

Finally, on the NativeBase Market, GeekyAnts also offers premium content, such as starter kits, full games, UI themes, and animations.

6. Inwizards

Established in 2004, Inwizards is another company based in the US that has an Indian employee base. It is considered to be an organization that is performance-oriented, highly organized, and customer-centric.

Inwizards operates from a sustainable development paradigm and thereby seeks to bring about a shift in service and business efficiency. They have unconventional ways around stuff and appeal to a distinctive consumer niche. 

Inwizards offers a series of other services such as Xamarin growth, Android development, i-phone app development, Odoo development, Blockchain development, and NodeJS development, although it is known for being a ReactJS development business.

Features of React JS Development Services

Below are the features of React JS Development Services:

1. JSX

You must have come across this word if you have been reading about ReactJS. JSX, which stands for JavaScript Extension, is a ReactJS extension that allows you to write HTML-like Javascript. The Render () function in HelloWorld, which looks like HTML, is JSX. It’s a basic JavaScript that makes it possible to quote HTML and to render subcomponents with these HTML tag semantics.

2. Compilation of Components

React JS is an assemblage of reusable small units named components. Small components are specified to shape larger components and are put together. However, all the components are available, regardless of their scale. The React component is still a plain-old JavaScript feature, no matter how small it is.

3. Data Linking in One Way Flow

In ReactJS, a parent element transfers a single collection of static values as attributes in its HTML tags to a component renderer. A method called “properties flow down; actions flow up” is also followed, which is a protocol that prevents a component from changing any properties directly. With the support of which you can change them, it only makes a call-back function.

4. Virtual DOM

The Virtual Document Object Model, or Virtual DOM, is another popular function to be recognized. React generates an in-memory data structure cache, lists the changes that are made, and then upgrades the browser effectively.

5. State

Some elements are subject to fluctuate throughout the application and React JS suggests storing all of them in a single location. In React Applications, this position is called State. It could not be easier to codify single-page web applications as you can quickly find the elements of the web application that can alter.

This list of React JS Development Services is not the universal reality, it is just a conclusion drawn based on their customer satisfaction scores, the portfolios, the expense of creating their web applications, third-party websites, and their testimonials that you can check out on each of the websites above separately.

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