Five Reasons Why a Seedbox Is a Practical Alternative to VPN


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Key takeaways:

  • What is a VPN?
  • Know about Seedbox?
  • What are the benefits of VPN and Seedbox?

Which one to choose: VPN or Seedbox?

It’s often difficult to choose one between Seedbox and VPN for security? Plus, which is ideal for uploading and downloading the files? Don’t worry! Here, in this blog, we will explain everything. Also, you will know which one is best for you. More than that, we will discuss how Seedbox has replaced VPN and what benefits will you get by using it?

Before diving deep into this article, there’re a few things you need to consider.

What is a VPN?

A virtual private network or VPN is a tool that can help you establish a secure and safe connection alongside other networks on the web. We use VPN to access area-restricted sites by hiding the hosting IPs from others.

What is Seedbox?

Basically, Seedbox is a kind of a remote server that is hosted in the data center alongside the elevated bandwidth range. It helps the users to download and upload any torrent files by securing the increased security functions.

Benefits of Seedbox

Here are the benefits of Seedbox:

Speed and accuracy

Seedbox uses the BitTorrent protocol utilized for end-to-end file sharing in digital mediums. Furthermore, the big digital files, i.e. video files or movie files, are distributed to the end-users using these protocols. And it is the big thing accountable for the high-speed server. So, these remote servers are being hosted in the data center alongside an elevated bandwidth ranging from 100MBPS – 10 GBPS. The range is adequate to proceed with the uploading and downloading procedure of torrent files.

Privacy demand

Seedbox is extremely secured and safe. Seedboxes are exceptionally protected and made sure about. The main thing that a torrent user gets disappointed with is the insecurity that the torrent site offers. It’s very self-evident.

Nonetheless, with Seedbox, we can dispense every such issue naturally. Seedbox forestalls data hacking or data rupturing by concealing the IP address from the programmers. Regardless of how solid the attacker is, he would not have the option to perceive the IP address of the remote server.

Advantages of VPN

Below are the advantages of VPN:

Encoded network solution: VPNs offer an encrypted network service for users. Being a user, in case you are incorporating your server with a VPN, at that point you can guarantee a secured network for your gadget. By adding encryption to the full traffic, will protect both private and open systems from online attacks. Thus, we surmise that is the essential reason behind why users are as yet liking to use VPN for their server.

Conceal IP address: Like Seedbox, it additionally exceeds expectations secluded from everything IP address from the crowd, befuddling them about the real goal of the server.

Geo-limitations: we even know VPNs for making geo-limitations on both digital content and the whole site. Hence, streaming media tools like Netflix are conspicuously utilizing this VPN because of this function.

VPNs are stunning, But if you are looking to have a remote server that can help you in downloading and transferring files using torrents. At that point, Seedbox is increasingly valuable. In fact, you get the equivalent secure assistance from the server like VPN.

Seedbox or VPN?

Regular users of torrent frequently wonder which one ought to be a superior choice. Even though they discover the interest for Seedbox is emerging in the market. They despise everything that can’t switch over from the VPN, as the latter additionally forestall online threats and keep the security. In this way, it is worth noting the reasons that make Seedbox superior to a VPN. So, the mix of BitTorrent protocol and command over security makes the remote server obviously better than VPN.

Thus, rather than battling with the main VPN, depend on Seedbox or better if you depend on the Seedboxes that accompany VPN services for a better result.

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