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Most of the companies are shifting their data from on-site to offsite for better security and better backup of data. Through it, their chances of losing data are less. This is done by backing up data. Cloud backup provides the users with the facilities and services through which their office applications, data and servers are backed up and stored on an isolated server. 

In simple words, depending on the office location, there is a possibility of data loss. It could be due to natural disasters, server and system failures. This could cause a massive loss to the company. A replica of that data is created and stored in the cloud's offsite servers. This is called cloud backup.

Importance of cloud backup

Cloud backup is important and is abundantly used all over the world. Even when we use our mobiles, there are always google photos or iCloud prompting you to upload your photos. There is also special storage allocated for the backup itself so that we don't lose our photos. Here are some other reasons as to why cloud backup is important:

  • Ease in restoring the lost data
  • Urging continuity in business 
  • To protect the data from being stolen

Cloud backup services

The services provided by the cloud backup are:

  • Security
  • Durability
  • Compliance
  • Greater accessibility
  • Greater bandwidth
  • Better synchronization
  • Extra storage space
  • Cost-efficient
  • Data mobility

Best cloud backup providers

Many cloud backups are being used these days, and it is difficult to choose from so many options. But here are some cloud backups that function excellently:


It charges 6$ per month for a computer and performs the security and cleaning of data once a month. It is safe. It does not provide deduplication because it stores unlimited data(up to 5 TB). But it backups the data by default. It is cost-efficient too. It is easy to access and downloads fast. It allows the users to encrypt the data by their encryption key so that the Backblaze themselves are not able to access your data.


It gives about 5GB for free and supports different iMacs, PC, IOS, and Android. It has continuous protection, does not provide deduplication, and its downloading speed is more. IDrive also allows the users to set up their encryption key, and it is secure. Their customer support is impressive, and their response time is very less.


It charges 6$ per month with fewer functions. But for 24$ per month, it provides a whole lot of features. It provides unlimited storage for one machine in the backup. Antivirus, external hard drive backup, courier recovery service, and automatic video backup are some of the additional features it provides. But to upload files greater than 4 GB, the user must upgrade to higher plans. It does not allow the users to have their encryption key. So it is not as secure as the IDrive or Backblaze.


It is efficient for small businesses. The pricing of CrashPlan is 10$ per month. It is cost-efficient. It provides its users with unlimited storage and no file size restrictions, and they also have a free 30 days trial. It supports Mac, Windows and Linux but does not support Android. It also supports external hard drives but has no support for NAS. Its major features are deduplication, versioning, retention, and continuous backup. It allows the users to set up their encryption keys. So this provides the data with an extra layer of security.

These are some of the best existing cloud backups. Among these, Backblaze is the accurate cloud backup that one can go for. It charges differently, but the payment will be worth the cost because it provides mind-blowing services and features.

Cloud backup solutions

With various cloud backup services being created, the backup that is chosen must have the following requirements and services:

  1. The cloud backup chosen must have easy accessibility. One uses the backup rarely. So one must not face difficulty while accessing the backup.
  2.  The cloud backup must have verified certifications. These certifications prove that the backup has been tested and verified by authentic organizations.
  3.  The organizations use cloud backup for restoring the lost data. Whenever a user wants to restore any file or documents from the cloud backup, it must be effectively restorable.
  4. The backup is used to store only that data which is extremely important and cannot be afforded to be lost. So the backup must have limitless storage so that the organizations or the companies can store data in it without being concerned about the storage issues.
  5. The cloud backup must be able to protect confidential data by following all the protection policies. It gives an employer access to the cloud but not confidential files.

Free cloud backup providers

Above, we've seen some paid cloud backups. But the price of such backups is worth the payment because it also provides excellent features and services. But there are some free versions or free cloud backups that can be used if one does not want to go with the paid backups. The free cloud backups are:


 This backup is efficient for small businesses. In this, it provides a free 30-day trial. One can use this and go through the features and services provided by it. By using it, one can also understand its shortcomings. But compared to other competitive cloud backups, it provides pretty good services.


Cbackup is a free online cloud backup service with adjustable cloud storage. It automatically backups the files and documents and synchronizes the files from one cloud drive to another. It brings security, easiness, and reliability to the data.


PCloud is a simple cloud service that employees, friends, and relatives can use. It helps the users store confidential data and upload their precious memories on the cloud. It also has an amazing file format that makes it easy to filter the required files.


All the users of Microsoft office can access OneDrive. We often see the prompts to synchronize our files to OneDrive, allowing the storage of up to 15TB. The important files can be uploaded to this drive, and the expiration date can be set for security purposes.


DropBox provides cloud storage, synchronization of files, and client software. It collaborates with the user's work and supports MAC, Linux, Windows OS. Files up to 50GB can be uploaded here.

Backing up data is like creating a copy of data and saving it on the internet so that when the data is lost, it is retrieved from the cloud. Sometimes you may lose some photos or files while updating the phone or while creating storage when the storage is full. This lost data could be important, which is why cloud backup is important. It is not just valuable for the big businesses, but even students and people who want to save their projects, notes, and other confidential data online can also use cloud backup. 

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